Interview with Sebastien Merinharg, director of TIGNES Development

See: Tin is among the top ten resorts in Europe. This is facilitated, first, excellent conditions for skiing, and secondly, the high quality of the services provided. Tiny has many advantages. For example, Tin enters the united zone of Espas-Killi, forming about 300 km of prepared tracks with Val d’Ier. In addition, in Tine presented all the possibilities for a sports holiday that suits young people.

Tin Much attention surprises promoted resort on the Russian market. Tell us about his results.

See: Compared to the last season, the growth of Russian tourists in the winter 2009-2010 reaches 30%. Russia and Poland – the most actively developing markets at the Tin resort. Basically, those Russian tourists come, who prefer a truly sports vacation and ride from morning to evening. Opportunities for such a holiday in Tina are limitless!

Who fits the resort Tin?

In Tina, there are few tracks for beginners. They will suit Val d’izer. Tin is ideal for skiers and snowboarders, medium and high skiing. In total, Tin is 11% of the trained trails and 89% virgin for Freeride.

What are the conditions in the resort for recreation with children?

In fact, 68% of the guests of our resort come without children. Children are much only during the periods of the French vacation. In these weeks, we arrange a special children’s animation and a variety of entertainment programs. During the rest of the time the resort is focused on sports youth.

Three large schools work in the resort, in which skiing and snowboarding riding. There are some more small. Schools of Marmottan and Neige are engaged in children – there are children on skis from three years.

What is the portrait of a tourist resting in Tina?

CM: 58% of holidaymakers in Tine – Men. 52% – aged 15 to 39 years. 58% are engaged in sports every day. 46% – French. Middle earnings on the family – from 3 to 6 thousand euros per month.

Tell us about Freeride and Freestyle in Tina in more detail?

Tin – Paradise for Freeride. No one forbids athletes to ride at unprepared slopes. Vice versa! Insurance, purchased in the resort, covers injuries obtained including outside of the prepared slopes. Courses on the use of avalanche beacons.

In Snow Parks, inflatable pillows were installed near the student jumps – it is convenient to land in them after the tricks and jumps from the springboard. It is very convenient for novice extremals.

How to learn freeride?

Ideally, the skier should appeal to the instructor who will traine his Azam skiing on virgin, and will also show the best routes for beginners. In addition, freeride is desirable to have special equipment: special skis, helmet and other protection, probe, sensor, shovel. In Tina, there are special Nature Ride zones, where training skiing will take particularly successfully.

How it happened that Tin became so friendly to the freeride?

This is just the requirement of the market. Skiers rode for virgin always. We decided that you need not to prohibit it to do it, but on the contrary, create the best conditions.

What other sports can be engaged in Tine in winter?

See: We have routes for cross-country skiing. You can make skiing or walking. On the lake there is a skating rink for figure skating and a hole for treated diving. Can ride dog sledding. There is a center of kart, where the route is laid on the ice. On a special automotive track, you can take the lessons of extreme driving. When snow is not enough, you can play golf in the snow. You can fly on paraglider.

All sports that are engaged in closed rooms are presented in the center of Tignespace. There you can play bowling, ping pong, english and t.NS.

Le Lagon has a swimming pool, water slides, hammams, saunas and jacuzzi.

The main event of this season – the Extreme Competitions Winter X Games will be held in Europe for the first time in Europe. And the place of their first European stage was chosen Tin. How did you manage it? How to prepare?

CM: X Games will be held in Tine on March 10-12. Construction of Snow Parks and Half Pipe goes in full. Already, we understand that much more athletes, tourists and journalists want to come to us, which can accommodate our resort.

Conducting X Games in Tine will add to our image of the resort for freeride and freestyle of additional fame. As soon as X Games announced that they want to spend the first stage in Europe, we immediately joined the fight. We had competitors, and we are glad that the competition will still be held with us. We concluded a contract for three years.

Tin is a place where dreams of big sports turn into real experience. The skiers can develop their skills and try the forces in Freeride, although before that they only saw the exciting footsteps of free skating on a virgin on TV. Now we will run X Games – extreme games, previously available only to the American viewer.

What features of MICE-tourism are presented in Tine?

Interview with Sebastien Merinharg, director of TIGNES Development

See: We offer all sorts of entertainment for our tourists. Particularly popular is dinner in the restaurant on the Grand Mott glacier, and then a descent with sprues or sledstones is held. If people are not at all sports, then we, of course, can, especially for them to raise the funicular on the glacier and late in the evening. But if you wish, you can even organize sleeping places in the restaurant on the glacier.

Conference room in Tina is only one, and it is quite old. By December 2011, we plan to open a new business center where conference rooms will be equipped, meetings for meetings and T.NS. In the organization TIGNES DEVELOPMENT there is a department that is engaged in business tourism. He is always ready to choose a suitable program and help in its implementation.

How the resort Tin plans to develop in the near future?

Tin – a very young resort. He began to build in the 1950s specifically as a ski center. Tin is five cities (the highest – Val Claret, the most central – Le Lac, next to it – Lavachette, below and slightly advanced – Les Boisses, the lowest – Les Brevieres).

Over the past 15 years, the number of beds has doubled. The resort continues to grow. Especially actively developing the company La Compagnie de Gestion Hôtelière (CGH), which owns the two new hotels – Les Suites du Nevada and L’Ecrin du Val Claret – and several residences.

We have a five-year plan to improve the trails, ski areas for off-piste and ski lifts. Our plan for the future – to offer guests a resort even better service, but for the same money. Therefore, we are constantly adding additional services, which can be obtained, for example, buying a ski pass. Now when you buy a ski pass Espace Killy more than two days, the tourist receives a free ticket to the swimming pool and Tignespace. In the future, these programs will become even more.

We have the impression that the resort is now packed to the eyeballs.

You have arrived at the most high season. During national holidays, which last for a few weeks, the French resort is filled completely. But in November, December (before Christmas break), January and March – traditionally the low season, when hotels have empty seats. At this time, we are looking forward to foreign tourists, including from Russia. And in "Low" periods prices may be two times lower than in the days of the French holidays. French holidays fall at the end of December and the end of February.

What’s going on in Tignes in the summer?

SM: First, we have the glacier, skiing is possible all year round which. However, from May to July and September to November glacier closed to visitors, but it is not due to weather conditions. Just at this time, few tourists and launch platforms, as well as to serve the route on the glacier is not profitable. But in the heat of summer – about 20 June to 31 August – the glacier is open for skiing. Depending on weather conditions it opened about 20 km of ski slopes.

The resort laid around 100 kilometers of trails for bikes, including mountain. The rise of these routes is carried out in the summer of two lifts that are absolutely free.

If in the last 7 months of winter we take 400 thousand tourists in Tignes, over 2.5 months of summer – about 100 thousand. We believe that it is not bad at all. In addition to riding on a glacier and cycling, we can play golf, spend time on the lake and T.NS. The only thing you need to take into account – Tin is located quite high, so the day when the weather is good and shines the sun, the atmosphere is quite pleasant. But if overcast and rains, as well as at night in Tina can be cold, which is quite unpleasant in summer. However, athletes who are mainly arrived in Tin, it does not confuse.

You declare that this year the ski season will close in Tine on May 8, a week later than in the neighboring Val d’ser. What programs are preparing on the occasion of this event?

See: The last week of the season – from May 1 to 8 – We called Happy End. Various animation will be held, the program of which will be announced later. It can also be noted that due to the increase in the daylight, the lifts will start earlier and closed later than the usual. In addition, a special offer is already beginning to operate at the end of the season – accommodation in apartments + ski passes for a week costs from 175 euros per person.

Interview with Sebastien Merinharg, director of TIGNES Development

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