Interesting facts about Eurovision 2013

International Song Competition «Eurovision», Made in the past famous for the whole world of such famous performers as Abba and Celine Dion, every year collects from TV from 100 to 200 million people in more than 60 countries.

The main feature of the current 58th competition «Eurovision 2013», Which will be held from 14 to 18 May Swedish city Malmo, is the ego efficiency and a kind of camera.

Although he will be held in one of the most prosperous countries in Europe, no more than 20 million euros will be spent on it against 40 million last year in Azerbaijan. The event will be held in the concert hall of much smaller sizes than usual (with a capacity of 15,000 spectators), it will be used much less light effects in it and the number of days reacted for rehearsals will be reduced.

Such savings are related primarily with budgetary restrictions and widespread rigid savings throughout Europe, affected by the financial crisis. Also organizers of the competition hoped that the new approach will allow you to revive interest in «Eurovision» from not very rich countries experiencing financial difficulties and periodically refundable for this reason from participation in it.

In general, according to the organizers, the current event will be more chamber, as a result of which it is music that the spectators do not affect the attention of the spectators. It is Lorin’s a victorious performance of the Swedish singer Lorin, who, without relying on special effects, simply sang his song from the soul, asked a tone to the event this year.

In recent years, countries who have taken «Eurovision», All the forces tried to exceed each other with various technological innovations, the number of special effects and the scale of the event, as a result, the competition turned into a kind of race «Budgets» and «Spec Effects». This was especially noticeable in Moscow in 2009 and Azerbaijan in 2012.

Azerbaijan generally spent 45 million euros on the organization of the show and another 100 million invested on a rush story of a new concert hall. As a result «Eurovision 2012» became the most expensive in its history.

Similar approach to «Wide leg» The organization of the competition turns on very significant costs for the conducting countries. As a result, representatives of the financial difficulties of countries sometimes expect victories of their performers in the competition, because it is known that the country that won in «Eurovision», will have to accept the competition for the next year — And these are tens of millions of euros on his organization.

Refuses to participate in «Eurovision 2013»

In 2012, due to financial difficulties, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Luxembourg, Morocco, Monaco, Poland, Portugal and Slovakia refused to participate in Eurovision.

Also, Turkey refused to participate in the competition, but not due to financial problems, and due to disagreement with the existing voting system at the competition and due to the status of countries «Big five». Turkey does not agree with the fact that five countries founders of the competition – United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, pass to the final automatically.

Why Malmo?

Interesting facts about Eurovision 2013

Candidates for holding «Eurovision 2013» There were three cities — Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo.

The idea of ​​holding a competition in the glorious arena in Stockholm was rejected due to the world hockey championship there.

Then rejected and arena «Scandinavium» In Gothenburg, there will be a traditional exhibition of horses.

As a result, the choice fell on the city of Malmo, on «Malmö Arena» Capacity up to 15,500 viewers.

Interesting facts O «Eurovision» in Sweden

In the past, Sweden has already conducted Eurovision 4 times: in 1975, 1985, 1992 and in 2000. Thus, Sweden will become the hostess of the competition for the fifth time, while Malmo is an example of his second time (first was in 1992).

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