Interesting places Yucatana or what to do in Valladolid

Li long, briefly, we got with Andrews to the heart Peninsula Yucatan – The main tourist node of the whole Mexico. In the very center of the peninsula is Town Valladolid (Valladolid), which will be discussed.

Valladolid objectively is very convenient for making radial departures according to its attractions. View in the district, believe me, there is something! Although, after all, most tourists arrive in Cancun and inspected the surroundings from there, thanks to which, Valladolid is not so spoiled by visitors, and, accordingly, cheaper and calmer.

Perhaps in this article I will change the tradition and refuse to a lyrical story in favor of practical information. Yucatan is not a joke! You know how many tourists visits it annually? So I do not know, but just a lot! And everyone is interested in the same questions: what, where and how to spend time with maximum benefit.

What to do if you are in Valladolid and in stock 1-7 days?

1st day

The first day remaining over the day can be held at a slow meeting with the city. Hold him a couple of hours, you will like it. Valladolid was surprisingly cute, cozy and friendly. When we went here, I expected to gut terribly tourist city with tortured gringo inhabitants. But no, we were welcomed by bright melancholic streets and smiling faces. By the evening, the city comes to life, especially the central part of it, so delay and stroll around the central square after lights are lit.

Once this article is about Valladolid, I bring to your attention a few pictures to create a more complete idea of ​​this charming Mexican town.

Cute Gorodishko, though?

2nd day

Literally in forty-five minutes drive from Valladolid you will find the famous Mianiyan Pyramid-Itsa complex. I think you should not explain what this beast is. I am sure every tourist going to Mexico knows that these are the most famous mexican pyramids.

If you are in the complex in the afternoon, you can press on Light music show. They say it’s pretty, we have not seen.

On the way to Valladolid, take a look at IK Kil (IK KIL), cool in its purest water in the company of fearless fish.

3rd day

Literally twenty-five minutes drive from the city, one more pyramids were attached – Ek-Balam (EK’ Balam). The greatest Eknai pyramid is even more Cukulkany and will surely make a proper impression. We did not go here, as I have already seen on the pyramids, because we have the shoulders of Teotihuacan, Monte Alban, Palenka, Esna, Ushmal.

If you have the opportunity to ride only in Yucatana, do not deprive yourself with the opportunity to get closer to Mayancisters, because this is the great past Mexico.

Not far from the ruins available Senot Xcan Ché, do not regret time and plug in it, he is completely up.

4th day

Day that can and be devoted to famous Yucatanian sensations. In the vicinity of Valladolid, they are quite a few and all of them are unique as a phenomenon in general and each of them separately.

In five to six kilometers from Valladolid, three sensations are located in the neighborhood: Senot Dzityto (Cenote Dzitnup), Senot Samula (CENOTE SAMULA) and Senot Saamal Cenote Saamal. We were in all three, which I advise you. They really have attention! Do not forget to capture bathing suits, you can swim in all three.

In Valladolid itself, there is also a Senot – The biggest on all Yucatan – Seat Sacy (Cenote Zaci). He, perhaps, is inferior to the above-mentioned beauty, but quite good.

If the strength and desire, the time remaining until the evening can be spent on a walk by Museum Valladolid.

5th day

Where without Shopping )) If you are not a free traveler, and the tourist who arrived in Mexico for a couple of weeks, probably relatives and friends will wait for the souvenirs and gifts from you (you can’t wait anything from free).

It is rumored that in Valladolid one of the best prices for souvenirs and clothes on all Yucatan. Maybe this is true: the majority of tourists still chooses as a goal Cancun, and Valladolid, despite all the advantages of his position, remains pretty quiet and inhaled tourists.

Interesting places Yucatana or what to do in Valladolid

Handmade, hammocks, hats, original souvenirs and many other – All this you will find in dozens of cozy shops.

Losing what to buy souvenirs – To help you note about Mexican shopping.

6th day

Want unity with nature and exotic? Then go B Natural Park Lagartos Parque Natural RíA Lagartos), known for its huge flamingos colonies and a large variety of other birds.

A trip can be combined with a visit to another park – Park Natural San Felipe (Parque Natural San Felipe), where you can enjoy seafood at very low prices.

7th day

If you want a lot of sun, beautiful beaches and archaeological sights, yes all at once – Then forward in Tulum (Tulum) and to Ruins Koba (COBA).

Friends, keep in mind that we were only in those places on which there are active links to notes. A visit to the rest of the attractions is a recommendation. I do not handle that they are 100% attention.

Perhaps it will seem to you that the seven-day plan turned out too impulgging. If you are limited in time or there is no desire to stick in Valladolid for a whole week, improvise. Attractions from different days can be combined, and from other and not at all. Set priorities, choose, enjoy!

Enjoy your walks on Valladolid and the surrounding area, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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Interesting places Yucatana or what to do in Valladolid

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