Interlaken is crystal clear mountain streams, rumbling waterfalls, purest rivers, deep blue lakes.

The ski resorts in the Jungfrau region in Berne Alps are located directly at the foot of the Iger Mountains, Myonh and Jungfrau. Interlaken is obliged to their location – the resort city is between two Lake Thun and Brienz near Mount Jungfrau.
Alpine landscapes here are also diverse as ski slopes. Lord Byron, first seen interlaken, exclaimed: "It’s a dream!"

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Interlaken: Excursions and Events

One of the most exciting excursions – the rise in Jungfrau (3454 m), the most high-altitude railway station of Europe, which is called "Top of Europe" (TOP OF EUROPE). "Road to sky" Opened in 1912. Rise by train, with two transplants, about 3 hours. The last section of the path is the pride of Swiss, t.To. None in any country of Europe there is no railway canvases laid on such translated altitudes.

The complex includes several restaurants, a souvenir shop, a post office, several conference rooms, a museum of the glacier (Ice Palace, Ice Gateway), a meteorological station. The most important thing is the observation deck with the panorama of the Swiss and French Alps – even Mont Blanc can be seen in clear weather.

Trip to Grindelwald (19 km from Interlaken) and inspection of its attractions.
Grindelvand is considered a great place to occupy winter sports. More than 45 mountain funicular, suspended and charming cableways and lifts provide mining of skiers. Here is the only museum in the world, in which about 40 existing models of miniature trains are collected, with ease of overcoming 430-meter railway canvas. There is also a zoo where you can familiarize yourself with the Alpine Fauna.

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30-minute journey along the longest cableway in the Alps, in the footsteps of James Bond on Mount Shilthorn (where the first series of the film was shot), to Alpine glaciers and grottoes. Visit to the world in the world of rotating on top of the mountain restaurant "PIC Gloria" (2971 m).

Trips to Bern (58 km) and inspection of its attractions.
Postal Museum, Berne Art Gallery, Swiss Alpine Museum. Among the main attractions of the city – the highest Gothic Cathedral in Switzerland "St. Vinzzen" (1421 – 1588). Rising to the Tower of the Cathedral, you can overcome the panorama of Bern almost from Statercore height.
Town Hall (1406 – 1417) – in appearance slightly reminds Russian Terem. On the first floor of the Town Hall draws attention to the large hall of techniques with wooden ceilings of the 15th century work.

Bell tower "Cytgloggsturm" (XII B.) who served the once Western gate of the Old Town. Oriental facade of the building decorate the famous Caspar Bruneir work hours. The clock shows not only time, but also day of the week, month, sign of the zodiac and the phase of the moon. Every hour sings the rooster, and defiliate the figures of bears and fairy creatures.
Trips to Geneva (230 km, 4 hours by train) and sightseeing.

In Geneva – about 30 museums, libraries and various meetings, open to visiting tourists. Among them, the International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent; Museum of hours – a rare collection of hours from Switzerland and Europe 16-20 centuries; Museum of Natural History (Prehistoric Excavation); Museum of Ariana (porcelain and crystal products); International Automobile Museum – the largest car exhibition in Europe, more than 500 cars, models, movies, magazines, 1400 kV.M. Exhibition Square.

"Little Palace", Where pictures of all currents of contemporary art are presented (1880 – 1930; Picasso, Chagal, Roden) and the Museum of Contemporary Art (1965 – 2000).
Summer Shipping Travel-Walking on Lakes Tun and Brienz. Water in them is cold enough for bathing (17 – 20°C), but the beauty of the surrounding places is indescribable.

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