Interview with Nikita and Lena, who live and travel in South America

We started with the fact that we decided to go on a journey!

Our desire was enough to ensure that everything we wanted. Tickets bought a day after final decision making. These were regular tickets, which also went up for two times during the week. As it was in November, when the ruble rapally fell.

There was no painted plan, but there was an approximate route that eventually did not coincide with reality)))

Start travel. Salvador Airport, Brazil.

How difficult it was to adapt to South American culture, nature, to people, lifetime?

Hmm, an interesting question … I don’t even know, t.To. Especially adapting to us and did not need. The only thing that causes constant discomfort is the food.

Ummita – National Dish of Bolivia

In Russia, the most delicious food in the universe, and I miss it wildly! I will tell you a secret, I dream the usual St. Petersburg Shawerma and Sushi at night.

What ways you moved between cities?

Scenic roads in South America

At first we flew by airplanes. It was in Brazil, and there buses are more expensive than airplanes and a thousand times more dangerous. After Brazil, we switched to buses and sometimes resort to the hitchhiking.

Tell us more about the car. Why did you decide to carbon? Share your experience: whether it was dangerous and what interesting stories are remembered?

Actively hitchhiking we started three years ago, and since then sometimes repeat. It’s cool, it is unforgettable!

In Argentina was a forced hitchhiking. We did not get the train tickets, and buses are also decent.

Nature in the north of Argentina

Then we had difficulties with finance, it was after the attack on us in Brazil, so there was no other option except the hitchhiking.

The hitchhiker is not dangerous why people are afraid of him? I never even heard some criminal stories. Yes, a lonely beautiful girl in Asia and some UA countries will be difficult, but in a pair – in general without problems.

Highway in Argentina

From the latter I remember the road from Buenos Aires in Cordoba, when we walked around the highway to the nearest refueling in the heat, with backpacks, tired. And we were brought by repair road service staff!

We drove standing in a completely scored by some kind of body tools without windows. It was slightly exciting, t.To. You do not see where you are brought, but in the end they landed us in a very good place where we were quickly taken.

Would recommend moving by hitchhiker in different countries? It was in general, positive experience?

Yes, yes, and yes again – yes! Highway is a whole philosophy, this is a road religion, this is freedom and wind in the hair. This is a positive and unique experience!

What types of transport to travel is more profitable and more comfortable in South America?

Buses. In Bolivia, for example, buses are a penny. At the same time they are very comfortable. Eat even with beds!

Generally buses – it’s also interesting. For example, we planned flight from Buenos Aires to La Paz, but tickets were very expensive and we studied the situation with buses. As a result, the path from Buenos Aires in La Paz took a few weeks!

Beautiful road in Argentina

We visited many beautiful places and all this path was one of the most interesting things in our lives.

In South America versions of transport. Trains here can be said no, airplanes are expensive, only buses and hitchhiker remain.

Which cities, countries, left the most interesting impressions and you would like to go back there again?

While the most impressed Bolivia.

Very colorful, bright, distinctive country, where every walk is light shock. There are a lot of unusual places, beautiful mountains, ancient ruins, multicolored lakes, volcanoes ..

What is just one of the lake Titicaca and the island of the sun! Here I would like to come back and live a couple of weeks.

Sun Island, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.

Many have heard about the dried salted lake ; Solonchak Uin ; in Bolivia ; the most beautiful place on earth, and how it remembers you?

Salar de Uyuni – a unique place! Smooth salty desert, beless white, on the horizons which are visible to the tops of the mountains. And in the rainy season in the "wet" part of the lake almost do not see the border between the sky and the earth ; As if you walk around the mirror!

Guys at sunset, in Solonchak Wyuni

It is difficult and dearly to get to the most beautiful places to Mach Picchu?

Many said that the road to Machu Picchu is very expensive.

According to the stories, you need to get there with five stops and wild exercises.

In fact, everything is quite simple. Described in detail the whole road I described in our blog.

Mountain Alpaca in Machu Picchu

If you briefly – there are several options in different price categories. The minimum need three days and approximately 210 salts (3500 rubles) per. This is a transfer, two nights in a hostel and a ticket to Machu Picchu, which is worth 128 salts.

What proposal you would describe Picchu Mach? How do you remember this place?

A breathtaking place in which you are amazed not only by magnificent views of the mountains and the skill of the Inca, but also open some unprecedented parties to yourself.

Is it difficult to travel together, couple? What wise men taught you joint travel?

Traveling together – very easy!

Living in St. Petersburg, we constantly dreamed about spending more time. There we had only joint ever after work and weekends. It was very little! On the weekend, we sometimes spoke to each other: "Imagine, if it were possible every day ; like this ; hold together?"

Now our dreams embodied in reality))

We became even closer, although it seemed that there was no closer.

What people live in South America? In which countries and states turned out to be the most good ones and what people you remember any more?

People from country to country are very different. The most open and positive people in Argentina. They are always good-naturedly smiling, offering help, many speak English. Tourists are very good attitude.

Worst of all in this plan in Brazil. Heavyly anxious. The people seem to be friendly and open, but not in English not to explain, nor chat with each other in their native language calmly, nor pofotkat on a good camera.

Kopakabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro

In any case, in South America, it’s good to have friends or acquaintances. Therefore, it is very cool to use crawlsurfing. Russians on this continent are accepted with hunting! 🙂

Tell us about the most unusual traditions and cultures of South America, what you met.

In Argentina, it is not customary to bury or crem. In the cemeteries, the coffins are in the crypts, six to ten pieces on the crypt. How in a closet for clothes – just lie on the shelves along the walls. Sometimes over time the lids open, and you can even see the remains! But this is not the worst: In Argentina, it is customary to change the burial place.

Cemetery of Recolet in Buenos Aires.

In a year or two after the funeral, relatives of the mustache gather again on the grave. Special cemetery officer under shouts and crying relatives opens the coffin, folds the remains in the bag and reboots into a smaller and cheap crypt. You can even find a video on YouTube with this ritual! It is very strange, but it is so accepted. Do not reboot only very rich people whose families own crypts.

Interview with Nikita and Lena, who live and travel in South America

Ordinary people in the cemetery are forced to rent and pay them annually.

Tell us how usually you found housing in different countries, cities of South America?

We use mainly touchers (free accommodation). With local feel confident, although sometimes we need to focus at work, and then we still look for an inexpensive hostel.

Rubbserfing in Peru in a pair of 68 and 74 years

Also sometimes resort to airbnb ; it’s like a mixture of the first with the last.

We want to try on workaway to live and in tents somewhere. 🙂

Where the most expensive everything turned out to live in which city?

The situation aggravated also the fact that we were there during the carnival, so all prices in the city were overestimated. Brazil is generally expensive.

Evening Rio with Sugar Head.

Issue tourist medical insurance

What sights you would recommend visiting in South America?

I would advise you to take a pre-visa to Bolivia and explore carefully every corner of this country. There is a minimum one month to see everything!

Where tourists slyly robbed locals or where tourists overpay for being cheap actually?

In South America, tourists are accepted.

Even in the markets, sometimes you can hear another price, not the one that has just been called local, but if you contact Spanish, then the probability of overpayment is less.

In Yua is very important with everyone to bargain. It is advisable to immediately bring down the price of at least twice, and then proceed from this to negotiate. We must show that you have no money, and you are not another rich gringo.

Largest in South America Fair in Buenos Aires.

Regarding the robbing, we heard many stories, but they themselves collided with this only in Brazil. In South America, it is better to always be on a check and in no way wearing some valuable things with you or big money.

Where are you traveling and what plans for the near future?

Life in Uanchako, Peru

Now we are in Peru. We plan to quickly work on a small farm volunteers. Have long wanted to try this type of activity. Later, according to plan, road in Mexico through Ecuador, Colombia and Panama.

By the end of 2015, most likely the journey will finish.

How do you earn, traveling in Yua?

In the journey, we constantly work remotely. Nikita is engaged in web development, I ; Blog Niklenburg

One of Nikita and Lena jobs in Peru

Sometimes we take projects on the freelance, make websites. Basically i’m all the strength spending on our blog because I love him very much.

In our blog Niklenburg, you can find stories about countries, cities and interesting sights, Lifehaki for travel organization, search for accommodation and work.

All advice ; First-hand and only from personal experience, as well as I regularly take an interview with foreigners, which we meet in the way, about Russia and other countries, public reviews of international programs for free travel.

Many thanks to the guys for the most interesting interview. It helped us better know the continent ; South America, get closer to travel!

Interview with Nikita and Lena, who live and travel in South America

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