Interesting place in southern Italy? Fabulous city Alberobello VLOG 3 (Season 4)

In this series you will see. New video of a fabulous town in the south of Italy Alberobello. People live here in small snow-white houses with cone-shaped roofs. And even the temple they built in the same style. These structures are called «Trullie», that translated from Greek – «dome». The name of the city of Alberobello is connected with the oak forest, which in ancient times in the south of Italy.

Literal arboris belli means «Beautiful trees». It is not surprising that people began to settle in these picturesque places. However, local laws did not allow them to build decent houses for living. So invented witty Italians to collect houses from local limestone, without bonding stones with cement or any other solution.

The architectural uniqueness of these structures was that in the construction there was one stone, reversing which one could destroy the entire house immediately. It was needed in order not to pay taxes. Officials coming with checks saw only piles of stones. As soon as they left, the house was quickly going to. Now Alberobello has 1,400 Trullo, many of which lead their history from the XIV century. Some posted souvenir benches, restaurants, museums. There is another cathedral in the city – In the name of the holy martyrs, the miracle, and the depletions of Cosma and Damian, who are considered patrons of Alberobello. These native brothers were born in Rome. Doctors by profession, they accepted the martyrdom in their hometown at the end of the III century. The brothers were a strict, chaste life and from God were endowed with a gracious gift of healing from diseases. Saints spoke sick: «We do not care with the power of the disease, but the power of Christ, the true God. Believe in it and you will be healthy».

Brothers called «Good doctors», After all, they did not take a fee for treatment. Their kind and disinterested attitudes they paid many of them to Christ. Cosma and Damian’s activities attracted the attention of the Roman authorities. Behind them sent warriors. Christians asked the brothers to hide for a while for those who resorted to their help. Not finding healers, warriors grabbed other Christians. Then Kosma and Damian came out of shelter, asking to let go of the hostages taken. In Rome, the brothers concluded in the dungeon, and then led to the trial. Saints openly confessed faith in Christ and refused to sacrifice the pagan gods.

Interesting place in the south of Italy, the fabulous city of Alberobello Vlog 3 (season 4)

They spoke: «We doxy the least of the power of the Lord and the Savior of our Jesus Christ and do not take any remuneration for the help of the patients, because the Lord bequeathed: “Diar got, let’s give”». The emperor continued to insist, then God struck him with a sudden illness so that he would experience the omnipotence of the Lord on his own experience. Courtful asked to heal the emperor, and he himself begged the holy doctors to help him, promising to turn to the true God. The brothers cured it. After that, the emperor with honors let go of Cosma and Damian to freedom, and they again began to heal diseases.

However, what the hatred of the pagans and the cruelty of the Roman authorities could not do, performed a black envy. The old Mentor doctor who has the holy brothers studied medical art, envied their glory. Brought to the frenzy, he called the brothers allegedly for collecting rare medicinal herbs, he himself started them away in the mountains and killed, and the bodies threw in the river. The Lord glorified his worship.

According to the prayers of saints, all, with the faith, resorting to their holy intercession, and now receive healing from God. You can get to Alberobello by train from Bari (4–5 euros, the departure is hourly, in the way 1.5 hours). There are also several trains a day from Taranto. Arriving at the station, you need to follow directly by Via Mazzini, which will then go to Via Garibaldi and wields to Piazza Del Popolo. Help do not get lost Zona Monumentale Trulli signs. On my way – no more than 15 minutes. The city can be reached on the own car from Bari or Brindisi Airport (about an hour in the way).

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