Interesting about coconut islands

Coconut Islands – ensemble in which are small in the area of ​​the island. They all have coral origin, but wash them Indian Ocean. It is worth noting that these islets are included in the complex of the external territory Australia. Such of them like West Island and Hom – constantly have residents. Their administrative center is the city West Island.

Due to the fact that it is the tropical climate on the complex of the islands, and most of the year cyclones are held here, it is recommended to rest here in the period from April to October.
Predominant here Muslim religion, And the official language – English.

The main attraction here appears Pula Nature Reserve. It is worth noting that the islands cannot submit to tourists to a large number of such nicely known places like other countries, but they win at the expense of their own advantages.

What to do on the islands?

Coconut Islands will come to the soul, first, lovers Tropical beaches, and those who are crazy about Country resorts. On any of the islands of the archipelago, tourists can get with boats or yachts.
For lovers active rest The island suggests Many marine walks, group and individual diving, canoe tours. Due to the fact that the water here, in the literal sense of the word transparent, is actively developed by such a type of occupation as snorkeling. They can do those who are fascinating the beauty of the underwater world.

Surf conquerors here is suitable for a separate place – they need to go to Northern Lagoon.
Employees of this type of activity as fishing Here, too, will not be offended – there is an opportunity to enjoy not any, but exotic fishing.

Now it is worth learn about the kitchen of the island.

Due to the fact that the island is mostly Malaya, in the kitchen there are also prevailed hereVigral and Malay traditions. Also without the influence of Islam as the main religion on the islands. Dishes are cooked here mainly with Rice and gifts of the ocean.

During the trip, visiting will be able to enjoy Chicken meat. His taste is well emphasized Coconut Water, Curry and Lemongrass. You can also pamper yourself Meat with spices, beef or chicken honeycomb, and meat cooked with beans. But the pork here is impossible. The reason for this is religious restrictions.

Gastronomy fans are particularly repaired due to a wide choice Dishes from seafood. Here their tastes are pamping Languhes, shrimps, lobsters and a variety of fish.

Interesting about coconut islands

Locals are usually pleasing to tourists with taste features Malay soup. Here it is served as the first dish. On the side dish, guests of the coconut islands are usually obtained rice. Here he is hardly tired, because it is served with all sorts of variations.

For dessert here you can get "AIS KASANG" (his taste complements ice cream, basil and peanut seeds), sweet milk "Dadhid", Halva, Coconut "Lada", Well, of course, fruits.

From drinks here most often offer juices, Bottled water, Well, and how without Tea and coffee. But alcohol here is very hard to find (it is only in some stores), because the indigenous people have no tradition to use it.

Also separately it is worth talking about what currency is used on the islands.

Directly on the archipelago there are enough places where it will be possible to purchase Local money. But there are no ATMs here at all. Therefore, so that without restrictions to buy here everything will want, it is recommended before traveling to purchase Australian dollars.

Interesting about coconut islands

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