Insurance in Thailand – What to choose and how it works?

One of the main things that every traveler must take care after buying tickets is the design of good insurance. If earlier it was necessary to go somewhere or study the sites of insurance companies, now everything is much easier. With the help of the Cherehapa service, it is possible to compare several insurance and place the online policy. You do not even need to take tons of tablets in the first-aid kit, because many analogues of Russian drugs in Thailand are sold.


What is Cherehapa?

Karhepa (some call a turtle) is a site aggregator tourist insurance for leaving abroad. The site contains available options for online registration. You do not need to go somewhere, stand in queues and each time carefully subtract the conditions. On the site everything is ready for booking: Enter your data, pay and print the policy. Insurance in Thailand will take 5 minutes.

Sarahpa works only to proven insurance companies. You choose the required insurance plan, certain conditions of insurance for a trip to Thailand. When buying insurance online at Cherehapa you only pay for insurance without additional fees. You can compare for yourself the value of the policy on the website of the insurance company. In some cases, registration through the service will be profitable Cherehapa booking directly from the UK.

What the insurance companies are on site Cherehapa?

Online service is an official representative of 16 companies:

  • Ingosstrakh,
  • Renaissance,
  • Liberty,
  • Zetta,
  • VSK,
  • Agreement,
  • Allianz,
  • Tinkoff,
  • Absolute Insurance,
  • Russian standard
  • Alfa Insurance,
  • VTB Insurance,
  • Reso Guarantee,
  • Savings Insurance,
  • and others.
  • Insurance in Thailand - booking online, reviews, companies, Assistances Guide in Thailand

When making an insurance policy it is possible to see all the information about a company-Assistance. Select the check box "Select by company service (Assistance)" bottom right. In the list are:

  • europ Assistance,
  • Class Assistance,
  • MedAssist International,
  • AP Companies,
  • Savitar Group,
  • Mondial (Allianz Global Assistance),
  • Best Service,
  • Global Voyager Assistance,
  • First Assistance,
  • balt Assistance,
  • Fidelitas Assistance,
  • other.

How to take out insurance with no deductible?

When comparing companies, read the detailed conditions. In some insurances have deductible 30-50 dollars. The first site recommended by insurance companies best price and quality, which usually costs mark "no franchise". List of insurance with no deductible:

  • VSK Insurance – Assistance MedAssist International
  • Alfa Insurance – Assistance Best Service
  • Allianz – Assistance Modial
  • Tinkoff – Europ Assistance
  • Absolute Insurance – Assistance Savitar Group
  • Russian Standard – Assistance AP Companies
  • Savings Insurance – Assistance Europ Assistance
  • Ingosstrakh – Assistance Best Service

How to arrange travel insurance online?

In the form below to select one, several or all countries in the world, enter your travel dates, number of travelers and their ages. If you need an annual insurance policy, mark it tick. Click on button "Find insurance" and see the complete list of the proposed UK.

Choosing the right company and the insurance required parameters, click on the button "Buy", You specify the personal data and the traveler insured, press "Further" – and polis already in hand. It will be sent to email specified when designing.

Tip: Change the amount of medical insurance coverage from 30,000 to 40000, then the standard options will be cheaper.

Important Insurance Nuances in Thailand

  1. If you are already in Thailand or left the country of permanent accommodation, you need to choose an item "I’m traveling". Some companies put forward the conditions for insurance to be purchased before crossing the border of your homeland. So at the Sberbank of Insurance The start date of insurance should coincide with the date of departure from Russia.
  2. Mark "Annual Policy" It is useful for those who often travel or live in Thailand.
  3. For travelers who are not citizens of the Russian Federation, be sure to mark the corresponding item.
  4. Basic insurance package includes medical care. You can add additional options: Luggage insurance, active sports activities and other.
  5. It is worth noting that for driving Motobike in Thailand, you must choose an additional item in the tab "Sports and active leisure". For payment for the insurance case, you must have the right of category A, many companies require confirmation of their availability.
  6. Before choosing SC, be sure to read the nuances and Insurance rules, Learn reviews about Assistance and make sure there is no franchise. These items are listed in the tab "More details".
  7. Insurance companies turn out to pay for accidents, if alcohol was discovered in the blood. But this does not concern appeals to the hospital on illness.
  8. Insurance does not pay for treatment with sunburn, exacerbation of chronic diseases.
  9. Insurance is not valid for the child, if he has a shelf.
  10. For all emerging issues, contact the round-the-clock online chat – the window in the lower left corner.

If the insured case has arrived.

In your ready-made policy, all the information required in the insurance case will be indicated: phone numbers for communication or address of the site for the online application. note that First you need to notify the insurance company, and not contact the hospital. Operators will call you back and tell you which hospital to go. You will need a passport and a printed policy.

As a rule, the insurance company will send a letter to the hospital of your case and pay for treatment. In rare cases, the payment will have to wait a couple of days, then the hospital will leave your passport as a guarantee, or your money back after returning home,. These tricks often suffers Assistance Global Voyager Assistance, their most negative reviews. In my opinion, Top Assistance – is Balt Assistance, Best Service, Modial assistance, Savitar Group..

What insurance to choose to travel to Thailand?

I recommend to buy insurance Allianz: They do not have a franchise Assistance Modial assistance, and they work with good hospitals. The insurance policy can include treatment for dengue fever, allergy relief, emergency dentistry and driving a motorbike. And then there is the opportunity to choose coverage from 30 to 100 thousand dollars.

From inexpensive insurance advice VSK: Franchise either, Assistance Europ Assistance. If you plan to rent a motorbike, be sure to check this option, the amount will remain unchanged. But remember that we need the right category A. Other good company – Absolute Insurance and Alfastrakhovanie. Top Assistance to Thailand – Modial, Best Service and Savitar Group.

Insurance from coronavirus

Not all insurance companies are willing to pay for treatment at Covid19. Below I have compiled a list of those who precisely covers coronavirus.

  • Zeta
  • Energogarant
  • VSK Insurance
  • Alfa Insurance
  • Reso Guarantee

Maternity insurance

Not all companies insure pregnancy. Some SC put limits on payments and restricted with a term. When calculating the cost of the policy is necessary to choose the number of weeks at the end of the trip – 12, 24 or 31. Here is a list of suitable insurance policies for pregnant with my comments.

  • Ingosstrakh – up to 31 th week, there is a $ 50 deductible, other than Assistance Best Service, a limit on the preservation of the fruit’s largest (10 thousand dollars).
  • Russian standard – until the 31st week, no franchise, but Assistance AP Companies works with budget hospitals, where it may not be necessary.
  • Arsenal – until the 31st week, if the trip is less than 14 days, then the franchises are not. Good Balt Assistance, limit 1000 dollars.
  • Agreement – until the 24th week, there is a franchise of $ 50, an excellent Best Service assistance, a limit of 5 thousand dollars.
  • SPU – until the 12th week.

Is it worth being insured in the Thai company?

Insurance from Russian travel companies in Thailand is much more convenient and more profitable. Buy the policy of the Thai insurance company makes sense if you plan to live in the country from year. But still a lot of nuances. Each insurance plan of Thai companies, for example, BUPA and AXA divided into outpatient and stationary treatment. When choosing a minimum tariff plan without visiting a doctor on occasions that do not require hospitalization, the cost of annual insurance will cost 12000-16000 BAT. At the same time there is always a limit on the cost of a separate chamber, medical care and drugs per day.

Thai insurance companies have 30 days after the conclusion of the contract, when the policy applies only to accidents, and then begins to work in full. Most local Russian-speaking expansions that do not have social insurance from work, prefer to buy insurance of Russian SC, including on the website of the Caragpa.

Still ask the question: Does insurance need in Thailand? Necessarily! Not for uncle on the border, but for myself. Good medicine in Thailand worth a decent money. I will add from myself, be sure to make yourself a good insurance for a trip to Thailand. Let it be better for you to do with you in the suitcase, rather than you will have to give the fabulous amounts for treatment. be healthy!

Insurance in Thailand - booking online, reviews, companies, Assistances Guide in Thailand

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