Interview with Alexandra traveler, about working and living in Bali

-In 16 years, it was quite difficult to decide what I want to do in the future, but what I know for sure: whatever it was, it must be related to languages.

I wanted to enter the Italian branch, because that I went with a friend in Italy, I was under the impression, and I thought, here it is, the country of my dreams!

But there is, alas, there was not there, so I decided to choose something more exotic and rare, would be special.

I thought between Japan and Indonesia, and I am very glad that my choice fell on Indonesia, yet Japan is a completely different world for me.

This is on the eastern faculty, you learned the Indonesian language and how long did you teach him?

-Yes, he taught at the university, everything came out for 5 years, one year was studying at University in Indonesia.

Sasha in practice together with students from different countries

Does Indonesian Helps anyone on about.Bali?

What are the advantages in the knowledge of this language?

-Of course helps, because thanks to this I feel like at home. Everywhere I feel comfortable, because I can get out of absolutely any situation.

I have many friends with whom I communicate only on Indonesian, just so you can understand their mentality.

I can not say that something is very cheaper for me than for other foreigners, because regardless of the language, I stay for local residents with a lot of money.

How difficult it was to adapt to Asian culture, nature, to people, lifetime?

-First I lived a year on. Java, in the city of Bandung. Here there really real asia. At first it was a little difficult, I had not a single European friend. There was only my girlfriend with which we came together on the program.

Bothered a bit when local residents show so much attention.

You as a celebrity, all glances on you. But Indonesians are very kind, always interested in how you are ready to help, take away where you need and are happy to make friends. So you feel comfortable.

-With meal on Yava more complicated, you need to get used to the local cuisine, it did not come up at all. On Bali with this much easier. Paradise for vegetarians and for those who care about their nutrition.

I would not call Bali very Asian place, because now everything is there, you can find even more than in Russia or Europe.

Nature is beautiful here, it’s hot, but you get used to. I try to avoid the sun, little sunbathing, as the sun burning here.

You have very beautiful photos, many amazing places visited, many countries.

Hong Kong from the 100th floor, photo Sasha

How do you get so often traveling?

-I believe that travel is an integral part of life.

Sasha in Norway, it is surrounded by fjords ; indescribable beauty!

-It is better to buy a plane ticket, than some useless thing.

After all, the memories remain with us for life, that’s priceless. All travel I plan itself, now everything is very accessible. I think it’s silly to use the services of travel agencies, so it is impossible to plunge into the atmosphere of the country.

And I always choose a place where no one has ever been, it’s my secrets.

Which city, country, left a most interesting impressions and you would like to go back there again?

-In Indonesia, I always want to come back, because this is my home number 2. Be sure to go again to Vietnam, I was there in incredible places, and I want more.

Sasha in Macau (China)

-Hong Kong is fine, I would return, the city is very beautiful and I love the city, in principle,.

I really like Malaysia. There has its own atmosphere.

From Europe is Norway, it is generally the most beautiful country for me. This stunning natural environment, I have not seen anywhere else.

majestic Norway..Sasha Photo

If you had to choose a city for permanent residence, no matter what city you prefer?

-If we talk about the city, then it should be international, because I still can never become a full-fledged citizen Other countries because I was not born. Therefore, I feel comfortable to be among the expats from around the world.

I think for me it’s New York, Singapore, Amsterdam.

Why do you choose for a long stay on.Bali?

-I choose Bali as it is just very international place. Here people from all over, you feel a man of peace. And I recently connected with Indonesia and the language that I did without it.

I did not come here a tourist, this country-my profession in the first place.

Tell me how you usually find accommodation in Bali? Share tips on finding a profitable stay at about.Bali.

-I find housing through friends, friends of friends and social networks 🙂 used to love just to sit on the bike and go all over the streets, to seek out ads for the surrender of.

A little tedious, especially in the heat, but very often efficiently, as you speak directly with the owner of the house or villa, and hence more likely to get an adequate price.

What proposal would you describe. Bali, how would you characterize it?

Sunset on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia

-What Goes Around Comes Around. But it is personally from me)

Who would advise you to visit this island? For whom O?

-I would not advise anyone. Because everything goes all here, and for all it is different. For someone special and charming, and for someone dirty and unpleasant. In any case, it depends on the person.

We always get what we deserve 🙂

Bali ; it is the island of the dreams of many people, he is presented with advertising

booklets than something like a paradise island with coconuts on palm trees.

-Then as Bali is presented, indeed, often untrue.

Village in Indonesia

-There are no snow-white perfect bathing beaches. Beautiful place for surfers, great waves, but we rarely have a calm water when you can enjoy.

There are a couple of beaches, but I would not say that they are paradise 🙂 on Bali should not go only in one place, because the island is different, you need to see different parts of it.

And how do you see about.Bali you? Having live much more than most travelers.

Ceremony on Bali. Photo: Alexander Filippova

-What I see Bali ; For me, it is different and the same at the same time. This is definitely a special place for me. There were a lot of different events, which somehow influenced me ;

Here is an extraordinary atmosphere, for me it is often a pleasant sadness. I love to dream, it is the perfect place for this. Moreover, dreams come true here 🙂

Of course, you need to live to feel all charms and disadvantages. As well as in any other place.

Sasha than you like to do what you earn?

-I am engaged in translations, Indonesian and English, and also leading skype classes.

I also studied the Balinese dance at the University of Arts on Bali. I know how to play Gamena, it is an Indonesian orchestra.

Incredible experience, dance is very difficult, it is especially difficult to learn the skill of the hands and the movement of the eyes. I really liked it)

Come on the surfing, I know you did a little. How dangerous sport is like you think?

Is it worth trying novice, those who have never tried?

-I need to try everything and everything, just carefully) I liked it, I admire the ocean and surfing, but I myself prefer only to look from the part. When I tried, I really liked.

Sasha, what sights you would recommend visit on.Bali?

Interview with Alexandra traveler, about working and living in Bali

-About attractions are better to read on the Internet, there are a lot of them here and almost all interesting. I would recommend to meet the dawn on the battle or agong. But this is for those who have enough strength to climb the volcano.

Where it turns out to live, on.Bali or in native g. St. Petersburg?

-This question is difficult to answer briefly, since everyone lives in different ways. I spend much more on Bali than in St. Petersburg.

I like to eat in a cafe and restaurants, and if I cook at home, I buy imported products.

I love markets, but I am there an infrequent guest. So you can compare any prices in all respects, not only in food. Something at the price seems the same, but something completely kopeck. But in general, it turns out more, since there is more temptation to spend.

Those who come to Bali live about a month would recommend you rent a motorbike or other. type of transport? How much does the Motobike rental at the month?

Sasha on a rented motorbike

-If you are able to local traffic, then, of course, you need to take a bike!

I take off for 400 thousand. rupees per month, it is about $ 35. But this is a very good price, the normal price is 500-600 thousand. rupees, it is 45-50 dollars.

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How do you feel about Asian insects and others Reptiles on Bali? Who has already managed to meet?

-I calmly treat insects, I bite everything that moves, but I got used to 🙂 I saw everyone, not very, of course, but the same nature.

Sometimes the beetles scare me when they arrive or jump sharply from behind the corner 🙂

What a whole danger can wait for pioneers (inexperienced travelers) on Bali?

-Dangers can wait anywhere if you are inaccurate. But on Bali, first of all, if you travel yourself, you need to be prepared for what you have to overpay. Locals love to add a few dozen dollars to the original price.

If you do not hesitate and know how to bargain, it is sure that you will save well. Also, if you take a bike, I do not recommend returning late at night to one without accompaniment, it may end up sad for health.

Be sure to buy insurance before traveling, this is MUST Have, &# 8216; avoshu bash&# 8217; On the island does not work.

In what cases it is worth turning to the medicine on Bali, if so, then where?

-If you hit the misfortune, contact your insurance company for help, in this case you will not incur large expenses (but depends on the nature of the injury).

-If you do not have insurance, a visit to the doctor can reach hundreds of dollars, and if something is more serious, then be prepared to spend great. Local herbs and tinctures can be effective, but it is unlikely to solve a serious problem.

Where tourists tricky robbing local or where tourists overpay for being cheap actually?

-It may be everywhere, anywhere in Bali. So keep your ear eld

How would you characterize local Balinese, what are these in general people? What they differ from the same St. Petersburgers?

Girls learn to Balinese dance.

-It is impossible to compare St. Petersburg and Balinese, we are absolutely different.

We have something to learn from the inhabitants of the beautiful Indonesia – it is easier and easier to open people, smile more and not be upset because of trifles.

Of the minuses, I would noted that Indonesians do not really harm the environment, throw a lot of garbage in the ocean, it is very sad. Well, there is also some slowness and inorganization, but you get used to it 🙂

What is really worth do on about.Bali?

-Doing there is a lot than, first of all, it is surfing. You can get a diver certificate and ride for the nearest islands, beautiful diving on. Flores.

Climb the volcano, meet the dawn, go to beautiful wild beaches, rafting, zoo, bird park, there is a lot of things, as in any other resort!

Sasha ; Excellent teacher, also translator 🙂

I met Sasha on about.Bali and spending some time with her ; I was surprised how deftly she succeeds to be explained in Indonesian with the local, it is taken as its.

Therefore, knowing Sasha and her perfect English and Indonesian, I want to recommend signing up for personal skype classes.

True, she takes to his classes not all. Good luck!;)

Interview with Alexandra traveler, about working and living in Bali

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