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Many tourists on vacation in the Czech Republic do not want to leave the usual Internet. I want to communicate with friends in messengers, stay in social networks and publish fresh photos against the background of the Karlovy Bridge, St. Vita and Prague Cathedral. On this page, we will tell about how it is most profitable to use the Internet in the Czech Republic.

How much internet on vacation?

Get ready that gigabytes of traffic may need more than at home. We are accustomed to home to save expensive mobile traffic at the expense of free networks – WiFi at home and at work, free Wi-Fi in fast foods and shopping centers. In the Czech Republic, most of these free networks will not be available.

The answer to the question "how much traffic needs?"Very subjective. If you communicate only a chat in WhatsApp, then 40 megabytes can be enough for all vacation. But if in the same Whatsapp watch video, then gigabytes may not be enough for a day.

If you get email with the help of a postal client, you can do 10 megabytes. But if large nested files come on the same email (for example, scanned documents), then the gigabyte may not be enough.

Especially actively consumes traffic video. If you are going with a child, who is used to bed, see a couple of cartoons on YouTube, then get ready for the worst spending. We at the end of this article give optimal options for all cases.

Roaming of Russian operators

The main advantage – stay on your room and you can take calls familiar. Read our article "How to call from Czech Republic".

The main drawback is very expensive Internet tariffs in Roaming. If you buy traffic in roaming in small portions, then the prices are translated. If you need a lot, you have to pay for the options at high prices, in addition, in these options there are speed limits.

If options are not included, then 40kb of traffic costs 30 rubles. Zeroing the score in this case is lightning. And well, if the account is prepaid, then it instantly reset. And if credit? Get an astronomical account after a trip after a trip. If you do not plan to use the Internet in Roaming, we recommend in advance to go to the MTS office and ask to turn off the Internet in roaming in general.

Fortunately, on most SIM cards from MTS by default, the "Bit abroad" option is enabled. Is it included, you can learn in any MTS salon and in the Personal Account on the MTS website.Ru.

The option "Bit abroad" gives a subscription fee of 450 rubles per day unlimited (by traffic) access. At full speed, the first 100 megabytes, then the speed is shaped (limited by speed) to 128 kilobytes per second.

128 kilobytes per second makes it possible to communicate in chat rooms, take mail, watch web pages with big load delays. At this speed you can forget about the video, online games, voice calls through Skype or WhatsApp.

At the moment (the article is updated in April 2018), use the option "Bit abroad" does not make sense, since even MTS has a suggestion much better.

Tariff and tariff option "Zabugorische" is one of the best options if the Internet needs a lot. In addition to a large traffic package, you can call almost without restrictions. Subscription fee – 320 rubles per day (and at the tariff, and at the option).

In the case of the Tarifa "Zaregoris" you get 7 gigabytes of mobile Internet per week. In the case of options, gigabytes from home package are used. There is a limitation, the first 500 megabytes at full speed, then the speed is shaped (limited by speed) to 128 kilobytes per second.


Without options (or rather, the option, since it is alone at Biline) when you first use the Internet with a score, 200 rubles is removed and 40 megabytes of traffic. Upon exceeding these 40 MB, each subsequent costs 5 rubles.

Get the price for 1 gigabyte – 5 120 rubles. This does not correlate with the inscription "Cheapest roaming" on the official website of Beeline.

The option "Unlimited Internet in Roaming" gives for 350 rubles per day unlimited traffic access. The first 100 megabytes with full speed, then restriction up to 128 kb / c until the end of the day. For the next day, the full speed is turned on.

Tele 2

Every megabyte traffic costs 25 rubles. The option "Internet abroad" gives the first 10 MB for 100 rubles, then 1 MB for 10 rubles. As a result, we get the price for 1 gigabyte – 10 240 rubles!


Without inclusion of options, the traffic pack of 10 MB costs 99 rubles, after this traffic is exposed to a new same package. All such packages per day can be obtained 5, after access is blocked. It is very good, because with a megaphone you will not be able to disagree your account or develop traffic on the astronomical amount.

Option "World Online" gives for 600 rubles per day unlimited access. At the maximum possible speed of 1 gigabyte, then the speed is limited to 64 kb / s.

The most interesting option from MegaFon – "Roaming, Hood Bai". For 300 rubles per day, you can use the mobile Internet and call the Tariffs of the home network. For example, if you use the "Warm Reception M" rate, it includes 10 gigabytes of the Internet, these 10 gigabytes can be used in roaming in full.

However, there are "pitfalls". Total traffic per day should not exceed 3 gigabytes, after which the Internet is turned off. Turns on only on the following accounts.

Czech operators

In the Czech Republic, three mobile operators: T-Mobile, O2 and Vodafone. These are physically existing operators, that is, they have their own antennas, towers, communication lines.

In addition to them, there are still virtual operators, the SIM cards of which work through the networks of the above-mentioned three real operators. At virtual operators, tariffs are very profitable, but to buy their SIM cards and replenish the bill to tourists difficult.


The leader of the Czech Communications industry – more than 6 million subscribers, a subsidiary of German Deutsche Telekom. The operator became famous for extremely eccentric marketing. For example, the emblem of their application to control the number is a monkey in a scaffle. On the photo next, see the main character of their television advertising, click on the photo to enlarge.

Their SIM cards can be purchased in corporate stores, kiosks in supermarkets and shopping centers. Look for the inscription "T-Mobile", find quickly. SIM card is sold for 200 Czech crowns, these 200 crowns will be on the score, plus 100 megabytes of traffic as a gift. Read the current course in our article "Czech Krone".

Next, you can activate one of the mobile Internet packages. Until February 2018, worked the "Unlimited 24 Hours" package for 99 crowns. Unfortunately, now it is not available.

Package 1.5 gigabytes – 200 CZK, 3 GB – 300 CZK, 10 GB – 500 CZK. Necessarily! Immediately ask the seller how to connect the package using SMS messages. It is better to immediately replenish the score from the seller and activate the package, so the most reliable. If you forgot, then replenish the cards that are sold in almost any store. Packages are activated by SMS to number 4603.

Operator O2 SIM cards can be bought in corporate stores and kiosks that are found much less common than T-Mobile. At Prague Airport (im. Vaclav Gavel) for sure there is a corporate store O2.

Tourists sell two tariffs with non-promotable names. The first is "PREDPLADENKA" ("Predpladenka"), costs 200 crowns, these 200 crowns fall into account. The second is "on!Vuber "(" Na!Vyber "), worth 200 crowns, these 200 crowns fall into account, and the bonus gives 100 MB of traffic.

Next, we recommend replenishing the account in the same brand store, and there (without departing from the seller) to activate one of the packages. Packages are included using SMS to number 999111.

Internet in the Czech Republic

400 megabytes for 89 crowns (text "PR Data 3"), 1.5 gigabytes for 300 kroons (text "PR Data 4") or 5 gigabytes for 549 kroons (text "PR Data 5").

Now O2 has a new package of 10 gigabytes for 500 crowns. This is a very advantageous offer, but we cannot tell anything about it yet, it just appeared. Ask the seller, it will help you turn it on.


The only operator who has special offers for tourists. Unfortunately, tariffs on these SIM cards are not the cheapest.

Tourist SIM card with prepaid 10 gigabytes of traffic – 800 kroons. With 20 gigabytes – 1499 crowns. In addition, you get free and unlimited calls to the rooms of Vodafone Czech Republic. This is the perfect option, if you come by a group and want to communicate with each other.

Conventional SIM cards are sold in stores and vodafone kiosks. Worth 200 crowns, these 200 crowns fall into account.

Internet packages are included using SMS to number 7700: 500 MB – 99 kroons (text "DATA 99"), 1.2 GB – 199 CZK (text "Data 199"), 3 GB – 349 CZK (text "Data 349").

Vodafone has an insanely favorable "Student" rate ("Student Tariff"). For 500 crowns for a month get 10 GB traffic. However, it is possible to buy it only students on an ISIC card ("Student ticket of international sample"). If you are a student and you can get ISIC in your university, then you must use. One more option – buy from the resellers, but it is illegal.

Virtual operators

Their in the Czech Republic over the past few years has opened over 50. Czechs – one of the leaders in the world by the number of virtual telecom operators.

The most common of them: ESCO Mobile, Coop Mobile, OpenCall, Mobil.CZ, Odorik.CZ, Kaktus, Vectone Mobile, Sazka Mobil.

They have very "tasty" tariffs for mobile Internet. You can buy their "SIM cards" or by mail with delivery to the hotel, or in cellular salons. Our main recommendation: If we decided and found where to buy such a SIM card, then the same seller must replenish the score and activate the Internet Package. Otherwise, then it can do it problematic.

Important note

Czech operators have affordable prices for mobile Internet, but prices for calls to Russia are just awful. In the Czech Republic, it is very convenient to take a smartphone with two SIM cards to call and receive calls from one Russian. Second local for the Internet.

How to call Chezhevo, we talked in detail in the article "How to call from the Czech Republic". About what else to take with you on vacation, read in our article "What to take to the Czech Republic".


If the Internet needs a little, That go to the nearest office Vodafone or T-Mobile. Buy a SIM card for 200 kroons that will be on the score. For these 200 kroons, activate the package 1.2 (Vodafone) or 1.5 (T-Moble) gigabyte. About how to do it, we wrote above in this article. Your Internet problem is solved for 200 kroons (at the time of publication of this article it is 600 rubles).

If the Internet needs a lot. It is most convenient to use MTS roaming – tariff or option "Zabugoriste" or Roaming MegaFon – "Roaming, Hood Bai" option. In addition, these options also give very cheap calls. "Two hare in one shot".

If you arrived in the Czech Republic by a large company. Choose tourist SIM from Vodafone. Get 10 gigabytes for 800 kroons (or 20 per 1500 kroons) and unlimited communication with each other.

Good connection on vacation, and read our interesting articles about the Czech Republic (Links below).

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