Interesting hotels in Shanghai

By tradition, we are talking about hotels in different cities, choosing from all the huge list of several leaders in terms of the ratio of the price-quality-convenience for an ordinary tourist ". This time it will be about the most populated city of Planet Earth – Shanghai.

Salvo Hotel Shanghai

What is his main advantages

Located in the heart of the Pushi district – the historic city center, reasonable prices, the European level of service

Salvo Hotel is our favorite in the Racing of the best hotels in Shanghai by price-quality ratio. This hotel has even difficult to find any negatives. Even the prices here hold at an acceptable level in the area of ​​80-100 dollars per simple 2-bed room.

The most importantly convenience of Salvo Hotel is a location in the heart of the Huangpa district. All the main attractions of the "Old Town" in Shanghai are within walking distance.

Nanzinskaya Street is 300 meters away, Garden Yu Yuan at 350, Vaitan Embankment 250 meters. Square of the people and the Shanghai Museum of 500 meters.

Shanghai East Nanjung Road Metro Station is just 300 meters away. Salvo Hotel Hotel. The station is located on the 2nd line, and it will be necessary only for 6 minutes to drive to Luduzuzi station, where Pudong skyscrapers, the Tower of the Pearl of the East and Shanghai Oceanarium are located. Better location and come up with difficult.

In addition to a good place, Salvo Hotel has other advantages. Here pure and cozy, the hotel strictly adheres to European service provisions. The usual numbers do not differ in some luxury, but all the furniture is fine, the bathrooms are clean, and arrive in the room – one pleasure.

All staff speak English and always polite and friendly. The hotel’s main restaurant boasts an excellent choice of European, Chinese and Japanese dishes. This is especially felt at breakfast, when you can eat your usual dishes, delicious butter and toasts, which will not differ in taste from our.

Salvo Hotel can find flaws if you try. For example, the entrance is on duty, who offers the services of "night butterflies". Some tourists annoying. However, if you explain to him once that you don’t need such a service, he will remember you and there will be no longer.

Hotel Salvo often suits stocks by reducing the price of accommodation. Current prices and availability you can see in the form of the left.

If prices do not suit you, then in the Pushi area there are several other hotels with cheaper rooms. Of course, they have no such chic location and quality of service, but, in any case, it is better than living somewhere on the outskirts of the city and ride each attractions on the subway.

The next hotel is just for those who want to save.

Shanghai Celadon Theme Hotel

What is his main advantages

A fully acceptable hotel at a very low price, located in the Huangpa region

The main advantage of Shanghai Celadon Theme is the price. Below on this page there is a price request form, you can use it to watch numbers. The cost of living here is very low, and at the same time, Celadon Theme is a completely normal hotel.

Of course, no luxury and delights you will find here, but also frankly old and dirty it does not look. This is a great option for those travelers who want to save.

The location of the Shanghai Celadon Theme is, of course, worse than Salvo. The closest significant landmark Garden Yuan is 1.5 kilometers from here. People’s Square in 1.2 kilometers, and to the Nanjing Street about the same.

In any case, it is better to walk a little bit and see the city than to go on the Shanghai subway. In the subway to look especially nothing to. The nearest Laoximen metro station (Liaoshimen) is located very close to 200 meters from the hotel, and this is another advantage of Shanghai Celadon.

The hotel offers free Internet access via WiFi wireless access network. Surprisingly, in such an inexpensive hotel there is a bicycle rental. The rooms have air conditioning and a TV with satellite channels and a flat-screen TV. Bathroom equipped with shower.

It is a good set of amenities, proximity to the subway and a low price convinced us to make a hotel Shanghai Celadon in this review.

The hotel is very popular with the Chinese, and demand is always great. The form of the left will help you learn the availability of rooms and prices.

The hotel has four types of rooms. The difference is only in the square of the room. If you want to have more amenities, paying a little more money, we recommend the type that is denoted as "Deluxe Queen Room", he has the largest area and a large bed.

Shanghai Celadon Theme also has another feature. Prices for festive and weekends here are a bit more expensive. This is due to the "weekend tourism", which is now gaining popularity in China. We think that such a difference in prices will increase in the future, and it will affect all the hotels of the PRC.

By summing up. If you want to save, then this option is the best of all we know.

Holiday Inn Shanghai Downtown

What is his main advantages

Located near Shanghai Main Railway Station, High Quality Service

Holiday Inn – famous world-class brand with decent quality standards. In Shanghai, several hotels of this network (if exactly, there are 34), and none of them disappointing tourists. Holiday Inn Shanghai Downtown is distinguished by a unique location right next to the city’s central railway station.

If your travel program provides a trip to the trains in China, then the best placement option in Shanghai does not come up. Station is 200 meters from the hotel.

Of course, there are not so many attractions nearby. From the famous tourist places can only be noted the temple in which the famous jade Buddha is located. Before it walks about 15 minutes.

In the hotel itself there are two restaurants – one Chinese, and the second European cuisine. Prices in them are quite high, and we recommend just getting out of the hotel. Opposite the building is Shanghai Baiyulan Population Culture Square – this is a lively place with several shopping centers. There are restaurants and snack bars for every taste, including KFC and Chinese McDonalds.

Interesting hotels in Shanghai

Holiday Inn Shanghai Downtown – Large Hotel. It takes two buildings – 20 and 14 floors. Inside there are tickets for the sale of tickets. On the one hand, it seems illogical, because to the office station to go 200 meters, but there are no queues in this box office.

Also in the hotel buildings there is an ATM and currency exchange. To make exchange operations, we recommend moving across the road to the Bank of China’s office, it is more profitable to change the Chinese currency.

Free rooms in Holiday Inn Shanghai Downtown are almost always available, and prices here are acceptable. View rates you can in the form of the left.

Rooms This hotel features Holiday Inn standards. Here is not luxurious, but pure and nice. The interior of the rooms is designed in European style, and you will not even feel that you are in China. By the way, some tourists just do not like it.

Oriental Riverside Bund View Hotel

What is his main advantages

The most affordable option of tourist accommodation in the Pudong Lujiazui area in

Remember the song group "Accident: "The world of skyscrapers and luxury villas", – it is Pudong. Here, in the area of ​​Lujiazui skyscrapers are concentrated – the pride of China. They are the most expensive and luxurious hotels. Only problem is that most of the tourists they can not afford. But there is a way.

Hotel Oriental Riverside Bund View Hotel is located on the outskirts of the Economic Zone Lujiazui right next to the Huangpu River.

Now, many will ask, why tourists from all over the world aspire to live in this area? For good reason.

Those who came to Shanghai for shopping, know that this is where are located the largest and most exciting shopping centers, including the Thai-Chinese mall Super Brand Mall.

Almost all tourists in Shanghai to attend one of the viewing platforms. This Oriental Pearl TV Tower or, or skyscraper tower Prosperity (Jinmao), or tower "opener". Whichever option you choose, it is convenient to live in the district of Pudong and not go away.

Oriental Pearl Tower is just 100 meters from the hotel, Shanghai Oceanarium 200 meters, Super Brand Mall, 300 meters.

In addition, there is the Shanghai Tower, which is just that (this article was written in 2015) was opened for visitors. Her dream to see many. Fourth, almost all the tourists try a ride from the airport by train Maglev, and he comes here it is. Pudong New Area useful for travelers in all respects.

This is quite a large hotel. There’s a pool, a tennis court, several restaurants, ticket service, tour desk and much more.

Oriental Riverside Bund View Hotel officially has 4 stars, but the quality of rooms can claim the status of "five". Simply put, you will not be disappointed.

About the prices, you should know the important thing is not always the price tag in the region of $ 100 available. Click on the form on the left and see the price. If there is a good price, do not hesitate to book your.

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