Interview with an awakened traveler Grisha

At 21 I left my home and went to travel. This contributed to this spiritual search ; I was looking for answers to questions: who I am? Why I’m here?

Tell your story where everything started than you attracted travel?

My spiritual search led to yoga. After I started to eat living food, traveled in Russia.

In the process began to listen to intuition, inner voice ; and one day went to India with a ticket one-way, in Goa, without not knowing where and why.

There the world brought me to the jungle, where I settled under the mango tree and lived for three months. During this time, the strongest transformation and transformation occurred. I found answers to my questions =)

Since then, I continue to travel, work on yourself ; meditate. It was the meditation that opened me the truth. Need to send your attention inside ; all answers are there!

Grisha holds morning meditation for the sanhersphy. Gili Eyre (Indonesia)

And this is my main activity ; meditate and share it, teach meditation, inspire to the internal search!

It’s the road home is the best that man can make ; know yourself!

I know you traveled in India for a long time.

Tell me how easy it is or difficult to adapt to Indian culture, to nature, local cuisine and to life there?

In India at the moment, in total I spent about 2.5 years.

This is a beautiful country with wonderful people, and its main difference ; The culture and memory of the ancestors are preserved here. So people live where harmony.

At first, of course, it was not easy, but I came to Goa, and this is a good preparation for ; real ; India. =)

Local cuisine caught me surprise =) I did not know that there is such a delicious vegetarian cuisine.

I went to living food immediately after McDonalds, and returned to India a couple of steps back ; To vegetarianism. Everything should be gradually and not fanatically.

I was not in India, I wonder what people in India differ from the Russians, Ukrainians?

The difference between people is mainly in the fact that they remember and honor their roots, in this their power ; connection with the reason, and so we are very similar, very similar thinking.

In fact, India ; This is a very diverse country.

It is divided into many states, ; which were previously separate states, with different languages, culture and traditions.

Even people look different ; So we bring to India and her people under one denominator ; impossible.

Tell me how you manage to travel often?

For me, the journey has already become a way of life. Travel ; This is a procession on your way, following your destination.

For these 5 years I was at home twice, in Russia ; And it was not some kind of pause, on the contrary ; It was the most interesting adventure trip.

Turkey. On foot along the Lycian trail

Now always, the adventures do not end, wherever I have been =)

What do you eat in the journey?

Everything changes in life! Traveling everything is always different as food.

I also love alchemy preparation, for me it is real creativity and joy! I do both live dishes and cooked, Ala Indian Style =)

There is no taboo in my life, including food.

I have noticed a long time ago ; what that restricting himself through the mind, speaking is good and it’s bad ; We create tension! And the voltage is not good, we need to relax on the deep level.

I allow myself everything, and at the same time I don’t want meat at all and the like.

The more you feel yourself, the more come back to your center ; the more true desires live, and not those that we have imposed and impose all.

You somehow tried to make a living during long journeys?

At the beginning of the trip I had internet business, I sold tuning for cars, but after a week of arriving in India, I realized that it was not exactly what I want to do!

Soon and suppressed all your gadgets and the next two years I didn’t even have a phone.

What time I lived like a ascetic monk.

I practiced a refusal of money. It was the right experience of expanding the comfort zone, confidence in the world, the release of concern about money ;

Now I am not worried about money, but not neglected by them. My needs are not great and in almost any country I calmly exist for $ 200-300 per month.

Especially since everything is not expensive in Asia.

Main my income ; These are people. I share my happiness, knowledge, practice, experience, love and joy ; And people share something with me, including money. This is a great kind of good! =)

What 5 items you always take with you on a trip?

I always have my tent, a sleeping bag, a rug for yoga, pots and a blanket.

Always ready for life in nature ; And in fact, always on it and live. Even when I shoot somewhere ; As a rule, I sleep next to him in the open sky =)

What cities, countries, left the most interesting impressions and you would like to go back there again?

I love natural places more, cities to a lesser extent. I was very impressed by the Indian Himalayas, in particular Rishikesh, Dharamsala.

Also endless beaches and wild jungle southern India.

Really liked to travel around Turkey next to the Mediterranean Sea especially ; Incredible beauty and fruit abundance everywhere!

Very much like Georgia. Traveling in Russia also deliver delight ; Krasnodar Territory, Ural, Baikal, Siberia ; many more where to go.

I love Thailand ; Friendly prosperous country. Malaysian National Park on Penang Island =)

Waterfall Nung Nung on.Bali (Indonesia)

Bali Island, Sri Lanka. And of course Nepal. In general, I am well everywhere, wherever I get! He paradise he is not somewhere there, and inside each of us!

Interview with an awakened traveler Grisha

What inspires you the strongest in life?

I strongly inspire knowledge about how to gain truth, get rid of suffering, find happiness ; and I inspire you to share this, inspire when someone takes and applies ; getting good.

I know that you often practice meditation, retreats and spend the course "7 steps to happiness". You can give a few recommendations for those who want to feel a happy person?

The most important recommendation ; draw your attention! All the answers are there.

No need to go to India, conquer the Himalayas or fly to the moon. All inside! And meditation ; This is the road home.

How do you think it is possible to sincerely be happy living and working on the occurrence in the office, in the urban environment?

Happiness does not depend on any external factors.

If you found a source of happiness inside yourself ; You will be happy everywhere. On the lap of nature, in the office and urban environment, or even in the middle of the market!

How do you think it is enough for a person to be happy?

Enough to realize your true essence. Understand who he and what is his relationship with be.

Realize its unity with all things! This is what meditation behaves for =)

What practitioners of meditations would you recommend those who only want to start practicing daily meditations?

The most important thing ; sincerely want. And then all practices and answers will come!

I always advise you to start watching my breath. It is better to be near a mentor: experienced person to help. In the beginning there will be many questions and doubts.

Not everyone has the opportunity to find a qualified instructor! And on this, I created a course on meditation relax.

This 7-day course, where we move from simple to complex examining all aspects and details, and most importantly, practicing daily!

Meditation is primarily a practice! I present a course in the near future =)

Finally, a few words from you to all the readers of this website travelers.

I wish all to brake! Modern lifestyle all the time we have somewhere drives.All life is in a hurry, in the race. And the most valuable and most important has been postponed for later.

But think about it? Who are you? Where are you going? How did you come? Not knowing the answers to this question, all the rest, in the end, would be minor!

Stop. Sit down and close your eyes. Lead into account. Start watching your breaths. Relax!

In silence, in a state of no-mind ; you’ll find that recently looking!

All good and love. Thank you ??

Thank you Gregory, taking the time to sow the seeds of love, sincerity, and good for the readers of this site!

In order to get acquainted closer with courses Grisha about meditation, mindfulness and happiness follow the link to his account VKontakte.

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Interview with an awakened traveler Grisha

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