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The Internet has long been an integral part of our life, and Russians are not ready even on the beach to part with favorite social networks and messengers. In this article, let’s talk about how to enjoy Internet in Spain.

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How much the Internet is needed?

Before thinking about price for gigabyte traffic, you need to understand – how many of these gigabytes need. Well, if you use the mobile Internet at home and approximately imagine your needs.

However, even in this case, abroad may need more. At home we connect our smartphones and tablets to local WiFi networks (at home, in the office, in fast food and shopping centers). In Spain, most likely, this opportunity will not be. Traffic will need more, consider it.

How much traffic is needed? The question is individual. 1 gigabyte traffic guy can spend in one evening when youtube will watch cartoons. If you communicate only by messenger, then this gigabyte may be enough for all vacation.

Most tourists determine their needs already "along the way". Now let’s talk about the most interesting options to purchase these gigabytes.

Roaming from Russian operators

In this case, you will remain on your familiar Russian mobile number – this is the main plus. High prices are the main minus.

Choose at prices between roaming and Spanish SIM cards difficult. The fact is that in Spanish SIM cards you need to buy gigabytes packages (1, 2 or 3 gigabytes). In the proposals of Russian operators in roaming, there are no restrictions on traffic at all, but there are speed limits after developing a certain traffic volume.

The option "Bit abroad" costs 450 rubles a day. Gives 500 megabytes of mobile Internet at full speed (maximum available), then the connection speed is limited to 128 Kb / s. At such a speed, you can just forget about YouTube or other video. But surf by web pages, communicate in social networks and whatsapp is quite possible.

Option "Zaregoris" and the "Zabugorische" tariff – these are the best offers in roaming. For 390 rubles a day, you get almost unlimited Internet (within the home tariff plan). On full speed only the first 1 gigabyte (from 7.eleven.2019, previously there were 500 megabytes). Next Standard restriction – 128 Kb / s. In addition, for these 390 rubles you will also get calls home.

If the Internet needs a lot, or just "don’t want to bother", and ready to pay 290 rubles a day, then "Zabugorische" is the best option.


50 megabyte package will cost 250 rubles.

The option "Unlimited Internet in Roaming" gives unlimited access for 350 rubles / day, but at full speed only the first 100 megabytes, then restriction – 128 Kb / s.

If the option "Unlimited Internet in Roaming" is connected, you can pay for another 1 gigabyte at full speed for 99 rubles.


Roaming from megaphone costs 359 rubles a day.

For this money you get 1 gigabyte internet per day. Next, the Internet is turned off, no extension options. Traffic spends from home package.

If you wish, you can turn off this roaming, then you will pay for the starbate – 9.9 rubles per megabyte. There is no point in that.

Tele 2

1 megabytes will cost 25 rubles.

The option "Unlimited Internet Abroad" for 350 rubles gives 200 megabytes at full speed, then you can use the Internet at a speed of 128 kbps.


As you can easily understand from tariffs, there is no "little and cheaper" Internet in roaming. It is either "expensive" or "inexpensive, but you need to take a lot". If the Internet needs a little, for example, only 1 gigabyte, then you will have to buy a local SIM card.

Spanish mobile operators

In Spain, several dozen mobile operators. But only 4 of them are physically existing, that is, they have their antennas, towers, data centers. This is Orange, Vodafone, Movistar (Telefonica) and Yoigo.

The remaining operators are virtual, that is, they work through the networks of the above-mentioned four operators. The operator Yoigo is like the border, they have their own network, but the coverage is weak, and where there is no youigo coverage, works through the Orange network.


Orange has a line of prepaid tariffs "Mundo". The Mundo SIM card can be obtained free of charge at the Orange office, to be replenished in the desired amount and choose the tariff.

Mundo Esencial – 3 GB, 7 euros; Mundo Plus – 7 GB, 10 euros; Mundo Total – 10 GB, 15 Euro.

There are still tariffs "GO", but they are less profitable for tourists.


The line of prepaid tariffs is called "YU". At the time of publication of this article two tariffs are available. Yuser – 5 GB, 10 euros; Mega Yuser – 15 GB, 20 euros.

YU SIM card and its activation cost up to 12 euros depends on the place where you will buy it. Cheaper to buy in the Vodafone office, resellers are usually more expensive.


Youigo SIM card in official salons costs 10 euros, of which 1.5 euros on the score.

Internet in Spain

Tariffs "Prepago". For 10 euros 6 gigabytes, for 15 euros 8 gigabytes, 20 euros 16 gigabytes.


Movistar SIM card costs 10 euros and these 10 euros fall into account.

The default tariff plan is called "Basico", costs 4 euros per day, for this money you get 400 megabytes traffic per day.

You can switch to more convenient and profitable tariff plans: Prepago 5 – 5 GB, 10 euros, Prepago 7 – 7 GB, 15 Euro, Prepago 15 – 15 GB, 20 euros. These rates give traffic packages for 28 days.

How and where to buy a SIM card

SIM cards of all four operators are sold in their salons, in communication salons (Look for signboards with the word "Movil"), in supermarkets, souvenir shops.

Local SIM is the perfect option if the Internet needs a little, you can solve the problem for 10 euros.

Virtual Spanish Operators

There are many of them, and everyone has their own "cockroaches". For example, the Tuenti operator can buy a SIM card only if you pay 25 euro or more. HappyMovil cards are sold only in the stores "ThephoneHouse". Digi Mobil cards are sold only through the site with free shipping after 7 days.

Of all these operators, we recommend Llamaya Movil. Their SIM cards are relatively easy to buy in communication salons.

7 Gagabytes of traffic stand 10 euros; 12 gigabytes – 15 euros; 20 gigabytes – 20 euros. There is a convenient tariff of 3 gigabytes for 5 euros.

To activate one of these packages, you need to send SMS with the text "Llyaltaplan3GB", or "LlyAltaplan7GB", or "LlyAltaplan12GB", or "LlyAltaplan20GB" on number 22951.


If the Internet needs quite a bit. Then go to the salon of any of the Spanish operators. Buy any SIM for 10 euros and use on health. Description of tariffs and prices, see above in this article;

If the Internet needs a lot. Then go to the salon of any of the Spanish operators. Buy any SIM, replenish the balance and switch to the packages for 20 euros. Description of tariffs and prices, see above in this article;

If you want to stay on the usual Russian number and need calls. Then choose the "Zabugorische" option from MTS (390 rubles) or roaming from megaphone (360 rubles). Get 1 gigabyte internet per day and calls. Read more about these options in this article above;

It is convenient to solve the problem of communication with two phones. One with a local SIM for the Internet, the second with roaming for calls. Read about call prices in our article "How to call from Spain Deshevo".

Successful communication in Spain and read interesting articles about this country (Links below).

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