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How profitable for the tourist to use the Internet on vacation in Israel? What is cheaper to buy a local SIM card or connect roaming options? And maybe there are no ways at all? Read the answers in our article, as well as full price reviews for Israeli operators and offers of our operators in roaming.

On this page it will be only about the Internet. About calls Read our article "How to call from Israel Döshvo".

WiFi in the hotel

This is a lottery. There are hotels with fast WiFi Internet in all rooms. And there are hotels with terrible WiFi, and also paid.

Here the Council may be one: read reviews already visited the hotel. They often write, what is the Internet situation in the hotel.

In any case, outside the hotel you need to somehow go online.

Free WiFi in public places

Now in Israel free WiFi is not only in cafes and restaurants. It is in buses, trains, airports, train stations and even on ordinary squares and streets.

Number of free WiFi points in 2019: Tel Aviv – 100 thousand., Jerusalem – 70 thousand., Haifa – 18 thousand., Rishon Lezion – 30 thousand., Eilat – about 400. To connect to public networks, you do not need a password, you do not need to receive code for SMS, you do not need to specify personal data.

But do not wait from the free Internet in Israel of good speeds. Life in Israel is expensive, the Israelis in everything save and free WiFi they love. Free WiFi itself is not fast, and in Israel, it is loaded at 100%. Therefore, it often happens that the site downloads have to wait a minute or longer.

Mobile operators of Israel

3 mobile operators and ten more virtual operators work in Israel.

Real operators: Cellcom, Pelephone and Partner (until 2016 worked under the Orange brand).

SIM cards in Israel are sold almost everywhere: in communication salons, supermarkets, souvenir shops, at refueling. The SIM cards are completely anonymous, it is not necessary to show a passport for purchase, which is very surprising, because in Israel you pay great attention to safety.

SIM card fee

SIM card in Israel costs money – up to 100 shekels, depends on the operator, tariff, place of purchase. There are free of charge, for example, on the official website of Cellcom, you can order a SIM card for free and with free shipping. But for this you need to have an Israeli ID.

In 2019, the usual price of the SIM card – 20 Israeli shekels. Actual course, see the article "Money in Israel" or use our Shekel Calculator.

Do not wise

We do not recommend buying SIM cards in stores or at refueling. Then it will be difficult to deal with it.

Go easier. Go to the nearest office of any operator, the benefit of the tariffs they approximately the same. There, most likely there is an employee who speaks Russian. And even if not found, then you will explain on your fingers – how much should you pay and what you get. Or contact your mobile sales point, such in shopping centers. Sample such a point, see the photo above, click on the photo to enlarge.

Next immediately insert the SIM card into the phone and make sure everything works well. As they say, "Kui Iron, without departing from the box office".

Cellcom tariffs

Their prepaid tariffs are called "Talkman". Now these SIM cards are actively sold, but no longer produced. No package prices Astronomical: 1,2 Shekel per minute of conversation, Internet 10 shekels for 50 megabytes.

You need to connect packets: for 40 shekels 30 gigabytes, for 50 shekels 50 gigabytes, for 60 shekels 100 gigabytes.

Pelephone rates

The situation is similar, without prepaid Internet packages costs 3 shekels for 10 megabytes, then 2 Shekel for megabytes.

Connect packets: 50 gigabytes for 50 shekels, 100 gigabytes for 60 shekels.

Tariffs Partner

And here is the same. On the tariff "Bigtalk" without packages the price of traffic – 4 Shekels for megabytes.

Connect packets: 10 gigabytes for 50 shekels, 35 gigabytes for 60 shekels.

Tariffs of virtual operators

These operators do not have their own steps, antennas, optical cables. They connect subscribers through physical operators. They have a tariff just below. Most Popular Virtual Operators: 019, Hot Mobile, 012 Mobile, Rami Levy.

If you meet the kiosk of one of these operators, you can safely buy a SIM card.

019 – 20 gigabytes for 50 shekels.

Hot Mobile – 10 gigabytes for 30 shekels.

012 Mobile – 20 gigabytes for 50 shekels.

Rami Levy – 15 gigabytes for 40 shekels.

Office 019 at Tel Aviv airport

Virtual operator 019 is now trying to conquer the leading position in the maintenance of tourists. They have an office in the airport arrival hall. Ben Gurion (Tel Aviv), which works around the clock, but does not work in Shabbat. Photo of this office Look nearby, click on the photo to enlarge.

There are tariffs "Special Tourist":

– For $ 30 (including payment for SIM): 10 gigabytes, unlimited calls to the rooms of Israel, unlimited atproof rooms in Russia.

– For $ 50 (including payment for SIM): 30 gigabytes, unlimited calls to the rooms of Israel, unlimited numbers in Russia.

– For $ 60 (including a SIM fee): 100 gigabytes, unlimited calls to the rooms of Israel, unlimited on landline numbers in Russia.

Attention! Calls to mobile to Russia are not included.

Attention! Need to make pre-ordered on 019mobile.Com, Otherwise, the price will be 2 times more expensive.

These are convenient tariffs, but very expensive. At the time of publication of this article 30 dollars = 105 shekels. For this money from real operators you can buy actually unlimited internet!

But convenient. Flew, immediately bought a SIM card, you can immediately use.

By the way, at Tel Aviv airport you can buy other SIM cards. To do this, go to the Israel Post Office. There is a Card Partner Bigtalk for 50 Shekels, of which 40 on the score. You can add another 10 shekels and buy a pack of 10 gigabytes. Attention! Not always these SIM cards are available.

In the same place, in the post office you can change the currency at a good rate, as we wrote in the article "Currency exchange in Israel".

Roaming of Russian operators

Roaming mts

Without options, the price of gigabyte traffic – 917 504 rubles per gigabyte (35 rubles for 40 kilobytes). Fortunately, MTS subscribers do not pay such huge money, since the "Bit abroad" option is enabled on all SIM cards.

The option "Bit abroad" for 450 rubles per day gives unlimited Internet, but only the first 100 megabytes at full speed, then with restriction up to 128 kbps. This option has options: "Maxi" for 700 rubles (200 MB at full speed) and "super" for 1600 rubles (500 MB at full speed).

But in the options "bit abroad" there is no point, since there is an option "Zabugorische".

At the time of publication of this article (autumn 2019), the option "Zaregoris" outside competition is the best roaming option for the Internet among all. Until recently, there was another "Roaming, Goodba" option from MegaFon, but now she has risen in price, and "Zabugorische" has even been better, canceled the limits of minutes and traffic.

"Zabugorische" from MTS costs 350 rubles a day. For this money, you can use minutes and megabytes from the home package, and almost without restrictions – at least all gigabytes spend in one day, at least 1 440 minutes say.

Limited incoming calls – 100 minutes a day, and the Internet operates at full speed the first 500 megabytes, then restriction up to 128 kbps.

Internet in Israel Cheap

Roaming MegaFon

In mid-2019, the MegaFon operator canceled all the options in roaming and made its option "Roaming, Goodba" de facto mandatory for all subscribers. And in addition, it raised the price to 459 rubles a day (it was 390).

Now MegaFon subscribers pay 459 rubles a day and for this money can use calls and Internet from home package. Available 60 minutes of conversations and 1 gigabyte internet per day.

If such conditions are unacceptable, then you can switch to the option "Just roaming". Then the minute will cost 199 rubles, megabytes – 99 rubles (101 376 rubles per gigabyte). It turns out that MegaFon subscribers have to choose: "460 rubles per day or robbing prices". Sadly.

Roaming Beeline

Without options, the price of gigabyte traffic is 5120 rubles (250 rubles for 50 megabytes). Another crazy price.

The option "Unlimited Internet in Roaming" in 2019 gives the first 100 megabytes of the Internet at full speed, then for 99 rubles 1 more gigabytes at full speed, and then unlimited Internet with speed limit up to 128 kbps.

Roaming tele2

Without options, the price of gigabyte traffic is 25,600 rubles (25 rubles per megabyte). Naturally, this option is unacceptable.

The option "Unlimited Internet abroad" for 350 rubles per day gives truly unlimited Internet, but only the first 200 megabytes at normal speed, then restriction – 128 kbps.

From all operators, it is in the tele2 cheapest. It is a tele2 that can arrange those who need a little internet.

However, in this case, it turns out expensive – 2450 rubles in 7 days. For such money you can buy an unlimited mobile Internet on the local SIM card.


If you do not want to spend money on the Internet at all. Then choose a hotel with good and free internet. In the city, connect to free WiFi Points. However, this method has risks, and the minuses that we spoke at the beginning of the article;

If you need a little – 1-2 gigabytes. Then we are forced to state the sad fact – in Israel cheaply small volumes of traffic do not sell. Prepare a minimum – 60 Israeli shekels for the local SIM card. We were told about the local SIM in detail in this article;

If you need a lot of internet. Then go to any communication salon or the local operator office. Buy a SIM card and the right amount of traffic. Prices – from 60 to 100 shekels for 10-100 gigabytes. We were told about the local SIM in detail in this article;

If you want to stay on your number, Do not buy a local SIM, then use MTC and the "Zaregoris" option. For 350 rubles a day, you can use the Internet and calls from the home package. But there are limitations about which we talked above in this article.

We really hope that megaphone, tele2 and Beeline in the near future will be able to offer something comparable to the "Zabugorische" in terms of price / quality ratio, and then we can recommend them as an alternative.

If at home another operator (not MTS)

Then take MTS with you with the Option "Zabugorische" and place from your number (other operator) to the MTS number. Then you can use profitable Internet from MTS, and calls to your familiar number will be transferred to the MTS number, you can take them. All simple.

Call forwarding can be configured in the personal account on the operator’s website, you can command from the phone, you can go to the operator’s office.

More important advice

– Internet in Israel relatively inexpensive. And some readers could have the impression that in Israel the prices are generally comparable to our. In fact, Israel is a very expensive country. To understand how expensive, read our article "Product prices in Israel";

– List of all points of free WiFi can be viewed on the Internet on the website www.Wiman.ME / Israel, or you can download the WiFi Manager application for Android. For iOS this application is not;

– About other current expenses on vacation in Israel, read our article "How much money to take to Israel".

– If you are going to travel on a rented car, then a local SIM card must have necessarily. Why? Read in our article "What is impossible in Israel".

Good communications and quick Internet in Israel, and read our tourists useful articles about this country (List of articles below).

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