Interesting Netherlands

Netherlands – it’s not just Amsterdam. The country has a glorious history. Her people have changed more than once for their independence. And in the end she was conquered by a considerable price of human lives. In the 17th century Holland survived a particularly bright rise in economics and culture. Country of rich at the expense of trade and its ports that were Trade goal of all of Europe with long-range American and Asian lands. Today the people of the Netherlands live quietly. The rights and needs of people are protected by law, the real management of the country belongs to Parliament. But monarchy is preserved.

The country has many historical monuments that are in different cities. It is worth removing from Amsterdam just 30km, how can you Town Utrechte. There is a bright attraction that will leave a lot of impressions – Castle de Haar. Let nobody deceive his gothic towers and spiers. Today, this castle is a new model. The fact that tourists see today is built at the turn of 19 and 20th centuries. However, this is a real fortified citadel, which looks very beautiful and impressive. The castle was built on the site of the existing formidable structure, which was a real fortification. Throughout its history, the lock actually belonged to one family, up to the present. He was burning more than once and was destroyed almost to the ground. In the form of ruins it was bought Family Rothschilds, who have invested in it just fabricants. And now residents of the Netherlands and guests of the country can enjoy the type of this formidable and at the same time beautiful citadel, as well as gardens and parks surrounding it. In the castle there is a picture gallery. Gallery, Castle and Park are available for inspection. paid entrance.

Another museum concerning the history of the country, although somewhat in another context, is in the open sky. Everyone knows that Holland &# 8211; Country of windmills. Maybe someone thinks they are flour? Nothing like this. Almost all the territory of the Netherlands lies below the sea level. If it were not for the channels, removing excess water and these windmills, the country would have long turned into a thin venetian. Mills are pumps, Under the influence of wind, pumping water from one canal to another. But mills out Museum village Zanse-Shans really grinding the grain in flour, knocked down the oil, that is, they perform the usual work for mills. In this museum, tourists are introduced to the technology of windmill, with its device. You can also have a dozen euros to ride for an hour on the local canals on the boat.

In addition to Amsterdam, it is worth visiting such cities of the Netherlands as Rotterdam, Hague and Delft. From Amsterdam in Rotterdam better getting by train. It is inexpensive and convenient. Be sure to look in this city Famous cubic house. Today it is a museum, entrance to which is worthwhile trifles – only 2.5 euros. But remember such a wonderful house will be long. All Rotterdam can be examined with Euromacheti. This is such an observation deck at a height of 100m. At the site there is a very expensive restaurant and more affordable cafes, as well as two hotel rooms, and also very expensive.

Interesting Netherlands

City of Hague Located not far from Amsterdam. Train there goes exactly 45 minutes. There are many different pan-European institutions in the Hague, which often appear in Russian news. Here are the famous Picture galleries with the works of world famous Dutch painters.

City Delft – one of the most beautiful cities of the Netherlands. Here lived a well-known painter Vermeer, here it is Tomb of the Kings of the Netherlands, And also make famous for the whole world Delft china.

Interesting Netherlands

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