Medical insurance in Hong Kong – or whether you need?

When planning a trip to any of the countries of the world, it is important to know several fundamental things: tickets, accommodation, insurance and visas, and, of course, it is still very desirable to have a ready-made route, so as not to spend time in a gift, but to enjoy visiting the maximum. But without it you can do, but without the other four components it will be very difficult. For citizens of Russia arriving in Hong Kong, medical insurance is not mandatory, t.E. No one on customs or passport control will send you to their homeland just because you forgot to arrange the insurance policy in advance. The cost of the medical policy is low, therefore, in our opinion, it is better to pay extra 500-1000 rubles, but quietly travel, especially since the appeal to Hong Kong’s medical institutions is very not cheap, and even one simple trip to the doctor with a cold will pay for insurance on All seven. So, as you already guessed, today we will talk about insurance of tourists who go to Hong Kong: is it possible to refuse insurance on a new law, how much insurance and treatment in Hong Kong, and most importantly – where is cheap to buy insurance to Hong Kong online.

Insurance in Hong Kong

New law on insurance of tourists traveling abroad

Until recently, each traveler decided to buy insurance or save these 500 rubles, but in December 2015 a new law entered into force, according to which all Russian tourists traveling abroad must acquire insurance with no less than 2 million rubles. An important word here is "must": the fact is that you have the right to refuse to acquire the policy, but then all the risks in the event of an insured event you will take on. T.E. Now the government will not help you return home and pay the plane, if necessary, all costs tourist carries independently. Judging by the reviews of our tourists, they also carried expenses, and rather big, so it is completely incomprehensible, which has changed with the new law. However, we treat the number of those who strongly recommend buying insurance at anyway abroad. Personally, we always acquire the insurance policy, even when we go to the neighboring Belarus and Ukraine. We already had one experience Travel without insurance, and fortunately, everything ended perfectly and even cheap for us, but I don’t want to repeat this experience in any Albania or Zimbabwe at all.

If folk medicine can help you from poisoning, then from the leg fracture is unlikely

How much is insurance in Hong Kong and what is included in it

The price of the medical policy in Hong Kong depends on many factors: the number of tourists, the period of stay, the sum insured and the age of the policyholder. Most insurance companies offer quite budget options. So, for example, a week of stay in Hong Kong for one adult (over 30 years old) and only 350 to 1600 rubles, depending on the program and options, in it included. Insurance company ZETTA offers a policy of only 350 rubles, it includes coverage of $ 50,000 expenses, Assistance AP companies and the absence of a franchise. Not bad (for reviews of tourists) Insurance Tinkoff will cost 1300 rubles. Insurance includes EUROP Assistance assistance, coating amount up to $ 50,000, lack of franchise, and a whole complex of additional options:

  • Calling a doctor for medical testimony
  • Ambulatory treatment
  • Stay and treatment in the hospital
  • Transportation to a doctor or hospital
  • Insurance in Hong Kong is needed or not, where to buy and how much
  • Medical transportation from abroad
  • Reimbursement for prescription drugs
  • Compensation for telephone calls with a service center
  • Repatriation in case of death
  • Emergency stomatology

In general, for any convenience you need to pay. Although, if you take into account the cost of drugs in Hong Kong, then we personally choose the insurance that reimburses the costs of drugs. It will be more expensive, but this difference is compensated immediately if you will write a recipe, for example, on antibiotics. By the way, if you have already left the limits of the Motherland and only after arrival I remembered insurance, but not at the time of the insured event, then there are also options. Renaissance insurance allows you to buy a policy already on the road, but here you need to carefully read the rules of action in the event of an insured event that it does not work out that you have thrown out money.

Prices for insurance in Hong Kong – from 56 rubles a day

Buy insurance in Hong Kong online

Ten years ago, for insurance, it was necessary to go to the office of the insurance company, but now everything became much easier. In addition to the fact that almost any insurance company has on its website the sale of policies online, so there are also aggregators that will analyze all the necessary information for you and offer the choice of the most profitable insurance proposals. Now the skeptics will say that it is enough to check a couple of companies and the situation will become clear, but it is not quite so. For example, Alfa-Insurance does not sell insurance to Hong Kong for a small time, t.E. For 2-3 days you will have to choose another company, and the other may not insure young children, so before you choose the best option, you will have to spend good analytical work. Personally, we have long chosen for a long time as Insurance Sale Service Cherehapa. Judge yourself – enter the data, click "Find Insurance" and get several options at once. Now the service is working with 16 insurance companies, and you can pay the policy as on Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa Electron, and with Yandex Money, Mail money, QIWI, as well as in Euroset salons and connected. True, convenient? In order to buy insurance to Hong Kong you need in the form that is located below, just enter the country, the dates of travel and the data on the insured persons, and then just choose from the proposed options.

Everything is very simple and fast!

How much does medicine cost in Hong Kong without insurance

Medicine in Hong Kong at the highest level, both in terms of technology and in terms of prices. The cheapest visit to the doctor will cost you no cheaper than 200 Hong Kong dollars ($ 25), but this price is still needed to search – as a rule, the initial reception at the therapist costs $ 70-100, and the reception at the pediatrician is even more expensive. It is worth remembering the fact that antibiotics in Hong Kong are sold only on the recipe of local doctors, and therefore, to buy a medicine that you yourself "registered", you will have to go to the doctor too. When you look at the price list of any of the Hong Kong clinics, you understand that it is better to overpay for insurance and calmly do not take advantage, because if you have to pay for services, then it is cheaper to throw everything and urgently fly to your homeland.

Hospitals in Hong Kong – expensive pleasure


The most common appeals of tourists in Hong Kong are poisoning. Not because it is well prepared here or dirty, but because European stomachs are not always ready for Asian food. Of course, this happens not with everyone – in the last 15 years of frequent trips to Asia, fortunately, with poisonings did not come across. The second reason for popularity is a cold. The fact is that in Hong Kong is very hot, high humidity, and when you go to the heat for a day, and then in the air-conditioned room, it is very easy to cook, especially hard to children. There are often cases of fractures, dislocations, scratches – in Hong Kong is very popular Haiking And despite the fact that the sport itself is very safe, sometimes it happens. As you can see, even if you have boysk health and never sick, troubles may happen literally in the same place. So buy insurance to Hong Kong necessarily and do not save on yourself and your health – it can be very expensive!

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Insurance in Hong Kong is needed or not, where to buy and how much

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