Interview with Hostel manager in Prague Alexey Titov

– Having finished the university with my friends, we decided to do business and it was precisely the direction of this business that it seemed quite promising.

– The inhabitant seems strange that the hosts of the hostel in the Czech Republic are Russians, whether there were any problems at its opening? Are there any specific opening of a hostel in someone else’s country?

– The specifics of the discovery in principle did not surprise. This is mainly about the fact that there are certain standards and standards that must be executed. Yes, this is the first project of this kind that we have implemented and are pleased with the fact that they stepped in this direction. As for the fact that the owners are Russians, I do not think that this is someone greatly surprising.

– What is the cost of hostels on average in Prague, and how much is the night in the hostel you?

– The cost of the hostel on average in Prague is somewhere around 500 Czech kroons (900 rubles) in our hostel from 249 Czech crowns

– Many are afraid to live in a hostel, thinking that it is unsafe. What is the main advantages of the hostel? Who is your customers, what nations are more often?

– Our clients are mainly people aged 18 to 40 years from 65 countries of the world. The main advantages of our hostel is that we have a card system, a system of tracking chambers, a reception 24 hours a day and the availability of a quick response security service.

– Where is your hostel, does he have any chips, pluses unlike others?

– Hostel is located right on Wenceslas Square, T.E. In the literality, the most centered place in Prague. As for the advantages, in addition to our location and everything that was listed in the previous question,.E. Card system, surveillance cameras system, round-the-clock reception, I can add a price "adequacy", which is expressed in the fact that literally about 13 euros you can stay in the heart of Prague in excellent conditions for accommodation. And of course free very high-speed (120 megabits) Internet, Wi-Fi, Terrace on the roof of a building and several fully equipped kitchenware.

– Hostel employees – Czechs? Or our guys?

– Hostel staff consists only of Russian-speaking employees, although interest is constantly manifested in terms of employment on the part of foreigners – English, Spaniards, Italians, Chekhov.

– Where and how can you book a room in your hostel? And how to do it more profitable?

– Book a room in our hostel possible through several Internet portals, such as: Hostelworld, Hostelbookers, Hostelsclub, and, of course, from our Hostelorage website.Com. Also reservations are accepted and through our email – HosteloranGe20 @ Gmail.Com, where you can actually choose the most profitable option for our guests.

– Some believe that the Czech Republic is an inexpensive country, and you can live in the hotel 3 * at the cost of the hostel

– To what extent is probably not a groundless statement, but in essence here it is about the following parameters as the location and quality of the services provided. It is probably possible to find the 3-star hotel for the same price as in the hostel, but I don’t think it will be for example a district "Prague 1". Yes, then, hotels do not provide the opportunity "DORMITORY "T.E. Bed reservation, not entirely. Yes, and among other things, as far as I know, you have repeatedly stayed in the hostel in Prague and you know that the atmosphere in the hostel is absolutely different than in the hotel, in a good sense of said.

Yeah. As I remember the fins drinking vodka and dutch running in the kitchen, running in search of a companion in a nightclub and a pretty Japanese, that he slept under my bed. It should try each 🙂

One of the hostel characters – bunk bed

Interview with Hostel manager in Prague Alexey Titov

But in some rooms can also be ordinary beds

One of the rooms of the Orange Hostel

Hall in the evenings is becoming a dating site and communication

In each hostel there is a kitchen where you can cook, store products

Each hostel has Wi-Fi and Internet access with public computers

In most cases, the hostel shared showers

Conservation of things guarantee drawers with lock

Olga Matsova: "I was in Venezuela somehow randomly. "

Irina Lipatnikova – about spaces, time and barmen who will not run away anywhere

Interview with Hostel manager in Prague Alexey Titov

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