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On vacancy to stay in touch with friends in chat rooms and social networks, watch your favorite video on YouTube and visit your favorite sites. However, in Cyprus, the use of the Internet can "fly to a penny". In this article, let’s talk about all the options for access and prices for traffic.

If you do not want to understand the tariffs and options, then go to the end of this article, where we chose the best options.

Comparison of Internet prices in Russia and in Cyprus

According to CABLE, in Cyprus Broadband Internet access is on average 47,9 USD per month. For comparison, the price of a similar Internet channel in Russia – 9.82 USD. That is, in Cyprus the Internet is 5 times more expensive.

In such a situation, it is more serious to approach the problem of Internet access, so as not to overpay.

Option 1 – WiFi at the hotel

Not all hotels give guests access via WiFi. And where it is, not always free. If your hotel has a WiFi, it is free and catches in the room and on the beach, you are very lucky. Use luck!

If a channel of good quality, this is already a double big luck. You can call with Skype, WhatsApp or Viber to Russia for the minimum money, what we spoke in detail in the article "How to call from Cyprus".

Option 2 – Cytanet Wireless Zone

This is a WiFi network in Cyprus, which covers almost the entire area of ​​cities and resorts. The network belongs to the national CYTA operator. Access can be free, for example, from cafes and restaurants. But in most cases will have to pay.

Access is paid in time. You can pay from the phone with the CYTA SIM card or using a prepayment card.

You can pay from the phone only 30 (1.33 EUR), 60 (2.03 EUR) and 120 (3.05 EUR) Minutes. To do this, send an SMS with the text "WiFi" to the number or 6100, or 6200, or 6300, in response, will come by login and password.

With the help of the card, you can pay access to 30 (2.50 EUR), 60 (4.00 EUR) minutes, 24 hours (10.00 EUR) or 15 days (20.00 EUR). Cards are sold in CYTA sales offices and in many stores.

This option is one of the most convenient for tourists. Pay 20 euros, solve the problem of the Internet immediately for all vacation. Convenient, inexpensive, practical, but there are important nuances.

Before paying 20 euros for Cytanet Wireless, make sure, that the signal of this network is caught in your room, on the beach, at the bar and other places where you are going to spend time. WiFi networks topics and bad that in the coating a lot of "dead zones". You can buy 60 minutes of access, check and then pay 20 euros.

The second nuance, the network covers cities and resorts, but there is no coating outside the cities. If you are going on a tour of the city dam, you will stay without internet. Lovers of trips Cytanet Wireless does not fit.

Option 3 – Mobile Internet from CYTA

First you need to buy a CYTA Mobile SIM card – the national mobile operator of Cyprus. This can be done in CYTA offices, almost in any store and even in small shops.

The base package costs 7.5 EUR, of which 5 EUR remain on the score. Insert the SIM card on the phone, PIN code – 1234.

Next, you need to replenish the balance to the desired level, the easiest way is the help of payment cards by 5, 10, 20 or 35 EUR. Next, activate one of the Internet packages:

– 100 megabytes operate one day and stand 1.5 EUR, send an SMS with the text "MI DAY" to the number 8000;

– 200 megabytes act a week and cost 3 EUR, send an SMS with the text "MI WEEK" to the number 8000;

– 1 gigabyte is valid month and costs 10 EUR, send an SMS with the text "MI MONTH" to number 8000;

– 2 gigabytes act a month and stand 15 EUR, send an SMS with the text "MI XL" to the number 8000.

Will these 1 or 2 gigabytes for vacation? The answer to this question is purely individual. If you use only whatsapp, then 200 megabytes will be enough "for the eyes". If the child looks in the evening of cartoons on YouTube, then 1 gigabyte he can easily spend in the evening.

Option 4 – Mobile Internet from MTN

MTN is the second mobile operator in Cyprus. Mobile Internet at MTN is almost 2 times more expensive than CYTA. However, MTN has the cheapest calls to Russia – only 0.12 EUR per minute of fixed and mobile numbers.

If you want to save the most on everything, then take two phones – one for cheap calls to Russia from MTN, second for mobile Internet from CYTA. Or take the phone with two SIM cards, the main thing is to adjust it correctly!

If you want to do only a SIM card from MTN, you can buy it in their offices or even grocery stores. Buy the "Holiday Prepaid Pack" package, costs 2 EUR, on the score 1 EUR. Balance must be replenished, which is also done in the MTN offices or at the box office in stores.

Then choose one of the packages:

– 200 megabytes for a month, stand 10.19 EUR, send an SMS with the text "Data On Month" to the number 6040;

– 500 megabytes for a month, cost 15.13 EUR, send SMS with the text "Data On Month 500" to the number 6040.

Option 5 – Roaming from Russian operators

Of course, it is nice to use on a trip to your number, not to change the SIM cards and not pushing out of the purchase of SIM-cards of local operators. But it does not always stand adequate money.


1 megabyte costs 750 rubles.

Internet in Cyprus

However, on all SIM cards purchased since 2015, the "Bit abroad" option is enabled by default. On the day from the balance sheet 450 rubles are written off, traffic is not limited. The first 100 megabytes are provided at full speed, then the speed is limited to 128 Kb / s.

On the tariffs of Smart there is an option "Zabugorische", the conditions are similar, but the price is just below – 390 rubles a day.


40 megabyte package costs 200 rubles. Every next megabyte – 5 rubles.

The option "Unlimited Internet in Roaming" gives unlimited access for 350 rubles a day. The first 100 megabytes at full speed, then the speed is limited to 128 Kb / s.


10 megabytes cost 99 rubles.

The Option "World Online" gives unlimited access for 600 rubles a day. At full speed, the first 1 GB, then the speed is limited to 64 Kb / s.

In tele2

1 megabytes cost 25 rubles.

The option "Internet abroad" reduces the price for megabytes to 10 rubles, but costs 100 rubles a day.

The option "Unlimited Internet abroad" gives unlimited access for 350 rubles a day. At full speed, the first 200 megabytes, then speed drops to 128 kb / s.


If the hotel has free WiFi, And even more so it works fine in the room and other places of the hotel, where you spend time, then use. On the Internet you can read in reviews about the hotel of tourists who have already been there.

If you do not plan to go beyond the city or outside the city are ready to stay without internet, then use the Cytanet Wireless network. For 20 EUR, you fully solve the issue with the Internet – speed and time without restrictions, more details we told above.

If the Internet needs a little and want to make a cheaply to Russia, That buy SIM from MTN. We told in detail above.

If you need high-quality Internet over 2 gigabytes, That buy SIM from CYTA. We told in detail above.

If you need a lot and fast internet, THAT Take a SIM card MegaFon, connect the "World Online" option, the traffic 1 gigabyte per day should surely be enough.

Good connection in Cyprus, and read our interesting articles about this island and country (Links below).

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