Interesting Facts about Brazil

This country in recent years has been growing rapidly economically, and the rapid temperament and the cheerfulness of local residents have long been known all over the world. It is enough to remember the famous Brazilian carnivals – an amazing festive action, collecting at the end of February only in one Rio de Janeiro more than a million tourists, and the Brazilians themselves massively introduce for four days to dance trance to understand – For a quiet and relaxing rest you need to choose another country. But lovers of bright impressions, genuine tropical exoticis and a fun time will find it all in Brazil in excess.

In this largest, in terms of the number of residents and territory, the country of Latin America speaks, as you know, in Portuguese. But it is less known, but important for tourists – English in Brazil is not popular, and knowledge of this language for our compatriots may be useless. Perhaps this manifests the eternal desire of Brazilians to the identity.

A sample of such originality can serve as the capital of the country – Brazilia, the city in the jungle, specially built on the unified project of the famous architect Oscar Nimeier. It does not look like anyone in the world in the world, this city, decorated with huge reinforced concrete arches, inverted semisers and skyscrapers with solid glazing. Even the main Catholic Church of the country, the cathedral, is stubborn under the ground, and on the surface there is only its dome in the form of some fantastic petals.

Brazilia – The capital, but not the largest city in the country, this honor is rightfully owned by Sao Paulo, a megapolis with a 13 millionth population. São Paulo – Pretty old city, and built up, unlike Brasilia, quite traditionally. But Brazilian originality of any tourist from Europe will feel right away – In this huge city there is no outdoor advertising! It is prohibited by the city authorities as imperative «visual perception of the city».

Another major Brazilian city, Rio de Janeiro, considered distinctive yet «Great combinator» Ostap Bender, remember: «Million inhabitants, and all – in white pants!» Residents in Rio are already six million, white pants are rarely found, but the appearance of the city is still unique. It is even felt in the air: even on the regret to Rio de Janeiro, passengers of airliners admire the 38-meter sculpture of Christ the Redeemer with outstretched 30-meter hands. Statue is considered one of the new seven wonders of the world.

Brazil beaches are worthy of a separate mention. Almost all the Atlantic coast of the country – Chain of beautiful, wide sandy beaches, stretching for many hundreds of kilometers. In cities Most beaches are free and open, because the beach for Brazilians – special place. Here you relax, dates, and even business meetings and, of course, play football. It is on the beaches of Kapabana, Ipanoma and many others formed this world phenomenon – Brazilian football, here began their nice path of Pele, Garrinch, Ronaldo and other world stars of football – adored by all Brazilians.

Going from Russia in Brazil in the summer, you will fall into… Winter because they will turn through the equator. But nothing terrible – Brazil Tropical country, holiday season lasts all year round. True, bathing on Brazilian atlantic beaches has a not very pleasant feature: strong ocean flows along the entire coast often formed dangerous waves and create a powerful surf. And on the coast of Recife to the whole other, the likelihood of sharks.

A rapidly developing economy of Brazil led to the fact that the country came out to one of the first places in the world in terms of billionaires. At the same time, major cities are surrounded by Favella – areas of slums that are afraid to attend even the police.

Interesting Facts about Brazil

Brazilian love to football truly limitless. 75% of the Brazilians of both sexes consider themselves fans. The national team of Brazil is the only one in the world who participated in all world championships, and five times the Brazilians became champions. In addition, the Brazilian national team more often became the winner of the World Cup – also five times, in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 and 2002. At least one football stadium is available in every Brazilian town.

Brazilians have original ideas about women’s beauty. A pretty girl on the street easily can hear: «What is your beautiful ass!». This is considered quite decent and causes only a grateful smile.

Brazil government concerned about environmental protection. Five million cars in the country are already working on biofuel from waste recycling and rapesee. And by the way: from 22:00 to 5:00 in the morning in Rio de Janeiro drivers are allowed to go to the red light light. It is believed that such a measure reduces the risk of automobile robbery.

A lot of interesting things could be told about Brazil. Decent School of Samba and Capoeira, Unique Tropical Fauna, Life and Life of Indians in Amazonian jungle, Very peculiar national cuisine. But every such topic, and many others require a separate story. Perhaps, on returning from this amazing country, you will tell you on the pages of our portal about your impressions, we will be very grateful to you.

Interesting Facts about Brazil

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