Insurance in Greece: how much is it and where to buy?

Recently, Greece becomes a very popular country for travel not only in batch tourists, but also for those who are used to plan their holidays on their own. And it is important not to be mistaken in the choice of hotel, tickets and, of course, an insurance company that the long-awaited journey does not turn into torment and infinite problem solving. How important it is to have an insurance policy on the journey, it is probably not worth. First, insurance is necessary for visa, and secondly, even having an open visa, you should not neglect the medical policy, because you never know what can happen in someone else’s country, and your calm costs only 50 rubles a day with a person. Today we would like to talk about insurance for a trip to Greece: how much is the policy, which insurance company to choose, and most importantly, how to buy, not to spend half a day and excess money. To buy online insurance without extra prefaces, take advantage of the first photo content.

Insurance in Greece

Does insurance need to Greece?

Based on the Federal Law No. 155, which entered into force in 2015, all tourists traveling outside the country are obliged to have medical insurance, the coverage of which is at least 2,000,000 rubles. Insurance is necessarily, but its presence is rarely checked at the airport (we have never been checked for two years), and if you are traveling by car, no one will definitely ask. However, according to the rules of entry into Greece, law enforcement and customs services have the right to ask you to prevent the insurance policy and in the case of its absence to refuse you in the entrance, even though you have a visa. The lack of insurance among a foreign citizen is a violation of Greek legislation. To be honest, we never heard that someone would not let into Greece because of the lack of policy, but if the law of the country is prohibited, it is better not to violate.

Requirements for insurance policy for a tourist visa to Greece

In addition, the insurance policy is included in the list of mandatory documents necessary for obtaining a visa to Greece. Regardless of which lines you plan to receive a visa to Greece (single or multiple), you must provide an insurance policy in the consulate or visa center that meets the following requirements:

  • The amount of coverage is at least 30,000 euros or 50,000 dollars (this is more than the amount that Russian legislation asks)
  • Insurance must necessarily include coverage of the costs of providing medical care, hospitalization, transportation to the country of permanent residence for further treatment or post-mortem repatriation
  • The term of the policy should fully cover the dates of the trip, the applicants for a multiple visa must provide a copy of honey. Insurance covering the date of the first trip
  • Policy should be valid throughout the Schengen Union
  • Not allowed polis with franchise

Do not forget that the requirements for the guest and working visa to Greece may differ.

Insurance in Greece for a visa and not only

Price to Insurance in Greece

The price of insurance in Greece depends on several parameters: coating amounts, insurance period, the age of the insured (if babies or older people go to you), in addition, the price is significantly influenced by the list of services included in the insurance policy. In general, the cost of insurance is about 50 rubles per day per person (coating amount of € 35,000 for a period of 14 days), the more stay abroad, the cheaper insurance. For example, when buying a policy for a year, the cost of one day will already be 31 rubles.

An example of the cost of insurance policies for 14 days Coating 35,000 euros

In addition to the main policy for leaving abroad, insurance and tourist companies often impose additional services. For example, insurance from not departure, insurance against flight delay and other. Here everyone decides himself, buy or not. Someone calmer when he knows that his baggage is insured and in case of loss he will be able to compensate for at least partially his losses.

Where to buy insurance to Greece online?

If another 5-7 years in order to buy insurance required to go to the office of the insurance company, now the purchase of the policy takes a few minutes. Where to buy insurance in order not to pay money to fraudsters?

  • on the website of the insurance company
  • TRIPINSURANCE website (now these are the absolute insurance policies)
  • On the sites aggregators, for example Cherehapa or compare.RU

Which of the three options – choose yourself.

Compare.RU and Cherehapa offered the same identical services at one price. Sarahpa works with the largest insurance companies of Russia (16 market leaders) and very carefully selects their partners, bad insurance rarely fall into the list, and if they fall, they are not delayed for a long time. Compare.RU is a more versatile platform, it insures not only travelers, here you can make a policy of OSAGO and CASCO. By degree of convenience, they are about the same.

On Sites of insurance companies themselves It is not always convenient to buy, because in order to compare prices in several, you need to spend a lot of time, but this option also has the right to life. We, for example, bought insurance for alpha insurance for a long time, because it was convenient to do through the Alpha Bank’s Internet service.

TripInsurance – Previously, it was the official provider of the world leader in the field of insurance and service traveling Allianz Global Assistance. But according to the data of 2019, they changed the assistance and insurance (absolute insurance) and everything spoiled. We did not have to seek reimbursement in Absolut Insurance, but recently there are a lot of negative reviews, so think before buying.

Instead of imprisonment

In order to get compensation for the insurance policy, you need to carefully read the rules of the insurance company. 99% of them are asked to first inform them about the insurance case, and then they will send you to the right institution or will send a doctor to the hotel, t.E. You can’t go to the doctor yourself, and then demand compensation. Is it worth contacting or not? Fortunately, we never had to contact the help of physicians in Greece, but about Greek medicine on the Internet reviews very contradictory. On the one hand, paid clinics in large cities offer an excellent European level of services, on the other – government hospitals and hospitals should not boast such a service. So better to doctors not fall.

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Insurance in Greece for a visa and not only

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