One of the important issues for a trip to Thailand is insurance. It is not required to obtain a visa or entry into the country. It is necessary for you, since good medical care in Thailand is expensive. When you buy a trip to travel agency, you design a group insurance policy. It is inexpensive, but quality is usually average. On travel insurance from travel agency you will be sent to state hospitals or inexpensive private clinics, sharpened on the main diseases: poisoning, injury and colds. In the list of insurance claims there will be no fever of dengue, cowid, outdoor activities, dentistry, other important procedures and additional compensation.

If you seriously treat your health and do not want to spend extra money for doctors, I recommend issuing an additional policy. This article will be discussed about trininshurans – this is an insurance that really works. And most importantly – it covers coronavirus.

Pluses of tripinshurans insurance

  • Covers the treatment of coronavirus.
  • Insurance company has His service company In Thailand. That is, you will communicate with those who have bought insurance. Also, tripinshurans works through Allianz Global Assistance (Mondial), which today is the best reliability assistance.
  • No franchise, Except for the case when insurance is issued at the time of travel. If you buy a policy from abroad, a franchise is working $ 50, and the insurance itself begins to work for the sixth day.
  • Insurance in Thailand Tripinshurans - from Coronavirus, pros and cons, reviews, how to buy online guide
  • Covers COVID 19 treatment in Thailand. However, insurance includes coronavirus and in other countries, except China, Italy, Iran and South Korea.
  • In the minimum tariff plan already Included active entertainment, Which other insurance goes to a separate service: Water Sports (Banana, Cookan, Parachute, Kayake), Tour Rafting, Beach games, Roller skating, Skate and animals.
  • All insurance plans include driving on a motorbike In the presence of driver’s license Categories A (MBU or Thai). Treatment is covered if during the accident you were in the helmet and sober.
  • In insurance Increased exacerbation of chronic diseases, Coating 3 thousand dollars.
  • Insurance covers diseases common in Thailand, as dengue and malaria fever.
  • In tariff plans included Emergency vaccination In case the dog or a monkey bit.
  • Additional option "leisure" Covers accidents during surfing, diving, windsurfing, kaiting, riding on hydrocuter or water skiing.
  • There are separate annual plans for traveling not more than 91 days and for living abroad.
  • Policy can be issued already in Thailand with a franchise of $ 50. He will start acting in 5 days.
  • Insurance applies to neighboring countries during excursions or visa trips.
  • All insurance include emergency stomatology: treatment with injuries and sealing.
  • The coating amount begins on 250 thousand dollars. Maximum limit – 1 million dollars. Other insurance amounts are much less.
  • Additional options are available: Insurance from the non-liberty, loss of luggage, flight delay, early return home and others.
  • Tripinsurance Works with the main Phuket hospitals: Bangkok Phuket Hospital, Phuket International Hospital, Mission Hospital, Dibuk Hospital, Patong Hospital, Vachira Phuket Hospital. In these hospitals there are English or Russian-speaking translators. In cases of questions, you can always call the assistance for advice.
  • If necessary, possible Departure of a doctor to the hotel, What is important when a child got sick, or Ambulance call.
  • There is a mobile application that makes insurance in two clicks. Download Trupinshurans app.
  • Additional shipping costs and telephone communications with checks.

Minuses of insurance Tripinshurans

  • Insurance Does not cover Treatment of solar burns, complications during pregnancy, alcohol poisoning. For pregnant women will suit several insurance for the Sarahpa.
  • When buying insurance when you are already traveling, added Franchise 50 dollars, And insurance begins to act in 5 days.

What if the insured event happened?

You need to call the phone specified in the Policy, name the name and name, the policy number, location and telephone for communication, describe the problem. The operator will tell you what the nearest hospital can contact, send a warranty letter there, will cause a doctor or ambulance. If you do not have the opportunity to call, send an email request. The answer comes very quickly. Arriving to the hospital, you need to show a passport and insurance policy.

What Tariff Plan Tripinshurans Select?

Insurance company has several tariffs: economy, standard, million, 365 days and multitrip. Even the minimum economic plan includes riding a motorbike, dentistry, dengue fever, vaccination against rabies and tetanus, the amount of coating of 250 thousand dollars. Tariffs Standard and Million are distinguished by an increased insurance amount of 500 thousand and 1 million dollars included with options, as a flight delay, an early refund home and other. Plan 365 days and multitrip will suit those who often travel for up to 91 days or working abroad.

In conclusion, I can say that Tripinsurance has a good support service in Russian. Answers come quickly, and representatives of the company answers questions to questions. If you are not suitable for trincshurans for any reason, see other insurance options on the Sarape. How and what to buy a policy on the Kalepe, read in this article. I wish you health during a trip to Thailand!

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