Interesting facts about Luxembourg

LuxembourgDwarf State in Europe. In spite of Small square and Little population, This country attracts tourists due to its beautiful Attractions, Interesting Traditions And fascinating Facts, related S History and Culture Great Duchy. But Russians still know little about this country and we want to tell about 10 most interesting facts associated with duchy.

1. Luxembourg is considered the biggest of dwarf European countries. The area of ​​the country is approximate equal Moscow, and population – population Yaroslavl. If you leave by car with Capital Luxembourg In different directions, the distance to the border with neighboring countries can be overcome by approximately 20-30 minutes. Luxembourg Borders with Belgium, Germany and France. The local population is joking on his homeland, that of it Very easy to leave.

2. Name of the country – Latin origin and translates as "Little Castle". At the beginning of its history Luxembourg was Little fortress, having important due to the fact that they ran here Trading routes. V Middle Ages Luxembourg often crossed out of hand in hand dependent on the sacred Roman Empire, France, Holland or Spain Territory. As a result, the country has become Ground fortress, well fortified to protect against enemies due to complex relief and abundance of ravines. V XXI century W Luxembourg There is also own army, Subject Several hundred fighters and One aircraft, which country divides in half with Army of Belgium. Every year B Day of the Duke passes military parade with Local soldiers one of The most tiny armies in the world.

3. More than a hundred years ago, the country received independence, having lost three quarters of the territory. Political intrigues and wars made the country at all tiny state. But despite this, they began to come here earnings Residents neighboring states. And nowadays French people, Germans and Belgians Daily increase the population about thirty%, as well as Moscow Daily increase due to arriving with Moscow region on earnings.

4. In Luxembourg, the law has installed three languages ​​of the state level: French, German and Luxembourg. The latter became stateahunting Language over 35 years ago, from the moment Moselsko-Franksky dialect German language Became known Luxembourg language. In this language, which is spoken only Local, there is Mixture borrowed from French and German words. Grammar Language similar to German, And the words mostly similar to French. And on sound Luxembourg language look like Dutch. Luxembourg schoolchildren and Students Learn 3 states Language and further English. Graduates of educational institutions read without problems Local press, articles in which are written on Different languages. In one newspaper you can meet interviews on French, Report by German language and column on Luxembourg.

5. Nowadays almost Half of the population of Luxembourgvisiting. except Neighboring states, Foreigners came S Spain and Portugal, Pushing here roots. Going B public transport, You can hear about ten European Languages. Between themselves Luxembourgs Speak by Luxembourg Language, BUT B Supermarkets Switched on French language, T. To. Most cashiers and sellers – Suites from France and Belgium.

6. Now the Prime Minister of the country is Xavier Bettel. This high-ranking politician is known for entered into same-sex marriage. Better is a descendant of the famous composer Russian Empire Sergey Rachmaninova, After all, the mother policy is grandchildren of the Russian musician niece.

Interesting facts about Luxembourg

7. Luxembourbles live in small families mainly in private houses. For others they look like Standering people, which do not communicate a little and Hold emotions. But actually it is not. Residents of this dwarf state are always ready politely and S Pleasure Help tourist, in a difficult position.

eight. People of Luxembourg loves holidays. Spring sometimes celebrate with big scope Pastukhov Day with wonderful carnival and procession. This country can do Many brands of beautiful wine. Every year in Luxembourg are held Flower exhibitions. Therefore, despite the absence of the usual nightly rampant life, a traveler who came to this state, for sure Do not be bored. Here you can admire the sights as Palace of Justice, Church of Saint-Michel, Palace of the Duke of the Middle Ages, Castle Vianden, Ruins Strengthening the ancient era, ancient town hall, Vrange and Wilts Castles. A B Metropolitan City, which has the same name as itself dwarf state, there is National Museum and Popular Theater. In the valleys of rivers grow Fruit Gardens and Grape plantations, and landscapes here are very picturesque. In the fall passes the festival, Dedicated Collection of grapes. Selected at the festival Grape Queen For a whole year is a country on Wine fairs. A highlight of the festival is the fountain, Where the water is replaced ; first-class wine The best varieties. Season of Luxembourg Philharmoniconia In the absence of large museum centers and theaters of the Opera and Ballet, it fills perfectly cultured hunger. Numerous tourists with pleasure listen to music The most good world orchestras and soloists from all over the planet. Unlike Paris Philharmonic here strict dress code: in a modern building, which is a masterpiece of architecture, come in the evening Dresses and jackets.

nine. On the territory of the dwarf state, you can freely move, but you need to carefully follow the respect of the right of private property. Fishing, Picnic, Collecting and Plant Collection On the private territory are allowed only with Master permission or Tenant. Otherwise, call Police, A violator of private property rights will be Staphted, detained or even expelled from the country. WITH 2020 According to the promises of the authorities in the state will Free public transport. But most of the Luxembourbles are already spinning that in fact it is Not free, a at the expense of tax revenues, which they themselves as taxpayers pay to the state budget. In addition, almost all residents have Own machine, T. To. This is permissible thanks Good salaries Luxembourzhtsev. And because of Uncomfortable supermarket location (in Luxembourg, they are all away from houses) is very difficult to do during the day without a car.

ten. The motto of local cuisine is the thesis that the kitchen of Luxembourg is French quality in German abundance. Luxembourgs Love the dishes rich on calories: Dranians from potatoes with onions, stew from vegetables with buysten, soup of potatoes and beans with bacon, meat pies, smoked piglet neck with beans. WITH Middle of the fourteenth century It is suitable in the country Schuberfoer Fair, for which tourists come to taste the famous for the whole of Europe Dranian with potatoes, onions, seasonings and herbs. On Fair-walking, which lasts integers Two decades, More than two million Tourists treat Dranyi, German sausages and sparkling French wine.

Interesting facts about Luxembourg

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