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How to use the Internet to use the Internet during the holidays in Egypt? What is more profitable – roaming or local SIM cards? What kind of SIM buy, where it is better to do what a traffic package to choose? Read the answers in our article.

Note. In this article we will talk only about the Internet. If you need cheap calls, then read our article "How to call from Egypt Döshevo".

More Note. Prices and other information This article actualized in April 2021.

Option 1 – WiFi at the hotel

In the hotels, the situation with the Internet is different. Somewhere he is paid, somewhere free, but it works very slowly. There are hotels where excellent WiFi and it is fast online. To guess in advance is impossible. The only way to learn is to read tourist reviews that have already been at this hotel.

If hotels are good and free internet, then consider – the problem is solved. Of course it is in the event that you are not going to go outside the hotel. In other cases, read about two other options below.

Option 2 – Mobile operators in Egypt

Egypt employs 4 mobile operators:

– Orange Egypt (up to 08.03.2016 was called mobinil);

– WE (brand operator Telecom Egypt).

For leadership in the market, Vodafone and Orange argue, everyone has about third of the subscribers. Note that international operators lead. This is not surprising, because Egypt is a very "delicious" market for telecom operators, as there are more than 100 million people, and almost the entire population is concentrated along the Nile River. Communication network construction costs are minimal, revenue maximum.

Very important moment!

Recently, Egyptian operators are developing cunning rates for mobile Internet. If you buy a SIM card with charged 20 gigabytes, then it is not always a full 20 gigabyte.

The concept of "Data Social" appeared. These are special gigabytes (or megabytes) that can only be spent on social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat. Sometimes enters whatsapp, sometimes no. Russian VKontakte and classmates never enter. Therefore, these gigabytes for most Russians can be called conditionally useful.

In addition, Orange has recently introduced the concept of "SuperMB". These are megabytes, which are considered as 1: 1 when working with certain resources or are considered as 2: 1 when working with other resources. What is super here?! For the subscriber, nothing good. Buy 20 gigs, in fact you get only 10, as most of the traffic will be considered at a double rate.

That’s why. First, ask the seller how good gigabytes it sells. Secondly, it is morally ready that the gigabyte will be less than the stated.

What operator is better?

It is hard to say. All the same coating are approximately the same – all major cities and resort areas are covered. With a probability of 99% in the hotel there will be a connection to all four. But the quality of communication depends on how close to the hotel are their tower. Lottery!

Of course, you can read tourists reviews about the hotel. But as the experience shows, few of the tourists do generally writes about the problem of communication in the reviews. Our tourists are more interested, whether they made a swan from a towel during cleaning in the room or did not.

4G coating at all about the same. According to the research company OpenSignal from March 2019, the 4G coating leader is Vodafone – 67%.

We recommend choosing between Vodafone and Etisalat. Vodafone has better coverage. Etisalat is lower than the price per traffic.

How and where to buy SIM

Best do it immediately in the airport arrival zone. You need a passport for purchase and you need to specify your address in Egypt. Here you need to specify the address of your hotel, although often the hotel names are enough. But just in case, we recommend rewrieving your hotel’s address to show the seller.

The design and activation of the SIM card takes up 10 minutes. Also in place it is better to replenish the balance and ask the seller to activate the gigabyte package. Sellers with pleasure do all this. We strongly recommend immediately insert SIM and make sure Internet confident work. If something is wrong, you can immediately show the problem to the seller.

What does the point of sale look like, look at the photo below, click on the photo to enlarge.

SIM card sellers are happy to take dollars and euros. And even if not, it is possible to exchange currency in an automatic or visa station of the airport. Read our article "Where and how to change money in Egypt".

Important moment!

We strongly recommend buying SIM at the airport. Many hotels are far from settlements. Buy SIM then it will be more difficult.

In Egypt, almost all souvenir stores sell SIM cards. But first, Stridoga. Secondly, it is "left" SIM cards that are registered on third parties. Such a SIM card can stop working at any time.

Mobile Tax

In Egypt, with all mobile users, a tax in the amount of 6.1 Egyptian pounds per year is charged. Tax can immediately take the SIM purchase, can charge 0.51 pounds every month. The amount is small, just be moral to this ready.

Vodafone Egypt

The line of prepaid tariffs is called "EL-Kart", there are several tariffs in it. Take any tariff, since neither one of them does not include Internet access services. To get the Internet, you need to replenish the balance and activate the traffic package. SIM card price – 25 Egyptian pounds. Current course of the Egyptian pound, see our article "What Money in Egypt".

You can replenish your balance or direct payment in the Vodafone office, or with payment card. Most conveniently immediately when buying SIM to replenish the balance here, and ask the seller to activate the gigabyte package.

12 Gigabytes – 150 Egyptian pounds, 20 gigs – 250 pounds, 40 gigs – 400 pounds. Activation by SMS, codes: * 2000 * 150 #, * 2000 * 250 #, * 2000 * 400 #.

There are also mini tariffs: 1.1 gigabytes – 20 pounds, 1.8 gigabytes – 30 pounds, 2.5 gigabytes – 40 pounds. Activation by SMS, codes: * 2000 * 20 #, * 2000 * 30 #, * 2000 * 40 #.

The term of all the above packages is 28 days.

Orange Egypt

Now they have 4 basic range of tariff plans: Eagle, Dragon, Dolphin, Fox. All of them are uncomfortable for tourists. Eagle is very expensive, and the others need to convert "units" to megabytes.

It’s easier to buy the tariff "Holiday Line", which is designed specifically for tourists. Only tourists can buy it.

The tariff "Holidays" costs 250 pounds, get 10 gigabytes of the Internet, 20 international minutes, 400 locals.

The "Holidays Super" tariff costs 550 pounds, get 40 gigabytes of the Internet, 30 international minutes, 400 locals.

If you need international and locals, then these proposals are interesting. If the minutes are not needed, then no sense, it is better to take vodafone.

Etisalat Egypt

There are several prepaid tariffs, the most common called "Ahlan". You can connect Internet packages (Connect x Bundles): 11 Gigs for 75 pounds, 21 gigs for 125 pounds, 48 ​​gigs for 250 pounds, 90 gigs for 400 pounds. To activate, send SMS "75", "125", "250", "400" to the short number 090.

Etisalat attracts primarily prices. However, do not forget that they have worse coverage than Orange and Vodafone.

WE recently opened the sales points of their SIM at airports. At Hurghada Airport (Terminal 2, in the Arrival Zone), at Charm Airport, at Cairo Airport (Terminals 2 and 3).

Internet packages in WE are called "Nitro". For 100 pounds – 10 GB + 10 GB (Social), for 200 pounds – 23 GB + 23 GB (Social). Upon expiration of traffic, you can buy 1 GB for 20 pounds. Packages are connected by commands * 999 * 100 # or * 999 * 200 #. You can replenish your balance payment cards WE.

Option 3 – Roaming of Russian operators

Internet in Egypt Cheap

In Egypt, mobile traffic is even cheaper than in Russia. Therefore, we do not see much of overpaying the Russian operators for roaming.

For example, now (April 2021) Roaming at MTS with the Option "Zaregoris" costs 390 rubles a day, and MegaFon Roaming costs 400 rubles a day, Bilain and Tele2 – 350 rubles a day. The volume of traffic in all these cases is limited. Meanwhile, Etisalat can buy 21 gigabytes of traffic for 125 pounds – it is now 612 rubles. These gigabytes will be enough for all vacation "for the eyes"!

Therefore, we will not spend your time and our forces on the story about roaming Russian operators. There is no point in this sense. With operators of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan Situation similar.

Just in case, we give prices in roaming (April 2021) in the pivot table:

Operator (option) Price Traffic volume Note
MTS Zabugorische 390 rubles./day 1 GB, then speed 128 Kb / s Also included minutes
MTS Bit abroad 450 rubles./day 500 MB, then speed 128 Kb / s
Beeline 350 rubles./day 1 GB, then speed 128 Kb / s
Megaphone 399 USD/day 1 GB, then speed 128 Kb / s Also included minutes
Tele2 unlimited internet abroad 350 rubles./day 200 MB, then speed 128 kb / s

If such prices are suitable, then use. Roaming has an indisputable advantage – stay on your room, and megaphone and MTS (Zabugorische) also included minutes of conversation.

Important moment!

On the overwhelming majority of SIM card roaming is enabled by default. Immediately after landing, your smartphone can connect to the Internet, start downloading application updates, mail, messages of messengers. All this will cost money, and usually considerable.

Therefore, if you are not going to use the Internet in roaming, then be sure to turn it off at all, "from sin away". You can turn off the roaming service in your account or in the operator’s office. You can turn off the "Data Transfer" function on the smartphone. Better first option.

It is important and useful to know

– with the charging of smartphones and telephones there will not be problems. In the overwhelming majority of cases in Egypt, the sockets are the same as we;

– As you can see, the Internet on local SIM cards is much more profitable roaming. But with calls the situation is the opposite. Read our article "How to call from Egypt Döshevo";

– It is often convenient to take with you an extra smartphone specifically for the Egyptian SIM card. What else do not need to be forgotten, read in the article "What to take to Egypt".

Successful holidays on Egyptian beaches, and read our interesting articles about Egypt and Egyptians (List of articles below).

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10 GB has 10 dollars at 10 GB, and on the fact there is 5 GB.

Alexander – Glavred site

Eticalat has many different types of sim. I led the price on the Connect X packets. And what tariff took?

Bought on October 25, 2020g 20GB for $ 15, at the Vodafone rack, immediately from the airport, only 10 GB were loaded from the airport. Last year they bought at the hotel (Orange operator) everything was honest.

I would like to express you a lot of gratitude for the work done!
You facilitate life hundred thousand tourists! And very concise and intelligible. Give you God health and happiness in life &# 128591;
Also these links to the text on other useful topics. I sincerely wish you prosperity and good luck in all your affairs!
With this approach, you definitely achieve great success!

Alexander – Glavred site

Thank you so much for good words)))

Our operators are full of tariff modifiers that make practically meaningless purchases of Egyptian SIM cards. For example, MegaFon has "Roaming with Visa". Just connect the autocouping of the phone account from the VISA bank card and you have roaming twice cheaper (200r. per day, 1GB of traffic, as well as 60 minutes of calls to Russia or any incoming).

Alexander – Glavred site

Alex, you "Heard the ringing, but do not know where he".
First, it only works with Visa Platinum premium cards, Visa Signature, Visa Infinite.
Secondly, give 20 minutes.
Thirdly, with any overpower, Beeline will automatically remove with you any amount.
Is it all good? You have a premium card? Are you ready to pay service for a premium card? Open questions.
By the way, this action is temporary! Consider it.

Internet in Egypt Cheap

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