Interview with a talented artist-illustrator and traveler Elina Gordeeva

The popular artist Illustrator Ealina shared with me the secrets of his creative light, sources of inspiration and told about her colorful, interesting life!

Elina and her husband of Gondi ; Both artists.

Elina, when you start drawing pictures that were very different from the pictures of your peers?

; Years in 3, I have already drawn composite limbs: elbows, forearm, brushes with five or more fingers 🙂

When you went to abroad for the first time?

; In general, in four years, to Germany, but it relates more to an unconscious age, although I have some memories from that trip. And in the conscious went to Prague in 17 years.

In contrast to his work ; Travel fear. Women&# 8217; s Health ; Ealina is open to new adventure!

In which countries you were and in what you would come back again?

; Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, Tunisia, USA, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Serbia, Georgia, Armenia, Italy, Spain, France, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, India.

I really liked Georgia ; This is a very poetic-mystical country 🙂 ITALY I adore for her story and ancient preserved culture. Very glad that we live in Indonesia. Bali Now our second home.

What are your plans for the next year? Will travel?

Elina with her husband proud of his MK in Vladivostok.

I am from Kazan, my husband from Khabarovsk. We live on Bali. Our Yoga School in India. Without displacements can not do.

And how do you feel about Russia? What is it associated with you?

; Very good! We love Russia, she is great, huge, insanely different!

I say this I know, because we are proud for 2 months of summer visited Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, on Olkhon, in Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Kurgan, Yekaterinburg.

Elina and Gordes on.Baikal (2014 g.)

Personally for me Russia ; This is a raspberry, sea buckthorn, red currant, pine forests, long sunsets, strange cottages and the most friendly and fluffy calves. 🙂

Share one of the secrets that was told on a recent master class in G. Vladivostok?!

Master class Elina and Proud in Vladivostok.

; Be a woman ; this is wonderful! Do not work much, it is fraught with big stress. Decorate the world around yourself literally: Shake, embroider, draw! Learn healthy (vegetarian and ayurvedic) food.

Why Bali (Indonesia)?

; Heat, sea near, Mountains, too, in Ubud, a lot of yoga studios and veg-cafes.

Drawn Elina Menu for Balinese Vegetarian Restaurant.

And our house next to the Balinese temple and almost every day we listen to live temple music, it is very cleaning!

Tell some interesting case from life that happened to you on Bali.

; To us once for breakfast came to visit to drink tea very, very poisonous scorpion!

You have a proud wonderful house on Bali..Particularly seen how many creative work and love you invested in it!

House Pride and Elina on Bali.

Tell me how it all happened and how much in this house had to invest your savings?

House Pride and Elina on Bali.

; Thank you, very nice to hear! We in this house have invested some amount of our money, but all spending us the owner of the house sent out of the long-term rental. So it turns out that we did not spend anything)

Build this helped me helped my architectural education and 30.

How do you yourself think what three things you get to do well?

Biscuits ; Cameras. Culinary skill from Elina.

; Obey your husband, cook and draw.

Which of your work is the most favorite, several works, perhaps a series? Tell me that you are in it / in them put that I wanted to convey to the viewer?

; Series "Change your karma!" ; My most darling. This reminds first of all myself that there is always something to work 🙂

Painting ; compassion, love and enjoyment ;. Posted by: Elina Gordeev.

Like an artist, what sensations do you have a viewer? Is there a moment of excitement and generally how important it is its assessment?

; Of course, a positive assessment is important, it is very pleasant to get admiring reviews, but it’s good that I am independent of likes.

How ideas for paintings are born? Are there any defined methods?

For example, you are watching ideas in nature, human relationships or they are born with imagination and thoughts, or appear in the consciousness of the finished picture, which and embody into reality, on canvas?

Plots. Visible ; Invisible or Eyes Alsoz from Elina.

; Ideas are born from the most important thoughts on the themes I empathize, from the jokes of my beloved, from the height of funny life plots.

How did you manage to work out your own style in drawing, so to speak ; stand out from the crowd ;?

; Personally, I do not notice that I stand out among other artists in some kind of special style. Maybe just the themes I have such special: yoga and vegetarianism.

Is there a hobby, in addition to the drawing, hobby for every day, week?

AK Idel (White River). Bed linen and handmade covers from eline.

; Yoga and the creation of some real objects like silver ornaments or bed linen.

From the part it seems that the artist who performs such tremendous, creative work should be very sensitive, good kind. Do you think yourself? describe yourself.

; Oh, well, it seems to me, I am very sentimental, we react thinly for all sorts of urgentness and injustice, I immediately want to correct everything for the better.

What tools and materials you use in work?

; Watercolor, color pencils, photoshop.

Interview with a talented artist-illustrator and traveler Elina Gordeeva

Figure Eline for Shoe Timberland.

Somehow, one day, Elina dreamed of a sweet dream and she managed to pass it through an illustration.

Art is your main source of earnings or rather favorite occupation, which is income to all?

; Angel and Virgo Maria ;. Posted by: Elina Gordeev.

; Favorite occupation, which is income to all right.

If something commercial is ordered to you, then you immediately come to business or you need time to inspire, catch the wave so to speak?

; Mandatory time! I just need to think slowly focus, calmly above the challenge, and catch the wave lying in a hot bath, or drinking cocoa)

What is the best act you made in your life?

; About such indiscreetly telling, but if globally ; switched to vegetarianism and stopped drinking alcohol. I think it’s good actions.

When you decided to become a vegetarian and why?

-In January 2011, because it is honest and beautiful, it is in female;)

After that you usually have a creative desire ; just to draw, give the world a beautiful, to create fabulous things, like painted for children T-shirts?

Drawn T-shirts Guiba, ; each his ;.

; After lectures of our Yoga teacher and good herbal tea.

What is yoga for you and how to achieve such results like you: good posture, flexibility and high-level plasticity?

Morning Alley begins not with coffee.

; With a high level, you certainly bent. 🙂

Yoga for me ; This relaxation and concentration on the tasks set without stress, and also yoga helps find friends and generally brings together with people. And the results do not need to be in yoga, you just need to do it slowly and scenario to do every day and the results will just manifest.

What a fact from your life is almost unknown to anyone?

; The fact that I do not spin from the watermelon))

Posted by: Elina Gordeev

There is a dream that seems unreal?

; Get on Shivywok or meet with aliens

What would you advise youth and novice artists?

; Be easier and cleaner in all respects, study the Vedic knowledge, do physical activity, draw something that changes the world for the better, and does not increase urgentness)

Elina is very honest and open man who inspires an interesting life!

I really liked an interview with Elina. It is a very hardworking, happy person who knows his best way.

Interview with a talented artist-illustrator and traveler Elina Gordeeva

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