Interesting hotels in Beijing

In our traditional article we are talking about the most interesting hotels of each city. On this page, let’s talk about Beijing. The hotels presented by us differ from the total mass or convenient location, or by the colorful interior, or the design.

So, for this review, we selected four:

Hotel Kapok – Forbidden City

What he is interesting

Convenient location 300 meters from the Forbidden City, Interesting Room Design, High Service Level

The most important advantage of the Kapok Hotel is its extremely good location. Forbidden City (Gugun Palace) is just 300 meters down the street in the west. Unfortunately, in this place in the palace you can not. The eastern floral gate will appear in front of you, through which tourists are not allowed inside.

However, you should not be upset, because you will have to go to the main southern gates. You will find yourself on Tiananmen Square, where the main sights of Beijing – Mausoleum Mao Zedong, a monument to folk heroes, National Museum of China and the Hall of Public Assembly.

Another closer to Beijing Metro Station is Tiananmen East. To her go about 7 minutes. If you go to the eastern direction, you will fall into the Vanfujin shopping area, famous for its night market food.

The second advantage of the Kapok Forbidden City Hotel is what right next to the hotel has everything you need. After 200 meters, the Bank of China is located in the east, and it is in the central bank that it is most profitable to change the currency in China.

Right next there are several restaurants of different price groups. In the morning there are always tents with traditional morning dishes for Chinese. One of the restaurants "Roasted Duck" (Peking Duck) is nearby, and here you can cheap the main Beijing dish.

In addition, around there are many shops with Chinese souvenirs and gifts. There are several local tourist offices, where you can safely order any excursion in Beijing.

Prices for accommodation in Kapok Hotel Forbidden City are quite acceptable. You can see them using the form on the left.

Sorry, but not always the numbers are available, and book rooms we recommend in advance. Kapok Hotel is not active advertising, but many know its advantages and seek to stop here.

The hotel has free Wire and WiFi, all rooms are soundproofed and equipped with air conditioning. The staff speaks English perfectly in English, polite and attentive to guests. Each guest is provided with several complimentary drinks at the bar.

Especially interesting design numbers. Part of the walls in the rooms are glass and transparent, which is very unusual. Guests just obscure the walls of a huge curtain. However, if you don’t like this designer solution, you can change the number. So far, in this request, no one refused.

Jade Garden Hotel

What he is interesting

350 meters from the Forbidden City, colorful Chinese style and lower price than Kapok Hotel

If the price of Kapok Hotel seemed too high to you, but the location liked it, then pay attention to the Jade Garden Hotel. His name is translated as "jade garden". It boasts only 3 stars, but the state of numbers and territories here at 4 ki.

This hotel is more stylized under China, it is less than European. But, this is interesting China for tourists – color, to find oneself in the setting, unlike our life.

Kapok and Jade Garden hotels are located very nearby – these are neighboring buildings, but they contrast them strongly with each other. If the Kapok Hotel’s building reminds a big gray concrete box, then Jade Garden looks more comfortable. Many people like even more.

Location Similarly, 7 minutes to metro station, 10 minutes to southern entrance to the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. 10 minutes walk in the east direction and you on Vanfujin Street.

The only complaint that sometimes you have to hear about Jade Garden is that not all the staff speaks English. However, in China, this is a normal phenomenon. It is difficult for them to learn European languages. In most hotels like a level, the situation is no better.

Rooms are recommended to book in advance, as the hotel is popular with the Chinese, and they provide stable and high demand. Prices and availability of rooms Find out the form of the left.

Hotel 82 standard rooms. They do not shine luxury, but cozy and cleaned. In general, they are made rather 4 stars than 3.

Jade Garden – an excellent choice for those tourists who do not want to spend extra time on the attractions on a taxi or subway and prefers to see half of the interesting places of Beijing close to their hotel.

Joy City Hotel & Apartment

What he is interesting

Located in the heart of Cydan District right in the Joy City Shopping Center

If you arrived in Beijing for the sake of shopping and entertainment, then this option is perfect for you. Hotel Joy City Hotel & Apartment is located directly in the mall. This is the heart of the Sidan area, which consists of shopping and entertainment complexes.

To go shopping, you just need to go outside the hotel. At the same time, the prices of accommodation here are not frightening at all.

Many tourists are afraid of such placement conditions, believing that in such a place will definitely be noisy, and it will not work in silence. Do not worry, the hotel is well and soundproofed, and inside is always quiet and calm. Inside each room there is a safe that pleases many guests.

Interesting hotels in Beijing

Guests have a fitness center with children’s and ordinary pools, free WiFi Internet has a small garden. There are two restaurants – Chinese and European cuisine. We don’t see much sense in these restaurants, because in the very shopping center Joy City there are dozens of fast foods, cafes, snack bars and restaurants of any price category and range of dishes. Only during breakfast from these hotel institutions really have a sense.

The hotel has several shops that looks stupid generally. Prices in these stores are higher than in the mall, and in general it is incomprehensible, they buy something or not.

Joy City Hotel & Apartment All rooms are booked for a month or two forward, but no one bothers you to ask the situation by using the form on the left.

Hotel is well located. The nearest Xidan Metro Station is 500 meters south. Rolling from the subway to the left, through a kilometer you will fall on Tiananmen Square with all its attractions and to the Forbidden City.

Joy City Hotel is perfect for shopping and entertainment lovers, but also for tourists who came to excursions, he will also fit well.

Beijing Jingyuan Courtyard Hotel

What he is interesting

Located in the shopping area on Vanfujing Street, Chinese flavor and European amenities

Vanfujin’s area is boutiques of famous world and high-quality Chinese clothing brands, this is the famous meal market in Beijing, museums and many more. This is an attractive place for tourists, and many want to settle in the hotel here. If this idea seems attractive, then Beijing Jingyuan Courtyard Hotel is an excellent choice.

In addition to a good location, it is also one of the most colorful Chinese-style hotels in the city. All furniture wooden and repeats the styles of the decor of different eras from the Tang dynasty until the time of the last emperors of China.

At the same time, the level of convenience at the European level. The goodwill personnel is celebrated in all reviews of tourists. By summarizing, we can say that in the region of Vanfujin is the best choice.

Color is traced not only in the rooms. The hotel is famous for its traditional Chinese garden. Of course, it is not Yuan in Shanghai and not a summer palace, but he will give you peace of mind and peace after tense excursions.

Beijing Jingyuan Courtyard is considered the best choice first among the Chinese, and the rooms here are booked for a few weeks ahead.

You can ask the prices and availability of rooms using the form of the left.

Some tourists celebrate an overlap of hotels in the Chinese side. This is expressed, for example, in a restaurant for breakfast or dinner. A lot of Chinese dishes and little European. On the other hand, we come to another country for the sake of color, do not walk in China in McDonalds.

The main attractions of Beijing are 1.5 kilometers of walking away from the hotel, this is the Tiananmen Square and all that on it, and the Forbidden City. Vanfujing Metro Station is 600 meters south of.

We wish you peaceful nights in China’s hotels, and read our articles (Links below).

Interesting hotels in Beijing

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