Internet in Turkey. What to choose and not guess

Turkey — One of the most popular countries for Russian tourists. She combined exotic, high level of service and affordable holiday prices. Travelers flying to Turkey have only one problem — lack of usual internet. And in the modern world, to stay without access to the World Wide Web means shutdown from information flows, communicating with friends or relatives and loss of control over work processes. So every resting tries to provide himself with the Internet. In this article, we disassemble what options from domestic recreation, to always stay online. Compare which Internet to use in Turkey, and determine the optimal connection method.

What is the Internet you can use in Turkey

There are several basic ways to connect to the Internet from another country:

  • Public networks WiFi;
  • Turkish mobile operators;
  • National cellular communication operators;
  • SIM cards with international network access.

Each option has advantages and disadvantages. These are mainly related to the difficulties of accessing online, the high cost of data transfer and instability of the Connect. Below in detail each of the connection methods and compare with others. And at the end of the article, we will tell about the easiest and most profitable mobile international Internet, which, moreover, works not only in Turkey, A and in other countries.

Local free Wi-Fi

The most obvious way to enter the network — WiFi. It is in public places (such as hotels and airports), but its only advantage is free access. True, there are also disadvantages. Wi-Fi will be distributed by a point of access (router), and therefore:

  • The set of subscribers is connected all the time, which leads to a catastrophic speed loss;
  • The coverage area is limited, and with a good signal level in the lobby of the hotel in the hotel rooms weakens with the removal from the hall;
  • To connect to free networks, you need to view advertising;
  • Internet in Turkey. What to choose and not guess tourism articles from the tourism
  • There is no guarantee of safe data encryption, and personal information can get into the hands of attackers.

So free Turkish Wi-Fi, of course, a tempting offer, but it is better to refuse. Yes, and the battery charge is enough for a longer period, if you disable this communication module.

Local mobile operators

The second option that comes to the head of tourists, — Buy Sims of the local operator in Turkey and connect the mobile Internet package. But there are 2 difficulties:

  • ignorance of the local language or inadequate knowledge of English, which causes difficulties when communicating with the operator;
  • Probability Get Blocking Gadget by IMEI-Code.

The last case you need to consider Read more. The fact is that Turkish mobile operators consider any device with their SIM card, t. E. By a citizen of Turkey belonging to a citizen. According to the law, smartphones when importing into the country should be registered. So there is a fight against smuggling. If tourists are unregistered handheld device, the operator finds it vvezonnym illegally and blocks. The situation is extremely unpleasant, and it is better to do it not to bring. Although the Internet speed is quite high, but this is a weak compensation for a locked phone. And in the banks will get exactly equipment, not Simca.

National mobile operators

You can stay and with the card, which a person enjoys in Russia. Each national operator has a roaming service, which includes a mobile Internet. At first glance it seems that this is the best solution. But really:

  • Connection costs and each megabyte is very high;
  • There are many hidden fees, which learns the user has in fact;
  • Communication stability is poor;
  • packet megabytes end too quickly.

Roaming from home operator — not a bad option. but expensive. Moreover, its price does not match the quality, and it is better to look for an alternative. But if the user is ready to make payments on a daily basis for roaming, the familiar interface and intuitive communication with the operator will be his reward.

International SIM card

Another embodiment — buy a SIM from the international operator, ie,. N. Satellite Internet. But even here there are drawbacks:

  • not very high speed;
  • coverage, limited exposure to the satellite;
  • high cost, although cheaper roaming;
  • disruptions to connect the premises;
  • a limited number of megabytes per day.

Typically, these cards charge for text communication in messenger. On the calls, much less talking video speech. How about watching a video, the more streaming. Cost and volume limitations of the Internet are the main disadvantages that do not allow us to recommend this method of connection to the global web.

eSIM TEZ Telecom

eSim from the company TEZ Telecom — the most optimal variant of the international Internet, which first mentioned article. Note that the main advantage of the card in its unusual design. The principle of operation is based on the possibility of connecting one number to several cellular operator or the Internet. T. E. Simka from TEZ Telecom works at the frequencies of operators in Turkey, and when moving to another country (let’s say, Egypt) — Switches new frequencies. At the same time, the gadgets are not needed, and the Internet:

  • ✅ always stable and high speed, allowing video calls;
  • ✅Bez hidden payments and charged only for spent megabytes;
  • It is in 135 countries around the world, and in each card you can get personally in hand, orders online;
  • It works in coastal waters and when crossing the boundaries of states;
  • It requires special skills to activate and use;
  • ✅ not paid if the card is not used.

Simka Tez Telecom — Perfect travel option throughout the globe. She choose sailors and truckers to always stay in touch. We recommend that this option is for obtaining the Internet in Turkey: Tariffs are more profitable than those of local operators and especially roaming, and the speed is higher than that of all competitors.

Internet in Turkey. What to choose and not guess tourism articles from the tourism

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