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On vacation, tourists want to stay in touch, and some of the need for the Internet even increases – I want to share photos in social networks, tell friends your impressions. There is even a category of vacationers that work without getting out of a lounger.

Information in this article is relevant for June 2021. Over the past six months there are many changes. An interesting option appeared at the TV2, and Vodafone has changed the format of providing the tourist fare. All the details below in this article.

In this article, let’s talk about how to use the Internet in Turkey as profitable. We have already talked about calls in the article "How to call from Turkey".

How much internet on vacation?

Most tourists when answering this question are trying to navigate their needs at home. However, abroad can be needed much more, and maybe much less.

At home we are accustomed to save expensive mobile traffic at the expense of the WiFi connection at home, in the office, fast foods or shopping centers. On vacation of these sources of free traffic will not be. But it will probably be another source of free traffic – this WiFi in the hotel.

If the free WiFi network in the hotel will have the Internet in it will be adequate quality, then you can do without mobile Internet. If WiFi is paid or low speed, then expect to spend even more mobile traffic than at home.

How much traffic need is an individual question. If you look only in the mail and communicate in social networks, then 20-30 megabytes for the day "for the eyes". However, if in the same social networks to watch all the videos in the news feed, then 100 MB may not be enough.

Video from YouTube for 15 minutes "eats" 100 MB traffic. That is, a child on the evening watching loved cartoons with ease consumes about 1 gigabyte. By the way, our advice: kids cartoons on a tablet or smartphone download more at home so as not to pay for traffic, and that the cartoons are available in the plane.

Roaming from Russian operators

Use the Internet in roaming expensive. However, it is convenient for calls, as you stay on your Russian issue. With the spotlight, astronomical prices. If you need only a gigabyte couple, then there is no acceptable options.

There are several tariff options with unlimited traffic, but the subscription fee is high – from 300 to 600 rubles a day. In addition, at these tariff options there are speed limits, most often the first 100, 200 or 500 MB are provided at the maximum speed, and then the speed is limited (shape) to 128 or 64 kb / s.

If you need a lot of internet, that is, two good options are "Zabugorische" from MTS and Roaming from MegaFon. Talk about all tariffs and options in detail.

Attention! If you plan to use roaming, then you must read our detailed overview of the 9-underwater rowing stones to be ready for unpleasant surprises.

Roaming mts

The option "Bit abroad" for 450 rubles per day gives unlimited traffic, but after the first 500 MB speed drops to 128 kb / c. There is no sense in this option, because there is a "Zabugorische".

Option "Zaregoris". For 390 rubles a day, you can use the Internet and call "at home", that is, minutes and gigabytes are spent from the home package. The traffic is on the restriction – 1 gigabyte at full speed, then speed drops to 128 kb / c.

Roaming Beeline

Beeline company declares on his website about "cheapest roaming". In practice, it turns out not so cheap.

Previously, it was possible to buy packages of 50 megabytes, which was convenient for some tourists. But now these packages are not. The option "Unlimited Internet in Roaming" in 2021 was de facto forced.

The Internet costs 350 rubles a day. At the maximum speed, the first 1 GB, then at a speed of 128 kb / c.

Obviously, these conditions are uninteresting, if we compare with the "Zabugorische" from MTS or Megaphone. MTS and megaphone are comparable, but also included and minutes of calls.

Roaming tele2

1 megabyte traffic – 25 rubles. It turns out the price – 25600 rubles for gigabytes.

Recently appeared option "Internet abroad". The first package of 10 megabytes costs 100 rubles, then 10 rubles for each megabyte. It is still very expensive and meaningless (at least in the case of Turkey).

For Turkey, tele2 has a special option "1 GB in Turkey". Get 1 gigabyte for 800 rubles. Would spend this gigabyte as you wish for time – from 1 day to 60 days. It is expensive, but some tourists can be convenient and profitable. This option is for those who do not need a lot of traffic.

The option "Unlimited Internet abroad" gives traffic without restrictions for 350 rubles a day. At full speed, the first 200 megabytes, then restriction up to 128 kb / c. Obviously, these conditions are uninteresting, if we compare with the "Zabugorische" from MTS or Megaphone.

Roaming MegaFon

Now MegaFon canceled all roaming options, and the "Roaming, Goodba" option was forced.

For 399 rubles per day you can use the Internet "like at home". That is, megabytes are spent from home package. However, only 1 gigabytes of traffic is available per day, then the Internet operates at speeds up to 128 Kb / c.

And here we can praise megaphone and rejoice. After all, before the Internet after 1 gigabyte just disconnected. And now it works, but slowly.

Conclusions on roaming

From proposals in roaming there are only two worthy attention – this is "Zabugorische" from MTS and Roaming from MegaFon. They are approximately the same for the price and volume of traffic.

If the Internet needs a little (enough 1 gigabyte for all vacation), then pay attention to the TV2 and the option "1 GB in Turkey".

Turkish SIM

If the Internet needs a little, then the Turkish operators have no good solution options for solving the problem, however, like Russian.

However, large traffic packages in Turkish operators are cheaper. Three mobile operators work in Turkey: Turkcell, TURK Telecom and Vodafone. All three SIM card operators need to buy.

As of 2021, a new SIM card in Turkey costs 150 Turkish lire. Add a tariff cost here from 25 lire. The result turns out to be very sad. The current course of the Lyra to the ruble, the dollar and the euro, see our article "Turkish Lira".

There are a tourist SIM card, they are cheaper. However, they are not always possible to buy them.

Yes, and ordinary SIM cards are not always possible to buy, since in the salons of the cellular communication, it is impossible to place allegedly for a foreign passport. In fact, you can arrange, only the cabin employees do not want to "bother".

Vodafone Holiday

Vodafone in Turkey offers a special package for tourists, this is a package "Vodafone Holiday Line" ("Holiday Tariff"). SIM card with this package can only buy tourists, they do not sell it on the Turkish passport. Allowed to buy no more than 3 SIM cards per passport.

The price is 40 Turkish lira (in 2020 it was 80). For this money gives 20 gigabytes of Internet traffic, 750 minutes of local calls and 1000 local SMS. SIM card running 28 days.

Attention! Morally get ready that you can’t buy such a SIM card, they will simply won’t be available in communication salons. If you find, then take boldly, it is very profitable.

Now (June 2021) These tourist SIM are no longer released. Now you need to buy any local SIM with a prepaid tariff and activate the tourist package. The activation of the package is made in the cabin only by passport. Most likely such a scheme will remain further, that is, individual SIM will no longer be for tourists.

That is, it will be necessary to pay for SIM (150 LIR) + traffic pack (40 lire). SIM card may be cheaper or more expensive from the cabin to the salon.

Local 750 minutes will be useful: order a taxi or call your hotel guide, or take the guide number on excursions to be in touch with the case if you are lost. Previously, 30 international minutes were included in the tourist tariff, now no.

Normal SIM Vodafone

If you buy the usual SIM from Vodafone for 150 lir, you will need to replenish the score and buy traffic packages. 5 GB – 25 LIR, 8 GB – 30 LIR, 12 GB – 35 LIR, 15 GB – 45 LIR.

At airports often sell SIM cards with already connected packages. It turns out a little more expensive, but it is much more convenient.

Turkcell Welcome

Turkcell has tourist SIM cards "Tourist Welcome Pack". You can buy for 170 lire or more expensive. In 2021, the price rose, it used to be 150 lir. Get 20 Internet Gigabytes, 200 Local Minutes, Unlimited Local SMS.

Attention! Morally get ready that you can’t buy such a SIM card, they will simply won’t be available in communication salons. If you find, then take boldly, it is very profitable.

At the time of updating this article (June 2021), the amount of 170 lire = 1400 rubles. That is, gigabytes get in 4 more cheaper than on the "Zaregoris" options or MegaFon.

Ordinary SIM Turkcell

If you buy the usual SIM from Turkcell for 150 lire, you will need to replenish the score and buy traffic packages. 6 GB – 45 LIR, 8 GB – 50 LIR, 10 GB – 55 LIR, 14 GB – 69 LIR.

At airports often sell SIM cards with already connected packages. It turns out a little more expensive, but it is much more convenient.

T&# 252; rk Telekom

T&# 252; RK Telekom no tourist SIM-cards.

If you buy a conventional SIM from T&# 252; RK Telekom for 150 lir, then you need to replenish the score and buy traffic packages. 4 GB – 23 Lyras, 7 GB – 27 LIR, 10 GB – 32 LIRA.

At airports often sell SIM cards with already connected packages. It turns out a little more expensive, but it is much more convenient.

What is ceir? And why me we come strange SMS?

Internet in Turkey cheap

In Turkey there is a CEIR control system. The authorities record all mobile phones that are connected to the networks of any of three operators.

That is, as soon as Turkish SIM inserted into the phone and turned on the device, the system immediately records the IMEI number (the unique number of your phone). 120 days begins, during which time you need to contact the service and fees and pay a tax in the amount of 1500 LIR. Or it can be submitted that the phone is bought in the territory of the Turkish Republic, and the tax has already been charged.

If the tax does not pay, then after 120 days the phone and the SIM card are blocked. SIM card can be bolder to throw in the trash. The phone will work regularly in all countries except Turkey. In Turkey, this unit will not work, except for it to use it for offline games or as an MP3 player. Or you can use for the Internet, but only through WiFi.

If you are not going to forget about the second time in Turkey, then you can forget about the ceir system. If you fly to Turkey several times a year, we recommend taking some second phone with you for Turkish SIM to be blocked, and nothing terrible.


– The first and cheapest option to solve the Internet problem in Turkey is carefully reading reviews about hotels and choose the hotel where local free WiFi works well;

– if the Internet needs a little, then disappoin. Option get a couple gigabyte cheap simply does not exist. Regrettable. The only option is 1 gigabyte from tele2 for 800 rubles. Details about this option is higher in this article;

– If the Internet needs a lot and cheap, then look for Vodafone or Turkcell offices and buy tourist SIM-cards "Vodafone Holiday Line" or "Tourist Welcome Pack", get 20 gigabytes of the Internet for 170 or 190 lire. The package includes moments of local calls;

– Morally prepare that at the airport tourist packages will cost two or three times more expensive. Or tourist SIM will not be available, and will offer ordinary SIM for 200 lire or more expensive. However, even for 200-250 lire, the Internet will be more profitable than roaming;

– Morally get ready, that at the SIM resort and packages will offer one and a half times more expensive. It is also a very frequent phenomenon;

– If it fails to buy such a tourist SIM at an adequate price, then connect "Zabugorische" from MTS or use roaming from megaphone. We were told about the conditions in detail above in this article.

What is still useful to know

– At airports there are usually sales offices of all three operators. However, not all of them take dollars and euros, and even more so rubles. Get ready and losing at a disadvantage exchange rate at the airport. Read our article "Exchange currency in Turkey";

– in Turkey without restrictions work Skype, Whatsapp and other messengers. If there is an Internet, you can call home. But we talked about this in detail in the article "How to call from Turkey Döshevo";

– About other traits on vacation, read in our article "How much money to take to Turkey".

Good tie in Turkey, and read our articles about this country (Links below).

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This article has a confusion between megabytes and gigabytes. For example: "1 megabyte traffic – 25 rubles. It turns out the price – 25600 rubles per megabyte."

Alexander – Glavred site

Carefully studied the material, thanks for the information! I absolutely do not want our smartphones to be blocked, because the next year Turkey for vacation can be again, and the phone is old.Tell me, and if you take another phone and distribute the Internet from him? According to the result, after 120 days only will be blocked " Distributor" or "Receivers"too? And I understand that if the phone is worth the type of Dreamsim, then no locks will follow?

Alexander – Glavred site

Good afternoon, Maria. If you hand out, the receivers should not block. Receivers for Masquerad and their IMEI they do not reveal. I don’t know about Drimsim.

And why "Beeline" is not profitable? On the contrary, the most profitable option: 350 rubles. and unlimited.

Alexander – Glavred site

What favorable you found in the board 350 rubles per day only for the Internet? Now so far zabugorischis is clearly more profitable. There are 390 rubles, but the Internet + calls. While Beeline is clearly not the most profitable option.

Alexander – Glavred site

Made a full update of information for June 2021. Update is timed to the requality of Turkey from June 22.

And Biline Tariff "At maximum" Did not consider? True only 200 MB per day at high speed. Subscription fee 1800 per month. It turns out when traveling for 6 days and more profitable cell tariffs. And it is even desirable to pay attention to the review on the ability to distribute the Internet to other devices. In the specified tariff there is such an opportunity, it means you can connect one person and distribute unlimited Internet to the entire company. My wife and We are on vacation all the time together, take an old phone to use it as a mobile router and will be available for this amount to use unlimited Internet for 2 phones, tablet and laptop. And when returning, I will give this SIM card familiar who is going abroad, there are still 20 days of the freelance Internet will remain or selling for half a half who is going abroad (but risen, other people can connect some post spelling service, I will not sell unfamiliar). NS.WITH. This is not an advertisement, he himself puzzled before the trip and here found this tariff.

Alexander – Glavred site

I looked now, there is such a tariff. BUT! This is not roaming tariff, but just a tariff for 2000 rubles per month. Included Internet in Roaming.

Unfortunately, there is no information about whether it is possible to distribute the Internet in roaming. In the home network it is precisely possible, but it is incomprehensible in roaming. It is clearly not indicated, but also not indicated the opposite.

You can try, probably. Buy it, go, and then you can throw out if you no longer want 2000 p / m. It is necessary to read the contract. If you do, I ask you to write to us all. Thank you in advance.

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