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Stay during the rest on the Internet wants most tourists. I want not to miss the news of friends in social networks and publish your fresh photos from Dominican Beach. Some manage to even work without getting off a lounger. In this article, we will tell you how to use the Internet in Dominican Republic without a serious load on the wallet.

Information in this article is relevant for 2018. On this page we will talk only about the Internet. About how to make cheap, read in our article "How to call from Dominican Republic".

Wi-Fi in the hotel

Most hotels in Dominican Republic have wireless Wi-Fi network. However, the presence of Wi-Fi does not mean that it is free and high quality.

The only way to learn in advance is to study the reviews of other tourists who have already visited this hotel. Study will have long – few of the authors of reviews considers it important to write about Wi-Fi in the hotel. Another way to learn about the quality of Wi-Fi in the hotel is not yet invented.

If the hotel’s internet is bad or paid, or you are going to spend a lot of time on independent travel around the country or on excursions, you will have to choose between roaming and local SIM cards.


The situation with the Internet in Roaming in Dominican Republic is terrible. Convenient tariff options that in other countries help tourists save, in Dominican Republic or do not work at all, or prices and conditions on options such bad things that include no sense.

Important Council!

If you are not going to use the Internet in roaming, then be sure to turn off the "Data Transfer" function in the smartphone settings.

If this is not done, then after landing in Dominican, your smartphone will connect to the Internet and start downloading updates and other data. As a result, prepaid accounts in a matter of minutes become equal to 0, and in the post-payment situation, tourists receive an astronomical account for communication services.

Without 40 kilobytes of traffic costs 30 rubles. MTS turns out to be an absolute record holder at the price of a gigabyte, or rather an anti-recorder – 786 432 ruble for gigabytes.

On most MTS SIM cards, the "Bit abroad" option is enabled by default. For Dominicana, it costs 1300 rubles a day, 5 megabytes of traffic per day, then with a serious speed limit.

Option "Zaregoris" in Dominican Republic works, costs 390 rubles a day. All the same 5 megabytes are given, then with serious restrictions. At the sight of these numbers, do not even understand – cry or laugh?

By the way, the situation with calls from Dominican Republic at MTS is the same deplorable. Take a SIM card MTS meaning no.

Tele 2

Tele2 has no mobile Internet in Roaming in Dominican. And maybe it’s for the better? Astronomical score will definitely not come.


MegaFon operator at all no options for the Internet in Dominican Republic do not work. Actively promotable option "Roaming, Goodba" including.

10 megabytes of traffic costs 99 rubles. It turns out – 10 137 rubles for gigabytes. It is unlikely that someone from readers will consider such a price acceptable for themselves.


When you first enter the Internet, a package of 40 megabytes for 200 rubles is activated. Each subsequent megabyte – 5 rubles. Price – 5 120 rubles for gigabytes.

The option "Unlimited Internet" is the only one available for Russian operators with adequate conditions. Similar options have MTS, megaphone and tele2, but they do not work in the Dominican Republic.

100 megabytes per day is given at full speed, then the speed is limited (shape) to 128 kb / c. Price – 350 rubles a day.

By the way, Bilayna has the cheapest calls – 10 rubles per minute. The only SIM card that makes sense to take in Dominican Republic – this is a Beeline SIM card.

Local operators

At the time of writing this article in the Dominican Republic there are three mobile operators: Viva, Altice and Claro.

If you read travel forums or articles on the Internet, then meet the mention of Orange and Tricom operators. Now they merged into a single altice operator, and the tariffs have updated.

All three operators sell SIM cards to tourists. You need to buy a SIM card in the operator’s office or official dealer. The fact is that any SIM card in Dominican is obliged to be registered, they make only official offices and representatives.

All three operators provide unlimited Internet tariffs by 1, 3, 5 or 7 days. Difference price Minor. It sounds funny, but unlimited Internet has limitations. Some quantity of traffic can be used at full speed, after speed is limited.

An interesting point that the official sites do not say how much traffic is given at full speed and how fast it is cut. All this subscribers will recognize experimental.

Prices: 45 Pesos for 1 day, 85 Pesos for 3 days, 145 Pesos for 7 days. Current Peso Course See our article "Dominica Currency".

These are the lowest prices for mobile Internet in the whole Dominican Republic. However, buy a Viva SIM card is more difficult, it can be done in branded stores. At each resort there is such a store, but it may be problematic to find it. It is better to sit down in a taxi and ask the taxi driver to bring you there.

Internet in Dominican Republic

Buy a SIM card with the "Plan Prepago Aperisimo" tariff, immediately replenish the score and connect the desired package through the menu through the number # 123 #.


Prices: 49 Pesos for 1 day, 99 Pesos for 3 days, 139 Pesos for 5 days.

Find office and dealer Altice is much simpler, in many supermarkets or small shopping center. Prices are clearly higher than Viva, and Altice has no additional benefits. It is better to choose between Viva (cheap Internet) and CLARO (cheap calls to Russia).


Prices: 50 Pesos for 1 day, 95 peso for 3 days, 140 peso in 5 days.

Find the CLARO office and buy a SIM card is easy, just walk around the hotel shopping. As a last resort, ask the taxi driver to bring to the office of sales. Account Replenishment Cards available in many stores.

The main plus Claro is that they have the cheapest calls to Russia – 5 pesos per minute for a fixed number and 14.25 pesos per minute to mobile. That is, buying one SIM card, save simultaneously on calls and internet.

The main minus – the SIM card costs 150 pesos, of which only 30 fall into account, and 60 get a bonus already later when you already fly home.

After purchase, you need to connect the Internet package that Claro is done using complex teams. We recommend asking the seller to activate the desired package and write this command.


If you want to use the Internet at adequate prices, then there are only two options:

If you want to stay on the Russian issue and not "bother" with the purchase of Dominican SIM, That use the beeline roaming. The Internet will cost 350 rubles a day, 20 minutes of calls – 200 rubles. Total – solving the problem of communication for 550 rubles per day.

If you are ready to buy a local SIM, choose CLARO. Internet – 140 Pesos for 5 days without restrictions on traffic. Calls to Russia – 5 pesos on fixed, 14.25 pesos on mobile.

If you need only the Internet, then buy a Viva SIM card. 145 Pesos for 7 days without restrictions.

Perhaps the hotel will be Wi-Fi with a good quality Internet. Learn hotel reviews.

Good connection in Dominican Republic, and read our useful for tourists and interesting articles about this country (Links below).

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