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How to use the Internet in Austria and do not overpay? What is more profitable – Austrian SIM cards or roaming options of our operators? Where to buy a local SIM how to replenish the score? Read in this article answers to these questions.

Perfect option – Internet at the hotel

When the hotel provides internet access, this is the best option. Decide the question at an ideal price – 0 rubles.

However, do not forget that if there are words "Wi-Fi" and "Internet" in the description of the hotel, then you should not rejoice ahead of time. The Internet can be paid, the coverage of hotel Wi-Fi can only be in the lobby, the quality of communication is "below the plinth".

Find out in advance difficult, but you can. The only way is to look for and read tourist reviews about the hotel.

If you want to use the Internet and outside the hotel, you will have to choose between the Austrian SIM card and roaming.

Roaming or local SIM?

Further, in the course of this article, we will look at all offers – both Austrian and Russian operators. Looking forward, let’s say that the Internet on the Austrian SIM card will be cheaper.

Interestingly, the situation with calls from Austria to Russia is the opposite. For calls, Austrian SIM is very disadvantageous, and the roaming options are suitable excellent. We were told about cheap calls from Austria to Russia in the article "How to call from Austria Döshevo".

Turn off roaming!

If the Internet is on vacation in Austria do not need quite, or we decided to use only Wi-Fi in the hotel, or decided to buy a local SIM. In these cases, you need to turn off the Internet in the roaming.

Otherwise, after landing in Austria, the smartphone itself will connect to the local operator, starts working in roaming and download mail, messages, updates and other data. Traffic in roaming insanely dear. Money on the phone account will spend instantly. If the rate is credit (postpositive), then the operator will expose the astronomical account.

Already quite a few tourists were with such terrible accounts in the hands. Some are trying to survive their rightness in court, some pay these accounts, some are fighting off collector agencies. But the best solution is to turn off the Internet in roaming.

To do this, deactivate the "Data Transfer" setting in the smartphone or tablet menu. Or go to the operator’s office and ask to turn off the Internet service in roaming.

Austrian mobile operators

In Austria at the moment (approx.: This article was actualized in the fall of 2019) there are three mobile operators: A1, Drei ("3") and Magenta (previously T-Mobile, changed the name in May 2019). Previously, Orange operator worked here, but in 2013 they merged with the DREI operator.

In addition to these physical telecom operators, there are MVNOs – these are virtual operators that do not build their antennas and tags, but simply resell services through networks of physical operators.

Prepaid SIM cards in Austria are called Verkarte ("Wertkarte").

Until January 1, 2019, SIM cards in Austria were anonymous, when buying did not require a passport. Now the card can be bought freely, but you need a registration. In the offices of telecom operators, registration is usually made free. In communication salons or post offices, more often require a fee – up to 10 euros.

To replenish the accounts of all three operators conveniently on the Onlineaufladen website.AT . Visa, MasterCard, Maestro cards are accepted. However, consider that some Russian banks may not work here.

The second option is to buy in the store payment card (payment voucher) Ladebon, they are sold in Austria everywhere. On the card there is a PIN code that is used to replenish the account. If such a voucher was not found in the store’s hall, then ask the seller, say the word "Ladepon" and the name of the operator.

Prices for mobile Internet in Austria Some of the lowest in Western and Central Europe. Solve the Internet problem for all vacation can be only 10 euros. For 30 euros, you can get unlimited access at a speed of 20 Mbps.

The largest telecom operator in Austria. They have the best coating, covers 4G 98% of the country’s population.

If you decide to go to Vienna, see the palaces and cathedrals, then the coverage of great importance does not have, in Vienna 100% coverage of all three operators.

The coating is important primarily for vacationers in ski resorts. At some mountain resorts there may be no coverage of DREI or Magenta, but A1 is always.

The best prepaid tariff for the Internet is b.Free Internet. SIM cards with this tariff are sold in sales offices A1 and stores. Problems with the purchase of a SIM card and the payment voucher will not be accurate. On the photo next, see what the sales office A1 looks like, click on the photo to enlarge.

Check Balance: * 101 #. Top up the account: * 102 * PIN with voucher #.

SIM card b.Free Internet costs 9.9 euros. Immediately activated package of 5 GB for 28 days.

If you replenish the account, you can activate other packages:

– Another 8 GB for 10 euros;

– +20 GB for 20 euros;

– Unlimited Internet for 27 euros, speed is limited to 20 Mbps.


Prepaid SIM cards are called Klax ("KLAX"). Sold in T-Mobile sales offices and shops. Vouchers for account replenishment are also widespread. T-Mobile brand store Watch the photo below, click on the photo to enlarge.

Balance check: * 101 #, checking the remaining traffic: * 114 #.

Basic tariff plan – "My Klax Flex" for 10 euros, on a balance of 5000 conventional units that can be converted to a choice in: Megabytes, minutes, SMS.

To convert these 5000 units in 4 gig traffic + 1000 minutes, you need to connect the KLAX S plan, for this send SMS klax s to the number 0676 2222. These 4 gigabytes are available within a month.

Second tariff plan – "surfklax", it is only for the Internet. Buy SIM for 10 euros. Then you activate the Internet Klax S plan, send SMS Internet KLAX S to the number 0676 2222. Get a package of 8 gigabytes for a month.


Their prepaid SIM cards are called "Nimm3". For the Internet, the tariff "Surf" is best suited, previously called "Nimm3 Internet".

Terms similar. Buy SIM for 10 euros, then activate the plan "Surf", for 10 euros get 5 gigabytes of traffic.

You can activate the plan "Surf Flat 30", then for 30 euros, get unlimited access for 30 days. Speed ​​limit – 30 Mbps.

MVNO – Virtual Operators

These companies resell services through networks A1, DREI ("3") and Magenta. They can have prices below, but the speed is lame, payment vouchers not to find, to buy SIM problematic. Not recommended.

Such companies in Austria dozens. Some names of what are worth: Yesss!, Hot, Bob, Eety, GE ORG!, wowww!, yooopi!


Internet in roaming cheap does not happen. But the roaming options have one undeniable advantage – you will remain on your Russian issue. But is it worth the advantage of money spent?

No options 40 KB mobile traffic at MTS costs 30 rubles. With this price, viewing the video on YouTube may be at the price of a trip for rest in Austria.

Internet in Austria cheap

Fortunately, almost all the MTS SIM cards (with the exception of absolutely old), the roaming option "Bit abroad" is activated by default, which saves the position slightly.

The option "Bit abroad" for 450 rubles / day gives unlimited mobile Internet. 100 megabytes are given at the maximum possible speed, on the exhaustion of these 100 megabytes, the speed "cuts" to 128 kilobit / second.

There is a version of the option "Maxi". For 700 rubles / day at full speed Get 200 megabytes.

There is a version of the option "Super". For 1600 rubles / day you get at full speed any number of traffic.

Option "Zabugorische" works in Austria on a "trimmed" option. For 390 rubles only 5 megabytes of "fast" traffic.

Compared to prices on the Austrian SIM cards, prices and MTS options do not stand any criticism. Expensive!


40 Mobile Traffic Megabyte costs 200 rubles. Each subsequent megabyte – 5 rubles.

It turns out the price is about 5,000 rubles / gigabytes. On Austrian SIM – 2 Euro / Gigabyte. The conclusion is obvious, to take my SIM-card from Beeline to Austria from Beeline.

The option "Unlimited Internet in Roaming" is similar to MTS bit. For 350 rubles / day you get 100 megabytes at the maximum speed, then another 100 rubles 1 gigabytes at full speed, then the speed "cuts" to 128 kilobit / second. Like the BIT option, does not stand the competition with the proposals of the Austrian operators.

Tele 2

1 megabyte mobile traffic costs 25 rubles.

The option "Unlimited Internet abroad" is similar to MTS bit. For 350 rubles / day you get 200 megabytes at the maximum speed, then the speed "cuts" to 128 kilobit / second. Like the options of bits and the like, does not withstand competition with the proposals of the Austrian operators.


For 390 rubles per day you get the opportunity to use the Internet from the home package. The megaphone operator positions this service "like at home", but in reality it is not quite so. Only 1 gigabyte can be used per day.

Previously, MegaFon had the "Roaming, Goodba" option. This option is now de facto has become forced for all subscribers. Again, such conditions are very disadvantages, if we compare with the prices of the Austrian operators.

Earlier, MegaFon had an option with which could use messenger for 99 rubles a day. Now this option is canceled. The Option "World Online" for 600 rubles / day also no longer exists.


If the hotel has internet, then use. But we recommend to read the hotel reviews in advance to understand, whether this Internet is well working and free whether;

If the Internet needs a little. Look for the Austrian Operator A1 office and buy a minimum rate for 10 euros, get 5 gigabytes of traffic. Most tourists of this vacation grabs "for the eyes";

If the Internet needs a lot and a lot. Look for the Austrian Operator A1 office and buy a tariff for 30 euros, get unlimited traffic;

If you need the Internet, you need calls and want to stay on your Russian issue. Take megaphone. For 360 rubles a day, traffic and moments are spent from the package of home fare. This is not the cheapest option, but convenient.

About cheap calls from Austria to Russia Read in our article "How to call from Austria Döshevo".

Good holiday in Austria, and read our useful articles about this country (List of articles below).

Internet in Austria cheap

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