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At the time of vacation in Vietnam (and not only) I do not want to disappear from social networks or lose contact with friends and loved ones. The Internet problem for tourists in Vietnam is sharp, roaming tariffs are terrible. Need to buy a local SIM, but what tariff and what operator choose?

In this article, analyze all the proposals, we will define the most interesting and in detail about mobile operators of Vietnam and mobile Internet prices. Information in this article is relevant for 2018.

We will speak only about the Internet. About cheap calls from Vietnam Read in our article "How to call from Vietnam".

Important Warning!

Now almost all SIM cards of Russian roaming and Internet operators are included by default. As soon as land in Vietnam, the smartphone will start downloading updates, receive messages and spend traffic in other ways. For this traffic will have to pay. Thematic forums are full of people with the stories of people who reacted to this issue challengedly received big accounts and now decide this issue in court.

If you are not going to use the Internet in roaming, if not chosen and did not connect a predetermined option, then be sure to turn off the Internet service in roaming. This is done or in the office of the operator, or in the Personal Account.

You can disable the "Data Transfer" feature in the smartphone settings, but it is less reliable. Some people complain that this feature on their smartphones turns on spontaneously.

Prices in roaming

Rounding prices from Russian operators beat all imaginable records. Prices for small traffic volumes are translated, and for large volumes you need to pay a daily subscription fee. Looking forward to say that it is much more profitable to buy a SIM card of Vietnamese operators.

However, to fully understand the situation, we describe all the rates and options.

If options are not included, then 40 kb of traffic costs 30 rubles. This price is worthy of the Guinness Book of Records – about 785,000 rubles for gigabytes!

Almost all SIM cards from MTS by default, the "Bit abroad" option is enabled. For 450 rubles per day you get unlimited access to the Internet. But only the first 100 MB can be used at full speed, then speed drops to 128 kbps.

Option "Zabugorische" works in Vietnam. For 390 rubles per day Unlimited access, 100 MB at maximum speed, then restriction – 128 kbps.

Total: the price of using the Internet from MTS – 390 or 450 rubles per day. Translated to Vietnamese money at the time of publication of this article – this is 140,000 dong. For such money from Vietnam operators, you can buy a package of 5 or 6 gigabytes of traffic!


The megaphone operator has no option in Vietnam, including a very profitable "Roaming, Goodba" option does not work. Operate only default packages.

On tariffs "turn!"For 100 rubles a day, unlimited use of messengers are provided, another 100 rubles is given a package of 10 megabytes of traffic to other needs. Using these packages is extremely uncomfortable, packages quickly "burn" on updates of smartphone applications. To comfortably use these packages, you need to "put up" over the settings of the smartphone.

On the rest of the tariffs, the first time of contacting the device in the Internet is activated by a package of 50 MB for 350 rubles. The price is terrible.

TOTAL: SIM card MegaFon for the Internet can not take with him in Vietnam. By the way, calls from megaphone in roaming also unfavorable.


When you first handle the device in the Internet, a package of 40 MB for 200 rubles is activated. Further on the exhaustion of these 40 MB, new similar packages are activated, up to 5 pieces per day.

If you enable the option "Unlimited Internet in Roaming", you will get unlimited access for 350 rubles per day. The first 100 MB at the maximum speed, then restriction up to 128 kbps. The option is similar to "bit" from MTS, but cheaper.

Conclusions: Beeline in the roaming of a profitable Internet will not give. For 350 rubles from Vietnamese operators, it is quite possible to buy 5 GB, which is much more interesting.

Tele 2

1 megabyte traffic costs 25 rubles. If you use the option "Internet abroad", then a package of 10 MB costs 100 rubles, then each megabyte – 10 rubles.

Conclusions: no interesting in these sentences. However, the TV2 has the best prices for calls from Vietnam, which makes them a SIM card useful, but do not forget to turn off the "data transmission" function on the smartphone, or turn off the Internet in the roaming in the office or personal account.

WiFi in the hotel

If the hotel has free WiFi, then this is a certain plus. However, one should not immediately expect that he will solve the Internet problem. The quality of the Internet in the hotel may be "below the plinth", WiFi coverage may be so bad that only work in the hotel’s lobby.

You can only learn in advance the quality of the signal and the coating in only one method. You need to read reviews of tourists who have already rested at this hotel. Time it can take a lot, because few of the tourists pays great attention to the Internet. We can advise only one thing – look, and find.

Mobile Internet on local SIM

Mobile Internet in Vietnam is more expensive than in Russia, however, cheaper than in other popular resort countries.

In Vietnam, there are four cellular operators: Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobifone and Vietnamobile. Logos look at the picture nearby, click on the picture to enlarge.

For tourists, all operators have special rates and special tourist SIM cards. The price of the Internet on such SIM cards is slightly more expensive than regular tariffs, but the tourist packages include additional international and locals. We will talk about tourist rates.

SIM registration law

Vietnam’s laws require that all SIM cards are registered with a valid ID or passport. The active struggle with the "left" numbers and SIM cards began in November 2016, then the authorities turned off 12 million subscribers. From the moment the "left" SIM is always disconnected.

Buy a SIM card Recommended in the offices of operators Viettel, Vinaphone, Mobifone and Vietnamobile. In this case, the SIM card will be registered by all the rules. If you buy in stalls or small communication salons, you will receive or unregistered SIM, or it will be registered on a foreign person. In both cases, it will be blocked, the question is only when. Most likely it will happen after the holidays when you are at home. But there are chances that lose touch before the end of vacation.

In any case, check the activation of the SIM card even before you break up with the seller. To do this or call somewhere, or send SMS with the text ‘Tttb’ to the short number ‘1414’. In response, SMS will come with the name and number ID (or passport) owner SIM. If such a response SMS has come, then SIM is registered, you can use.


Viettel Mobile is the largest Vietnamese telecom operator, about 40% of mobile phones in the country connected to Viettel.

For tourists they have 4 packages:

– 1 GB of the Internet + 20 minutes of local + 10 minutes of international calls for 100,000 Vietnamese dongs;

– 2 GB + 40 minutes of local + 20 minutes of international calls for 200,000 dong;

Internet in Vietnam

– 3 GB + 60 minutes of local + 30 minutes of international calls for 300,000 dongs;

– 5 GB + 100 minutes of local + 50 minutes of international calls for 500,000 dong;

Current course of Vietnamese Dong, see our article "Currency of Vietnam".

Perhaps this is the most convenient option, since these international minutes include calls to Russia. But the option is not the cheapest.

This tourist SIM card is easiest to buy at the airport.


From the price of the Internet, the offer from the VINAPHONE is the most profitable. For 300,000 dongs get 8 GB of Internet, 80 local and 50 international minutes. Calls to Russia (50 minutes) in this package includes, but only on fixed rooms, mobile numbers are paid separately, and in a very expensive tariff.

Such a SIM card from Visaphone is called ‘GCS Vietnam’, it is sold already activated and registered. You can buy at the airport or order on GCSvietnam.COM with free shipping at the hotel.


The offer from Mobifone is very similar, their SIM card is called "Way2Go". For 250,000 dongs get 6 GB of Internet, 60 local and 30 international minutes. These 30 minutes include calls to Russia, but only on fixed numbers. Card requires registration, buy in official offices Mobifone.


Their offer for tourists is a little different. Get not a big internet package, and 1 gigabyte for the day of use.

Tariff ‘tourist 100’ – for 125,000 dongs Get 1 GB for a day, validity period – 7 days.

Tariff ‘Tourist 200’ – for 250,000 dongs Get 1 GB for a day, validity period – 14 days.

Additional bonus – Unlimited calls in Vietnamobile network. Very convenient if you arrived by the company, you can communicate with each other without restrictions.

Still in packages include 50 or 120 international minutes, but Russia does not enter the list, these minutes will not be useful to the Russian tourist.


– WiFi in the hotel can solve the problem of the Internet. The main question is whether the quality of this internet is high? Read reviews about the hotel, and you will understand whether to count on this WiFi;

– If you want online cheap, buy local SIM cards. Each operator sells its tourist SIM, conditions and prices are slightly different. About each version we told in detail above. The Internet problem can be solved for 250,000 dongs, at the time of publication of this article 700 rubles;

– If you are ready to pay 350 or 400 rubles a day and stay on the Russian issue. Connect the Options "Zabugorische" from MTS or "Unlimited Internet in Roaming" from Beeline.

Good connection in Vietnamese resorts, and read our articles about Vietnam (Links below).

Internet in Vietnam

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