Interesting features of popular tourist objects

Many tourist objects make up interesting features. Unfortunately, rarely who studies information about the objects visited in advance. And in vain, because in front of the tourists there are many unusual details that will make a look at the journey otherwise.

Features of popular objects for tourists

NASA vertical assembly building, where American engineers collect space ships, Unique in size. The building is one-story, but it is very large, only the blue flag rectangle with the stars covers an area of ​​420m2, and every strip of about 2 width.5 meters. Since the roof of the building is very high, the dome forms clouds that provoke precipitation.

V Blenheim Palace, In the toilet was located expensive toilet bowl. The cost of this design was six million dollars. Each visitor could use them for its appointment, pre-Obesting the Palace Workers. But in 2019, the toilet was stolen, until now the police could not find intruders.

Mexican statue of Jesus contains elements of a person. When in 2014 the design decided to subjected to restorations, scientists found that Inside a wooden statue, human teeth are located. Statue 300 years, and as researchers suggest, in those days sculptors often used bones and animal skins. This case proves that human remains were used, maybe this teeth of the sculptor himself.

Mount Rushmore, famous by carved faces of US presidents, Has a secret room. The door to the room is behind Lincoln’s head, the architect wanted to hide in this room important state documents for future generations. But after the death of the architect, the project was abandoned, now it was installed wall panels with enamel, where the history of the mountain is painted.

Washington Cathedral hides one of the main villains from the film "Star Wars". Although the cathedral looks medieval, it was built not so long ago, naturally architects decided to decorate it with modern sculptures. If you carefully study the structure, you can see cats, fish, raccoons and even Darth Vader, they all replace Garguli.

Known Sagrada-lasting cathedral looks like an old construction, only inside there are modern technologies. For example, to climb the spires of the structure, the architect has provided an ordinary elevator, as well as screw steps.

Interesting features of popular tourist objects

One of the statues of the Buddha is made of human remains. In the Drenz Museum (Netherlands), scientists were accidentally discovered within the Buddha statue, which is about a thousand years – the remains of a person. Presumably these are the remains of the monk Luzuan, who lived in those times. As a sarcophagus, a gilt is used, which made it possible to keep the mummy in perfect condition.

The Pisan Tower is actually a bell tower. Outside, this tourist object knows all over the world, but internal space almost no one. At the top of the construction there are seven bells, each of them has its own note of the musical gamut. Also, do not everyone know that the Pisan Tower has no roof, if you go to it and raise your head, you can see the sky.

The famous watches of Big Ben are adjustable with vintage coins. Vintage coins in one penny are still used, they are necessary to adjust the course. One coin, laid on a special pendulum, allows you to speed up the movement on 0.4 seconds in 24 hours. The caretaker has to constantly monitor the accuracy of time and calculating this or that amount of coins on the pendulum.

There are many tourist objects in the world who hide certain features. Even in Rome, you can meet interesting statues where socks in the form of rabbits are visible on the legs of people.

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