Insurance for traveling abroad

Sooner or later, all travelers, regardless of whether they go on the car or flying on the plane, face the need to make insurance for traveling abroad. The most common case when tourist insurance is required – this is a visa design. But there are situations where the country is evilting – and then everyone decides for himself, buy it or not. In all our trips, we always make medical insurance for traveling abroad, even if we go for a couple of days to neighboring Belarus. You can, of course, save at the cost of insurance several hundred rubles, but we prefer not to risk, especially since very many companies are now offered to arrange insurance for traveling abroad, and no documents, except for a passport, are not required.

We once forgot to make insurance when flew into a wedding trip to Pescador Islands. Just twisted in pre-wedding troubles and forgotten. And ironically, it was during this trip that Sergey seriously broke his leg, and he needed an urgent surgery with stay in the hospital. It’s good that we ended up in a civilized country, and Taiwanese surgeons very quickly and highly conducted an operation, and the cost of treatment was just a couple of thousand dollars, which some miracle were on our card by the end of the holiday. But our stay in the Taiwan Hospital is a separate story that we will tell at the end of this article, and now about insurance.

Medical insurance for leaving abroad

If you are going to one of the countries of the European Union, you need to make medical insurance for a Schengen visa. Buy "Schengen" insurance can be in any office accredited insurance company or online. The price depends on the duration of stay provided services and insurance coverage. Before issuing insurance, it is necessary to clarify the list of insurance companies selling policies operating on the territory of the country you are interested in and the minimum permissible amount of insurance coverage for it. Insurance companies are usually a lot, and the amount of coating, for example, for Spain should be at least € 30000. Selection of an insurance company you independently – you can read feedback on the work of certain companies, you can use the experience of friends, relatives and colleagues.

If the country is evilting, then the decoration of insurance is not a prerequisite for the trip, but we still recommend not to neglect medical insurance – you never know what can happen. In addition, the cost of such insurance is very democratic – from $ 1 per day. Undoubtedly, you can find some of the stories of insurance companies in compensation payments, when "poor tourists" paid tens of thousands of dollars for staying in foreign hospitals, but agree that such cases are single, and often occur from ignorance of insurance conditions for a specific policy. For example, in almost all the "standard" insurance contracts refer to compensation, if an accident occurred at the time of a person being sent into a state of intoxication. As a rule, if all the terms of the contract were observed, then for medical insurance always provide the necessary assistance. Banal Tip: Carefully read the insurance contract before purchasing the policy and remember that many companies have different tariffs – perhaps you are suitable for some of the more expensive, with the coverage of "serious" insurance claims.

If you are traveling with children, then you note that insurance for babies and children under 6 years old is considered at a double rate, and for children from 6 to 11 years, it increases one and a half times. For pregnant women, there is a separate insurance, which not all insurance companies do, and is due to the fact that insurers do not want to carry out the cost of paying, if they occurred during the stay of abroad. There are two options here: take ordinary insurance and be prepared for the fact that the medical assistance associated with pregnancy, you will have to pay separately, or look for an insurance company that insures pregnant women.

Insurance Machines for traveling abroad

If you plan to travel by car to Europe or the CIS, it will have to buy insurance for the car, so-called "Green Card» (Green Card). Do not worry – this card has no relation to the form in the US residency. Green card is called an international treaty motor third party liability insurance and currently in "Green Card" includes 46 countries – all European countries, including Russia and Turkey, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia and Iran. In addition to the "Green Card" in Africa and Asia has its own international security system, "pink card" – in 6 countries in Central Africa, "brown card" – in 14 countries in Africa, "orange card" – in the 19 Arab countries in Africa and Asia, but in some of these acts and the European "Green card".

For Russian citizens there is a possibility of registration of "light version" Green Card to travel to Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. In April 2014 the cost of CTP insurance policy in Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova for 14 days was 570 rubles. It is worth noting that the "Green Card" is issued on the car, not the driver or the owner, so its value does not depend on the number of persons admitted to management.

When we go on the car in Europe, be sure to make out the "expansion" of our insurance CASCO. Thank God, we never had to take advantage of this policy, but it is somehow safer. For registration of the policy CASCO abroad need to contact your insurance company (or any other that provides this service), and the journey will be much quieter, because on the road anything can happen: you in the trunk can come some not sighted grandfather or you simply "catch" someone will fall off the wheel. The cost of extending the action of an existing hull policy, tend to be much lower than buying it "from scratch".

Insurance from nearby

This service is often advised to purchase travel agencies. When you need insurance on his own recognizance? Such insurance is needed, first of all, those travelers who acquire ready-made tours. As a rule, everyone is planning a vacation in advance and for the time of waiting for the desired trip can happen anything: a child’s illness, a waiver in a visa, but you never know what else. By purchasing such insurance, you guarantee yourself that you can return at least some of the money spent on the tour.

Our experience in treating without insurance

Our experience in this matter is rather a pleasant exception than the rule: we, simply speaking, was very lucky that Sergey broke his leg in Taiwan, and not in Thailand or Indonesia. A distinctive feature of Taiwanese is a friendliness and sincere desire to help, and that is why our story ended with Happi-end, and not another sensation for the press. And we became a great lesson not to forget about insurance.

5 days before the end of the vacation, we were on the magic island of Chiev, and for sightseeing took the sights (well, that is, a moped in Russian, or a scooter, as it is also called), as the most convenient way to move in Asia. It is still incomprehensible how it happened, but when Skuker, Sergei managed to break his leg, and the fracture turned out to be very complex, and as a souvenir we brought three titanium screws with Pescador Islands in his knee joint.

Insurance for traveling abroad

The first people passing by people stopped and called the car, which brought us to a small hospital of Chiev Island. Taxi driver did not take money from us, and in the hospital, the doctor did not even ask us about insurance – made X-ray and stated a fracture with the displacement and the need for an urgent operation. Money for this technique and X-ray with us, again, did not take. After diagnosis, we somehow needed to return to the main island, where the hospital and doctors are located, which can carry out such operations. But further movement on their own legs was impossible, so the doctor gave us a wheelchair and crutches so that we can get to the island of Markong. Gave us them under the "honest word" to bring them back with some boat back. The owner of the hotel in which we stopped, returned to us the full price of living and agreed to send our immediate boat.

Without special adventures, we got to Magona, where the owner of Homesta was met in the port of us, in which we lived, and took us to the hospital. He was also a translator between us and nurses during the reception. From the threshold, we declare all doctors that we have no insurance and money . The duty surgeon confirms the need for the operation and offers two options to choose from: to start an operation immediately or go to the capital – Taipei city. But the difficulty was that we got to the hospital in the evening, on Friday, when almost all doctors went to the well-deserved weekend and return only on Monday. We make a decision to make an operation immediately, and the doctor, despite the end of his shift, begins to prepare for the operation. In less than an hour, all the analyzes needed for surgery were made, and anesthesiologist with a surgeon began to work. At the same time, all hospital staff, up to the head doctor, was notified that we have no medical insurance, and the remaining money left by the end of the holiday may simply do not be enough. Of course, we were slightly Lukali in front of Taiwanese – we had parents in Moscow, who at the first request would be transferred to the amount necessary for treatment (within reasonable limits, of course), but they did not want to frighten them with our adventures.

A few hours later, already in the night, the operation ended, and both of us were transferred to the ward. The following five days before our departure home we held for watching films, reading books and expectation of an account with a bunch of zeros for paying medical services. I must say that I was allowed to "live" absolutely free to me in the hospital to help my husband, which turned out to be almost completely immobilized. Hospital staff hardly tried to please and help us (at the same time they did not receive a penny of money from us), the nurses even dragged the electronic translator to communicate with us, and the doctor who did the operation, called several times a day.

Special thanks deserves a family from which we shot apartments. Three times a day, they brought us food so that we did not eat sick leave, and so that we were not bored, their English-speaking friends came to us daily, who told us their stories why they stayed in Taiwan. Well, to top it all the money returned to us for the days that we spent in the hospital, and not at the hotel. Despite, it would seem, spoiled vacation, we remember these days of traveling with a special warmth.

It is time to collect stones to pay with the hospital for the medical services rendered. To do this, we invited some very important employee who took over the difficult negotiations on the payment. We did not talk about specific amounts, but came to the decision that we will pay, as we can and leave a written confirmation, in which we undertake to translate the missing amount at the expense of the hospital within a month after discharge. Imagine? We were shocked and did not even suspect that the decision of such a difficult task may be so simple! But we were lucky – the treatment account was about 1,500 dollars, and we could easily pay this money when discharge from the hospital. In addition to the documents with the history of the disease in English and the disc with the photographs recorded on it of postoperative X-ray, with the discharge of us with drugs that needed for another month, and free crutches.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

Here is such a story. We are not just lucky – but very lucky! Now we always make insurance, even for short trips to neighboring countries and hope that they will never be useful to us, which you wish you! &# 128578; Using the form below, you can purchase any tourist insurance from the largest and most well-known insurance companies – just select the dates, the desired type of insurance and the system will find the most optimal offer for you.

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Insurance for traveling abroad

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