Interview with Freelifing Movement Founder ; Pavel Bondarev. Know yourself live on inspiration!

Paul and his team inspire thousands of people on a more wise and joyful life, life in inspiration.

Paul shared his experience and told about how to gain real happiness, how to become myself, stop the magnetic to himself fears, negative, and receive real pleasure from life!

;Pasha, how to properly know yourself and live by inspiration?

Pavel Bondarev ; Founder of Freelifing Movement

Paul: ; through meditation. Methods of meditation There are many, and here you need to explain what meditation is.

All questions, like all the answers, gives our mind. The mind asks himself, the mind itself answers. This is an infinite cycle.

People ask themselves questions, looking for answers, seek what is never losing.

When the mind begins to use excessive activity, a person loses the essence, a thread of life, the moment. In this moment, a person has no questions, doubts, reflections, because the mind usually thinks either about the past or about the future. And all the time when a person is in the mind, he is no longer in the present.

So, the flow of inspiration, it can be felt, it is impossible to think about him, just as it is impossible to think about the real.

All about what a person thinks is already the past. Therefore, the whole practice is reduced to just be conscious, to be in present. To do this, you need to train your mind, because at first, he is like a wild horse, he constantly jumps out of thought on thought, or, like a wild monkey, who jumps from a branch on a branch. It is necessary to train it, and practice for this is very simple – you just need to concentrate your attention, for example, in your breath.

Penetrated Moment ; now ; Paul

Because breathing is what is present with us from the moment of birth, from the first breath, and to death, to the last exhalation. Breathing is always with us, and some external items, phenomena may not be.

The representation of all sorts of images is already an illusion built in the mind, it is unreality. ;

;thanks! Tell me, what is love for you?

Paul: ; love … Once I felt it .. ;

-It’s hard for you to answer? Pick up the right words?

Paul: ; You know, words, it’s like a label on a water bottle. The label does not reflect the taste, smell. The same with the words … I can say than love is definitely not. Let’s start with the fact that love is not a romantic feeling, it is not related to relationships, with men, with women, with the desire to have.

This condition can be called existential, initial, which is just by default.

Who says that love is God, God is love that this is a kind of divine state … It’s just a state that exists in itself when we are in peace, and if we do not think.

When we calm down, I don’t think about anything, we do not direct your energy, it is simply a state. The hormonal background is changing, everything happens by itself, everything is very successful. Surely you had such an experience in your life when you went in a similar condition, you were good, you felt love, my heart sang, the soul was glad, and everything was evolving. ;

; That is, in love there can be no situations of hate towards who you love? It’s not quite love when a feud appears, aggression to man? Or maybe such a state of love?

Paul: ; Need to understand that we are not in the same condition. Can strive to stay in one state, but this is already affection. Nature, for example, the weather is different: snow, hail, wind, sun. And we can also have a different condition. State is something more stable than emotions. Short-term emotions.

Now it can be great, euphoria, then affect, depression. Emotions will jump, we can work on them, and come to a relaxed, happy, conscious state through meditation. It is state.

Love is a state. And condition may change. If you are now in love, in a few minutes you can not be in love, and it is normal, as the weather is changing. But, the more you cultivate love, the more you are in such a state.

During communication with Buddhist monks, I noticed such an effect that it is only located next to a person who cultivates love, so immediately congestion comes, it feels warm in the body, you feel this love. People who are practiced, they change biochemistry, and their body does not produce anger hormones, hatred. They have only love. ;

; And how do you think, who were Buddha and Jesus Christ? Ordinary people, or over people?

Paul: ; yes we are all over people! Just forgot about it ..

They were a reflection of the highest quality character, which we can develop, stop suffering, learn to love and be ourselves. Just were example. "Here, look, guys, here" so "is achieved by" such "steps. Try if you like, you can continue!". ;

; How do you usually answer the negative?

Paul: ; Your question implies what I have to go to the past now, remember when there were such situations with me and tell you a past experience. Because at the moment I am not negative … I can’t even remember when I was last in such a situation. ;

; When a person can benefit?

Paul: ; when a person will do what it is created. ;

-As you think, the thoughts of man in the 21st century bring harm or benefit?

Paul: ; Thoughts produces mind. The mind can be divided into working and thinking.

The working mind is necessary in order to issue any idea, implement it.

The idea itself can become inspiration. For example, the idea to write a book.

Then we already use the mind. For example, for what? At a minimum, to choose a language, symbols, t.E. shaping. This is the action of the worker mind. Either to create some kind of software, or device. It gives the idea of ​​form.In order for the diamond to turn into a diamond to hone it, give the form. This is the action of the worker.

And there is a thinking mind that may be in the past, then in the future, losing the present. Such a mind is able to bring suffering. Sometimes a person suffers from what no. This is a socially permissible schizophrenia. A person is experiencing from what has not yet happened. Outcome – the working mind is useful, thinking brings suffering. ;

-With what person you would dream to meet?

Paul: ; I have no answer to this question. I do not dream to meet. I am glad to every person who comes to my life, because every person in himself carries something. And people who are not able to bring anything they just do not find themselves in my life. ;

; Who is able to teach something useful?

Paul: ; those who like their business truly. Yet very simple. It is impossible to become an expert in the case that you do not love. Madonna has become so popular, not because she hates sing. ;

-Continue the phrase "Not at all the level of well-being makes the happiness of people …"

Paul: ; because happiness is in ourselves. In order to be happy nothing enough, but here, in order to be unhappy, you need to come up with a bunch of problems, ignore your intuition, to force yourself to do what you do not want to make a mistake for mistaken, avoid people who are able to inspire you. Imagine how much problems to become unfortunate. And to be happy, you just need to breathe, calm down, and notice how both hemispheres are harmonized, and the perception of all reality comes. That’s so simple. ;

; Whose beliefs you read? Who now learn, you find answers to important questions for yourself?

Paul: ; Questions I ask the mind. And my not asks questions, but just does what you need. For example, now he chooses a language on which to talk. ;

-And you have now higher goals?

Paul: ; Again, where all these goals come from? From the mind. Mind takes all this information from the past. I have this body here, in this body in the DNA information is laid, subconscious until the moment of birth, consciousness, personality, the moment of birth, everything, there is already a program in it, and I do not interfere.

Fortunately, science stepped far ahead, and in 2010 a group of German scientists proved that in our body in the field of solar plexus there is a center called magnetic mono field. It is fitted with coordinates, with southern latitude, northern longitude, and our body periodically intuitively pulls somewhere. And we meet "by chance" some people, situations.

You know, it’s like in a relationship. We do not speak ourselves – "So, today I will definitely fall in love with two to three, in my free time". No, everything happens suddenly, and as if by chance. Most of these accidents are not scheduled.

Simply, we find yourself in the right place and in the right time.Therefore, I do not put goals in order not to block the implementation of my destination.

If we do not put the goals, then our life destination is being implemented.

If we put the goals, I don’t always have achieved them we feel satisfaction.

I do not want to choose these illusions of the mind. I have already tried the method of setting goals, and yes, they are all achieved. But there is no happiness and satisfaction. And when I let my body let go, allowed him to move intuitively, then I went to the most exciting journey in my life, journey through inspiration!

When I did not know where I am, in what place it will happen to me, and it is really exciting and incredible! At these moments I feel satisfaction with life. And however, the purpose is implemented. ;

-Great! I think I and readers learned a lot of new and useful from your answer! thanks!

And how do you think, as a simple, ordinary person to find happiness?

Paul: ; yes, you just need to read the book! Because those people who are looking for happiness beside themselves, they ask a bunch of questions, these questions from the mind. Let the mind digest that information that will push them to some experience, to experiment, can, make a bunch of errors, understand what works or not, and at some point try something in the form of meditation, or yoga , or any practice that will give a state of calm and happiness! ;

She was created immediately after you have passed the practice of meditation in India, yes?

Paul: ; Most of the book was my personal diary. ;

-In general, she is about?

Paul: ; she is about samples and mistakes. That I tried: money, social success, women, goals, and much of what, it is believed to be dedicated to their lives. What I listened to some coaches, I read in the pseudo scientific and popular books about success. I just tried, and realized that happiness does not give it. Yes, goals are achieved, yes, sometimes you feel joy, but it’s all briefly. And I also want to. And then I all compared and started trying other experiences and practices. I came across people who seemed to me not from this world … In general, practice is simply described, my experiments. ;

-Who will be more suitable for this book?

Paul: ; for everyone who begins to look for themselves, wants to realize who he is what he is born. Everyone who begins to ask deep questions. After all, it is impossible to understand what you want, when you don’t even know who you are. ;

-Come on a little about travel..

Why For long accommodation You chose O. Ko Phangan in Thailand? That it especially attracted you?

Interview with Freelifing Movement Founder; Pavel Bondarev. Know yourself live on inspiration!

Paul: ; all the inspiration happened! I did not know anything about him. I did not have a visa in India, so I left the passport at the airport, I was given the opportunity to stay within two weeks, then I could not do the visa there, it was necessary to leave India. And I decided to go to Thailand, I was there several times. Then one of my friend wrote me about this island that I will like it.

So I came to this island. He struck me with his beauty. Every area does not look like another. There is a lot of untouched nature.

Now, of course, a lot has changed, many tourists, many buildings and already there is not so much cozy, as it was before. In general, I was impressed by this island, there is everything you need for life, many interesting people, and, by the way, this island has the basis of rose quartz.

Paul in Thailand

Island himself – place of power. I called it the island of karma, because there was a lot of improvements, strong cleaning. And on this island, I met the American Shaman. I plunged into various ceremonies, medicine of plants, and much more. ;

-You can list the countries in which you already visited?

Paul: ; not many countries: Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Czech Republic, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Armenia, Switzerland. ;

;The funny experience associated with travel?

Paul: ; The strongest impression was left India. There was my serious transformation when I arrived in the oldest city on earth ; Varanasi, I wrote about it in the book.

I came there with a big ego, and from the beginning of the stay of Varanasi began to teach me when I shot money in an ATM, just turned off the light in the whole city, I never got my money. The service service did not answer anyone could not get through. I realized that here, it all started.

I had to go spend the night to few familiar people, in a unfinished house, without furniture, without a soul, without anything. I slept on a dusty mattress, washed from the crane, which was at the knee level … That’s how it did not work out to take off the hotel’s view from the city view, with Wai Fame and Other. Then began difficulties in relations with the girl with which we met, project partners also lost somewhat, began discontent from the people with whom we collaborated.

My whole life collapsed almost one day. And then I wrote to me a friend from whom I practitioners sometime. Wrote a list of what needs to do. Type: Write a story, swim in the river, read mantras, clean. I did all this and felt at some point, something incredible. Power as if I could break the wall.

I felt like a god. And so, in the morning, when I woke up, the money came, a letter with the requests of forgiveness from the girl, and all the beginning to be resolved by projects.

I can say that Varanasi changed me much, worked with my ego, and brought faith in mystical forces that exist. ;

; Give advice how to do people who want to sometimes collect will be in a fist and go far to India to cleanse consciousness, find peace. Whether they should throw everything, and act at the behest of the heart, or stay at home and begin to understand yourself?

Paul: ; You know, there is no single solution to the problem for all people immediately. We are different. Of course, we are all parts of one whole. But we are all due to at least bodies in which we live, gender, programs that are given to us before birth and after birth, and so on.

I think you just need to listen to your heart.

But, there are different types of people, for example, emotional. In their blood, the reaction occurs, in which states are switched, emotional waves. And such people make solutions intuitively, immediately, it is impossible, they will make many mistakes. And there are people who make decisions immediately, in the moment, only now, like me. Therefore, you need to try different experiments, techniques. Either to reach the results inside itself, or contact those who trust, you see that they turn out.

It is necessary to understand how the body is arranged at the level of biochemistry. We have such a specialist in the team who helps to understand which biochemical processes occur in our body, how best to respond to events. This system has long come to me, I first denied her. But on your experience I was convinced later that it is very important. Biochemistry does not poke her finger into the sky, but exactly explains. This whole information is available in our community, a lot of it and on the Internet. ;

;You often meditate, and there are moments when you’re angry, swear?

Paul: ; come moments when I fall asleep. That is, not all the time in awareness. Then I wake up, I realize, I forgive myself and everyone and everything is fine. Yes, I can respond sharply, but it’s all from the mind. I’m not angry with my heart. ;

-Should you travel, know the world and people? Or truly happy you can live in one place, city, village all life?

Paul: ; You can travel within yourself, but to realize this should sometimes travel from the outside to get experience. And that’s great. After all, the path is not the end point. Clear analogy – Love. You enjoy the whole process, you don’t even think at this moment, you are in the present. This is such a process when people are truly present here and now. So you need to make love with myself.

You can live in one place? Live there. Want to move? Move.

The main thing is to listen to my heart. Of course, there are many teachings, ideal. I did not find a refuge for any teacher. And many critics meet because of this .. ;

; And finally, what advice you could give travelers?

Paul: ; Travel to inspiration, from the heart!:) This is the compass for which we must follow! Just in the way! If it is from the heart, everything will work out. Sometimes those methods that sometimes do not expect. ;

Paul is a very positive and outdoor interlocutor, he has something to learn and it is important to hear him!

I hope you took something useful for yourself, personally I grabbed a whole bag of useful wisdom.

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