Ninth Day: Museum Journey

After yesterday’s 30-kilometer march in Macau, today it was decided to devote to a relaxed rest, or rather, the study of the next portion of museums – you don’t need to walk a lot and spend time with benefit. In the first half of the day we planned to visit the Sun Yatsen Museum and the Museum of Medical Sciences, as well as to visit the world’s longest street escalator.

Morning, as usual, began with a family breakfast, and then everyone went on their affairs: Maxim and Natasha walk, and Sergey work. The day was overwhelmed with a cloudy and silent, not wanted to stick the nose from the hotel, but we looked at yourself and went to the Central district, where they planned to walk a little and ride on the world’s longest street escalator.

Outdoor overcast, but the rain is not

Before inspecting attractions, as usual in the park on the site

The center of the Central is beautiful in sunny weather, but when overcast, it seems gray and dull – it is not at all clear how this city can like. But the more you walk on Hong Kong, the less you pay attention to the weather. By the way, this story is in all Asian cities: In Taipei We can walk for hours under torrential rain, in Shanghai to put up with the terrible cold wind in February, in the Stambul (Almost Asia) wander on mosques under the snow and rain.

The more you walk on Hong Kong, the more I fall in love with this city of skyscrapers

The first point of our today’s mandatory program – MID-LEVELS ESCALATOR, The longest system of street escalators in the world. The total length is 800 meters, and the height difference from the bottom to the top point is more than 130 meters.

This escalator was built in the 1980s to facilitate the path of the residents of the district and reduce the number of traffic jams. For tourists, this is an attraction, and for many thousands of local residents – the most common public transport along with the subway, buses and Two-storey trams.

A rather exciting occupation to climb on this escalator, but we did not reach the end – we decided to get halfway and go to the museum, then not to descend from the stroller on the steps.

First Museum in our list – Memorial Museum of Dr. Sun Yatsen. Sun Yatsen is one of the most famous and revered politicians of Taiwan, along with Chan Kaisha, he takes an important place in the history of this small island state. We, of course, could not miss the house in which the "father of the nation" spent a lot of time.

Museum of Sun Yatien

There are almost no tourists to the museum, in addition, in all the halls it is forbidden to photograph, and with which it is connected by the Museum employees. We could not tell. For those who are interested in the history of Taiwan, the museum will be very interesting, and all the others will simply not understand. We are from the first category, so they walked from the hall to the hall almost a whole hour.

Museum of Sun Yatien

Corridors in the house of Sun Yatsen

Dr. Sun Yatsene

The next item is our today’s museum program – the Museum of Medical Sciences, but first the lunch and traditional game on the playground.

While mom drinks coffee, the child is having fun alone

Museum of Medicine in Hong Kong It will be interesting to a wider range of tourists, but still is quite narrow-controlled. Here you can find out how medicine has developed in Hong Kong, see old tools and watch a film about Pandemic plague, which covered Hong Kong in 1894.

Museum of Medical Sciences in Hong Kong

Maxim tries exhibits for strength

On the inspection of the museums and walk in the city center we spent almost half a day, it’s time to go to the hotel, but there is one difficulty – we will have to go down on numerous stairs, which is completely inconvenient from a carriage.

Endless stairs of Hong Kong

Interesting Museums of Hong Kong

On the way we looked into one of the most famous temples of Hong Kong Man Mo (Man Mo Temple), but he somehow did not impress us.

Returning to the subway, we immediately went to our hotel on a daytime sleep, because after the return of Sergey from work, another museum was waiting for us. We decided to go to the Museum of Hong Kong’s Science, and I must say that it was one of the most interesting museums in which we had to be.

Pedestrian gallery in front of the entrance to the Museum of Science

Most of all, this museum, of course, will like it to children, because here you can touch the exhibits, press the buttons, try everything that is not fastened to tightly.

Most of the kids are simply pumped by the buttons, but the older children will be very interesting to understand the physical processes that surround us daily.

The child did not want to leave the museum of science

From the museum you have already kicked up, as it closed, and the child did not want to leave. Who would have thought that a two-year-old boy would sob from the fact that he was taken from the museum. We got home, as usual, on the subway. In general, in Hong Kong, we rarely used a taxi, public transport so firmly entered our daily life, which did not deliver any discomfort.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

Amazed, of course, people who, instead of passing two spans of an escalator, are standing and waiting for an elevator in the subway, while they are without strollers and can go beautifully. Due to such "comrades" (mainly with mainland China), people with children and disabled people are forced to stand in the queues to descend in the subway. But after a couple of weeks, you get used to it and cease to pay attention.

Museums Day in Hong Kong turned out to be excellent. A couple of years ago, we diligently avoided museums in all countries and cities – it seemed to us that it was a useless and uninteresting spending time, but, apparently, everything changes with time. We also changed, and now visit museums – one of our favorite types of rest, and not only foreign, but also Russian. You will be surprised how much Moscow museums have changed over the past 10 years. But about it somehow another time, and today everything, before the meeting in the next part of the report.

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