Internet in France cheap

Almost all tourists want to stay in touch in messenger or social networks during a trip to France. But the tariffs for the mobile Internet in Europe are frightened, as well as roaming prices from our operators.

In this article, we’ll figure it out – how much does Oonline cost in France. What tariffs and options to choose to spend less. This article was actualized in 2018.

Important moment

If you are not going to use the Internet in roaming, if you did not connect the options for the Internet, you must turn off the "Data Transfer" option on the smartphone before arriving in France.

If you do not turn off, then the smartphone will connect to the Internet in roaming, since this default service is on now on any SIM card. Start download updates and other data. Naturally, the prices for this traffic will be astronomical. Then the operator will expose the score with a very impressive amount.

It is even better to go to the office of your operator and ask to turn off the whole service "Internet in roaming".

How much will you need a mobile internet?

Traffic Consumption is an individual business. If you are an active user of the mobile Internet of the house, then you know about the need. On the traffic trip, you will need more, since at home we often connect to WiFi at home or at work, save expensive mobile traffic in this way. On the trip, these sources will not be available.

On average, economical tourist consumes 100 megabytes per day on social networks, messengers, sites.

If you start watching a video, then the consumption increases sharply. Baby boy can easily spend gigabytes, just looking at favorite cartoons or video on YouTube.

Best option – WiFi in the hotel

The optimal option, if the hotel has a WiFi, it is free and online good quality. But it happens not always. If there is no Wi-Fi in the description of the hotel, it does not mean that it does not take fee for it, and that the Internet is fast and reliable.

You can only find out in advance in one way. Read hotel reviews, one of those who have already happened there for tourists probably wrote about the price and quality of local Wi-Fi.

If traffic needs a little

Prices for small packages in roaming "bite". Cheap Internet from Russian operators is, but only if you buy large packages. Minimum spending in this case – 300 rubles. in a day.

French operators are 5-10 times higher than we are accustomed to Russia. 1 gigabyte costs a minimum of 10 euros.

10 Euro – this is the minimum amount to be prepared to use the Internet in France.

Local SIM

In France, there are 4 mobile operators: Orange, Bouygues, SFR and Free Mobile.

Tariffs and proposals a lot, so we will dwell only on the most interesting and profitable.

Orange Holiday

Special SIM card for tourists. Sold already activated. For purchase, you need a passport or international driver’s license. Price – 40 euros, validity period – 14 days.

– For these 40 euros you get:

– 10 gigabytes of mobile Internet;

– 120 minutes of international calls (any country of the world);

– 1000 SMS to any country;

– Free use of the Orange Wi-Fi network.

Large minus in the use of local SIM is the actual inaccessibility of incoming calls. Few people want to call the French number. For example, from cellular MTS minute of conversation will cost 49 rubles. But there is a way out – you can dump all incoming and call back.

Tarif Orange Holiday has an unpleasant feature. Blocked Usenet, VoIP and P2P protocols. That is, you can’t call messengers.

SFR and Welcome Carte tariff

SFR operator has a similar offer for tourists. Package price – 35 euros, works 14 days. Includes: 5 Internet Gigabytes, 60 minutes of international calls, 500 SMS and using SFR Wi-Fi network.

Offer by 14% cheaper than Orange, but get 2 times less. Orange is clearly better.

1 gig for 10 euros

In this case, the best choice is the BOUYGUES operator. Buy "Prepaid Card XL", the SIM card costs 10 euros, 4 euros on the score. Buy it better in the brand office of Bouygues so that they immediately made activation.

Next, in the office, you need to replenish the balance and ask to activate the package for 10 euros. It includes: 1 Gigabyte Internet, international calls worth 5 euros, unlimited home SMS and calls. Call to Russia Bouygues costs 0.32 euros per minute. That is, you get a bonus about 15 minutes of conversations with the house.

Roaming from Russian operators

Without inclusion of 40 kilobytes options worth 30 rubles. 780,000 rubles for gigabytes! The digit is worthy of the Guinness Book of Records.

Fortunately, almost all MTS SIM cards are included by the default option "Bit abroad". For 450 rubles a day, you get unlimited access. But with the maximum speed only 100 megabytes, then speed drops to 128 kbps.

Internet in France cheap

There is a "advanced" version of this option – "Maxi Bit abroad". Costs 700 rubles a day, at full speed the first 200 megabytes.

The options "Bit" in France pay no sense, as the "Zabugorische" option fully works.

Option "Zabugorische" costs 320 rubles a day. With this option, use calls and internet from home packages. The Internet works at the maximum speed of the first 500 megabytes, then restriction up to 128 kbps / s.

For active Internet users, "Zabugorische" is best suited.


When the Internet is first connected to the Internet, 40 megabytes per 200 rubles is activated. Next, each megabyte costs 5 rubles. It turns out that 1 gigabyte costs 5 100 rubles! Comments Sleep, SIM card from Beeline can be left at home.


No options package 70 megabytes cost 350 rubles.

On the Tariffs of the "Turning" series without options, two different packages are activated. The first – with unlimited traffic for messengers for 99 rubles per day, the second for the rest – 10 megabytes for 99 rubles.

In France, the "Roaming, Goodba" option works fully. With this option for 299 rubles a day, you can use calls and internet from home packages. The Internet is limited to 1 gigabyte per day.

For the Internet there is an option "World Online". For 600 rubles per day you get unlimited access. At maximum speed, the first 1 gigabyte, then the speed is limited to 64 kbps.

Tele 2

Without 1 megabytes of traffic costs 25 rubles. It turns out 25,625 rubles per gigabyte!

The option "Unlimited Internet abroad" gives unlimited access, the first 200 megabytes at the maximum speed, then restriction up to 128 kbps.


– Read hotel reviews. Perhaps the hotel has good speed and free Wi-Fi.

– If the Internet needs a lot, and ready to buy a local SIM card, choose Orange Holiday. In detail, this tariff we were considered higher in this article.

– If you want to stay on your Russian number and are ready to pay 300-320 rubles a day, then choose the "Roaming, Goodba" MegaFon options or "Zabugoriste" MTS. Conditions we discussed above.

– If the Internet is needed quite a bit, then we recommend buying French SIM from Bouygues. One gigabyte get for 10 euros, plus bonuses.

Good connection in France, and read our articles about this country (Links below).

Internet in France cheap

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