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Dmitry, living on the island of Samui, I had an interview. I quote it.

Rina has already lived enough and works in Thailand. I was interested to make an interview with her, because a person who lived for so long in Thailand, probably can tell a lot of interesting things.

– What is your name and how many years you already live Thailand?

My name is Rina, in Thailand I have since 2003, but constantly I live in Phuket since 2005.

– How did you first end up in Thailand?

The first time I arrived in Thailand at work. In traditionally, a favorite place of Russian-speaking tourists – Pattaya. Since then, there was only one time in the spring of this year.

– Why solved here to live and work? And by the way who you work?

Invited to work, I agreed. Then it was a travel company, now I work in marketing and advertising. This year, my friends opened the site about rest in Phuket, I help them a little in the design.

– How interesting is your main job, it is connected with tourists?

Directly with tourists I do not work, this is done by my colleagues. The work is quite interesting, very similar to the activities of the main characters of books "99 Frankov" or "MediaSapiens".

– The most interesting excursion in your opinion? What advise to see first?

On Phuket Mass of amazing excursions. For every taste, size and color. Starting with evening show and fleet in the style of Disneyland and ending with multi-day trips to neighboring provinces. One of my favorite places is the Similan Islands with snow-white velvet sand and transparent sea. Beautiful Khao Juice National Park with a huge lake Cher Lan and the opportunity to see the world’s largest Flower Rafflese. I love the province of cracks to the province where you can go on a day excursion and on the weekend. On the island of Phuket, too, many amazing places: the temple of the Big Buddha, viewing platforms, various places of active recreation, like water skiing, Wayboarding, Kaitsurfing, Tarzanka and others.

– How are you with Thai language, it turned out to learn how to talk about 5 years in Thailand?

In order to learn to speak Thai, you need to spend a lot of time, attend school. I, unfortunately, there was no such possibility, studied the basics itself. I will not say that I can discuss the philosophical themes with Thais, but I have the initial knowledge of colloquial speech and writing. That is, if you get to the Thai village, there will be no special problems.

Interview with Rinkie Work, Rest, Entertainment Thai Tales About Phuket and Thailand

– Many people have a hobby, hobbies. Do you have any hobby in Thailand, your favorite occupation in addition to work?

Shopping! Kidding. Shopping, of course, also hobbies, but not the main. Now everything is free from work time I am devoting to my blog RINO4KA.Ru. I try to collect all the most interesting on the island of Phuket, seen by my eyes. Basically, these are articles interesting to tourists, but I try to write more about the lives of Russian and Thaws in Phuket.

– I know that there are several Russian restaurants on Phuket, so Russian food is not a problem. And what is your attitude to Thai cuisine ? Is there a loved one?

Yes, we have no problems with Russian dishes, in the Spice House restaurants in the Jung Ceylon shopping center on Patong, at the Heritage Hotel on Karon and Euro Deli between Karon Beach and Kata are prepared very tasty. Thai dishes I also love, but it is rare. Why? I prefer lighter food. Although from that pit and curry will never refuse. And, perhaps, from salad som there, if it is prepared without garlic.

– Since this portal, first of all, is dedicated to the island of Samui, I can not not ask if you have been on the island of Samui, and, if so, what most liked?

Not only happened, but also lived there for two years. I like Samui. He does not look like Phuket, more rustic and resting for recreation. I like that most hotels, unlike Phuket, are on the seaside, which is a lot of bungali hotels. I love the nightlife of the island, too, such a rustic and diverse. For example, restaurants and bars on Chaweng Beach, where you can sow on the pillows, music in Bauhaus on the beach Lamai, indescribable atmosphere in Fisherman’s Village, a chic view of the lake from the balcony Q-Bar, parties in Karma. Like to watch pink dolphins when food on ferry on the mainland, unfortunately, not so often they come. From the attractions I love the magic garden of the Buddha and Wat Plai Lem.

– Soon the new year and I would like to ask everyday question: how are you planning to celebrate this holiday?

Of course, fun! Not yet thought about the new year. As a rule, everything is organized by itself. Two years ago, we celebrated a new year in the Spice House restaurant in carnival costumes, and one of the guests was Anastasia Volochkova. Last year staged a buffet on the roof of the hotel on Patong to be visible all the salutes. By analogy in this new year, I think you need to go on a yacht in the sea to see the night Patong in all its glory.

Interview with Rinkie Work, Rest, Entertainment Thai Tales About Phuket and Thailand

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