Internet abroad – how to save on online?

In fact, there are several ways to stay in touch by going on a journey, some are quite problematic, others are standing albeit — But money. In the issue of communication, traveling around the world everyone chooses what is suitable for him and good that the choice is.


Perhaps this is the most convenient, but also the most expensive way to stay in touch. To connect roaming, you only need to arrange the corresponding tariff at the operator — whose services you use. You save your number and can call your relatives without any problems while in thousands of kilometers from them. CIS operators tend to provide quality services and roaming did not exception, the speed of the Internet is practically no different from the one to which you are accustomed to being in the native country.

But this service has and the reverse side, which will have to taste clearly not to all — This is her price. All operators are different prices and, accordingly, different Internet speed, but the fact that roaming will cost you much more expensive than your usual tariff — that’s for sure.

Simkart of the local operator

One of the most simple and economical in comparison with roaming methods to access the Internet in another country — Purchase of a local SIM card. In many popular tourist countries, such as Thailand, for example, it can be done directly by arrival at the airport. In other countries, it will also not require a lot of knowledge, you will be enough to go to any technology store or cellular communication and purchase a sim card there with a tariff suitable for you.

If you do not want to resort to the services of communication agencies and pay for roaming, but you want to constantly have access to the Internet and are ready to pay for comfort — Shopping SIM card “local” operators are fine for you.

Search “Free” WiFi

Progress does not stand still and to search “Free” WiFi You no longer need to wander around the city — Open WiFi Points Map Already in Your Smartphone. By downloading one of the applications presented below, you can plan a walk route in such a way that if necessary, answer an urgent message or talk on FaceTime — You did not have to look for WiFi in a panic


This is not just an application, it is rather a social network, where travelers and locals are divided by the coordinates of open WiFi points. In Instabridge you can not only find “open” WiFi, but also find a password for a closed network, because users are divided and they.

Going to the application for the first time — Instabridge will create a profile for you, with your nickname and avatar. The application is so much like a social network — that in it even you can put like. Instabridge — Excellent tool with which you will always know where to go in search of Internet access.


This application is especially popular among travelers, this is a great tool with which you can stay in touch in more than 100 countries around the world.

WiFi Finder application is looking for open access points, and paves the route where you are, it is very convenient. After all, you do not have to wander in an unfamiliar city in search of the right place.

Free WiFi Finder available for iOS and Android absolutely free.

Osmino WiFi

This application is similar in its functionality with Instabridge. It also keeps the base of the locations of WiFi points and passwords for closed networks. In addition to the usual search point, the position also “prompt” you, where to find a stable signal near you. Another advantage of this application is the possibility of working in offline mode, downloading the database you can easily use it, not experiencing about the absence of a signal.

Having installed one of these applications you can always stay in touch, and do not waste time in search of WiFi. You can get a maximum of travel pleasure, without worrying about the lack of communication with family and loved ones.

Communications agencies

Communications agencies, it is essentially an intermediary between you and foreign representatives of the company — cellular supplier. Thanks to the presence of such agencies, you can strongly simplify life saving on roaming.

Internet abroad - how to save on online

Such companies have a connection with cellular service providers, you say what country or country are included in your travel plan — The company in turn offers service providers whose coverage area extends to the country you are interested in.

The fact is that some cellular companies can distribute their coverage area at once to several countries. If you are lucky and countries in which you are going to travel covered with one coverage area of ​​a specific operator — You will be enough one additional sim card in order to stay in touch.

How it works?

Companies providing Internet services and communication abroad — collaborate with most foreign mobile operators, it gives you the opportunity to not lose touch and access to the Internet regardless of which country you are.

The most popular companies are — Drimsim, Teztele and Isim

By the way, ISIM provides a unique service — " Internet worldwide". Ordering such a SIM card you can connect to networks of local cellular operators without excessive money.

You, without leaving the house, you can go to their official website and choose the right tariff for you, SIM cards are supplied by mail.

Procedure for obtaining a SIM card

After about a week, your SIM card will be delivered to you, it is important here in no case to throw anything from the kit. Even the envelope in which the SIM card was sent may be important, since PUK code can be written from the inside.

If your device has two slots for SIM cards, you can leave your usual place, and in the second slot insert a purchased sim, it will easily receive a signal from cellular tips while traveling and you can enjoy the Internet and connecting constantly.

It is worth adding that if you have such a SIM card after traveling — There are several options to do. If you are not going to travel soon — You can either save it and then replenish the balance on it — either throw out because in our latitudes such sim cards do not accept the signal.

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