Insurance in Tunisia

According to the legislation of the Russian state, in a tourist trip agreement, along with other documents, the insurance policy should include. Running abroad – great optimists (this is not bad), so do not pay due attention to the conditions of insurance in the document (and this is not bad). In addition, the text is drawn up in such a style that the average inhabitant does not make sense to disassemble.

Let’s try to decipher the intricate capital truths of the insurance policy, designed to protect the tourist outside its country.

Insurance conditions change from year to year. Rather, it is that every year they become less beneficial for tourists. It is sad, but this is a fact. In this article we consider typical insurance conditions as of 2020.

"Insurance Chivo"

Do not be afraid to lose time reading the insurance contract. Believe me, this process will be cognitive and fascinating.

Insurance document consists of two sections. In the first posts in the form of a list all the insured cases to be reimbursed. To see the magic list to the end, you will have the feeling that the Insurance Company is a "miraculous" organization that will protect against any unpleasant episodes abroad.

From heaven to the ground, landing immediately, when reading the second section "General exceptions". And here you understand, and visually confirm your conclusions (after all, the second section is many times more than the first) about a skillfully compiled document. Not there will be more insured events. Acquaintance with the concept of "franchise", which in itself causes unpleasant associations, at the end of the contract gives birth to a rhetorical question: "Does the insurance policy need at all during the voyage?"

Going to Tunisia, insurance is simply necessary, because medical care is paid there and cheap.

Nuances franchise

The frightening word franchise denotes such a state of affairs, in which a certain part of the losses occurred is not covered by the insurer. Most often, in insurance contracts is prescribed for no more than 30 US dollars.

For example, you made medical manipulations within 25 dollars (injections, droppers), then you can not contact the insurance company. This amount is paid for yourself. If the cost of the medical services provided was more than $ 30 (for example, 50), then 30 dollars you pay, and the remaining amount is the Insurer Company.

Insurance policies with franchise cheaper than conventional. Russian tour operators therefore give them preference.

First actions when an insured event occurs

In the insurance contracts, a very important point is prescribed, but, often, impracticable insured.

When you need help, you need to inform your insurer about this first thing, and then wait for the Insurance Company to send you my "paid" ambulance.

If you observe this item with serious injuries, then you can harm your health, or (God forbid!) finish your life in a foreign land.

When providing emergency assistance, the insurer will be obliged to pay it, but then "disassembly" is likely – whether it is necessary, and in many cases it happens in court.

Our advice will be simple and banal: Be extremely attentive and careful during overseas travel.

Insurance and non-insurance cases (we wonder on the coffee grounds, or read carefully insurance policy)

In this chapter, our story will affect the insured parameters, most often found, and those moments during the trip, when the money on insurance is not paid. The terms of your insurance may differ slightly, so read what you sign.

Episode First. Fracture, bruised, dislocate in the sober pool (we pay attention to the last phrase). Insurance case, call the insurer yourself or ask someone. The company must send ambulance. But remember, alcoholic intoxication and insurance payments – two incompatible things.

Episode Second. Being on the excursions, you wounded. Stumbled on the stones in the fortress of Gazi Mustafa or decided to check the height of the Colosseum in El Jemy and fell down (only from the second floor, from the third – there can be another case, deplorable).

Insurance company is obliged to refund costs, and no matter who you have bought a tour. In terms of insurance, you will not find the name of your tour operator. In order to sell an excursion, some guides are deceiving tourists.

Episode Third. If you decide to make an adrenaline emission, T.E. ride on a quad bike, on the "banana", rushing on a parachute over the sea stuel, then know – when receiving injury during such practices, insurance is not paid. For such classes, sports insurance is purchased, which is bought by the organizer of the excursion.

Episode Four. You fell asleep on the sun, did not protect themselves with sunscreen, and as a crying result – a sun burn. Such cases are not compensated (this is mentioned in the Insurance Document). Read about it in our article "What you should not make tourists in Tunisia".

Episode Fifth. Your swimming in the sea washed away with a bite of a maritime resident, the main thing is not to do as shown in the photo on the left (click on the photo to enlarge).

The incident is not insurance. Pay attention to tourists from France, England, Germany: they prefer the pool to the sea coast. Thoughtful and household foreigners do not want to be treated for their money.

Episode Sixth. Problems with teeth. Urgent treatment of a broken tooth will be an insured event, and toothache, requiring more complex treatment – is only your problem.

Seventh Episode. Poisoning products or food falls under the insief case.

Eighth Episode. If Mountain happened in his homeland (a close relative died), the insurance company is obliged to provide you a ticket back. But even very serious illnesses are not a reason for paying early return.

Episode ninth (tragic and irreparable). In the case of sustainable death while traveling, your relatives can only count on the free shipping of your body to their homeland.

Causes the case. Chronic and hereditary diseases insurance document does not cover. If the disease aggravated during a trip, you can count on first aid for insurance.

Insurance in Tunisia

Before departing outside the Motherland, recheck the vaccinations made you, because under the insief case, there are no diseases acquired during the journey from which there are vaccinations.

If you wish your treatment to pay an insurance company, then stand on my own, what has been sick already on the trip. List of diseases whose treatment falls under insurance is small. Among other things: appendicitis, viral infectious diseases. It is very difficult to prove that the disease arose exactly on the trip, since the hidden course of the disease is present in almost all his birth. This slippery moment gives the right to insurers to refuse payments.

"Consistency on three", or everyone for himself

In the insurance case, three parties are always involved: the insurer, the insured and medical institution, having assisted. Two of this trinity want to get money, only the insurer does not want to give them. Provide several tips to solve the policy of the insured.

Do not "shine" your cash in the clinic. Her workers prefer payment real and momentum – your own money.

If you understand that you will not pay, then the clinic will be interested in recognizing the case of insurance, in order to receive payment for their services from the insurer. For example, they will close their eyes and will not fix in the documents the presence of alcohol in the blood (and such cases were repeatedly).

Never admit about the presence of money with you. Presenting insurance policy, declare with confidence that your insurance case. So you will avoid cheating.

The trip did not take place – consequences

In the usual tourist insurance document, the procedure for refunding money in case of the impossibility of the insured to go on a trip.

At the same time, the reason should be weighty: the end of close relatives or their severe illness, you were denied an entry visa (the reason for the failure should not be dependent on you). In the Polish, this moment must be registered.

However, Russian tour operators tend to execute documents in recent days before the trip. The trick of such a move will demonstrate on the example. You purchased a ticket one month before the trip, and two weeks before the shipment of the trip arise (for example, a relative’s disease), because of which the voyage is canceled. There are no insurance policy, and there is no tour operator (it is not yet bought and not issued). Without the number of insurance policy, payment for a ticket is impossible. Hello? Of course! But such is the tourist business in Russia.

This is one of the good reasons for reducing the sales of batch tours. It is more profitable to go to travel on other states on their own and not be afraid of losing money.

What else is important to know about security

– once again reminding that injuries from marine inhabitants are not covered by insurance. This topic is recommended to explore detail. On the dangers of the sea in Tunisian resorts, we wrote in the article "Sharks and other dangerous animals in Tunisia";

– insurance conditions for children almost the same. However, children are more active and even more dangers for them. Read our article "Let’s fly to Tunisia with children";

– To understand the likelihood of non-breakies of sunburn, read our detailed review "Weather in Tunisia for months".

As they say, informed – it means warned. Do not think about the bad during the journey, and not bad "trailers" to you. Read our articles about Tunisia and will be aware of all the nuances of recreation in this country (Links below).

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