Interview with trendy photographer Maria Levitskaya about the joys of life

One of the most popular photographers g. Cheboksary ; Maria Levitskaya shares the secrets of a successful photo and tell us about how to be happy and enjoy life!

Masha, your portfolio is impressive, but let’s go back in those days when you did the first badgers in this passion..

How did you become a photographer?

Maria: ; Thank you) In fact, I first took the camera when I was 8 years old.

Now I do not remember, whether it was angry, or the FED, but the process itself shook me.

I felt myself a sorceress when I put on the sharpness and decide what to put a diaphragm and excerpt) the first film was lost, but I still remember what I was then photographed) ;

FED ; One of the first machines of Masha.

; About 6 years ago I got the FED again and started shooting a film on the PBC. Show her, printed photos of the house in the bathroom on Barite paper. And only then bought a digital camera. ;

And at what point your pictures began to bring at least some income? Do you remember your first order?

Maria: ; if we talk about commercial shooting, then this year three years ago, when friends offered me to rent a wedding. And we didn’t even tell the amount, because I didn’t even know how much such work is.

I was very worried, that day was a terrible shower and I could say, a fighting baptism was hurt) ;

You have favorite customers? Who are you who you want to take pictures?

Maria: ; in fact there is) there are couples who are very memorable, they remember their shooting, attitude to each other.

I really appreciate respect between lovers. ;

One of the couples in love with Masha Levitskaya photographer

Maria: ; Of course, it is nice to shoot people who are trepid to each other.

And most importantly, for all this time I met a lot of people. In each family (already held or so far only the future) its microclimate, its already established traditions, communication is some kind of special.

Of all these dating, I draw conclusions, I try to allocate for myself positive and not only. This experience helps me better understand people and build attitudes in your own family.

I am very glad that many of my lovers have become an excellent example of warm and mental relations for me.

Rarely refuse to shoot, but this also happens. Usually my intuition does not fail me. If I feel that there is no love, no respect, or if a non-love person writes me, I just can’t work with such a couple. I must first love them, and then wanted to make something beautiful and special for them.

What is the most interesting, last year most of my customers were men: they ordered shooting for their girls, they decided questions regarding wedding shooting. And that’s great. ;

Photographer Maria Levitskaya

How is your good morning begins?

Maria: ; it depends on the time of year. Now, in summer, free time catastrophically lacks on yourself, but in general, I am a terrible Sonya.If there is an opportunity, I prefer to sleep longer, well, or just lie down, because I lie very late, usually it is 2 nights.

Before starting the morning, I will definitely include music, because I just don’t think of my life without music) This is something like soundtracks to everyday life)

Then I bring myself in order, I make a light breakfast, checking mail. ;

Scenery on one of the weddings, photos of Mary.

Maria: ; throughout the day you have to discuss some working moments with brides.

I definitely choose to ride a bike, I can not imagine my life without this thing. This is pleasure, and useful, plus I’m looking for places to shoot outside the city, moving on his bike.

In the evening, usually shooting, then processing. Of all this "Action" I try to scatter time for my family and friends.

I really love ride a cottage with my husband. Together we paint it, we have been creating a comfort) recently bought a hammock and do not be able to be able to sow on it) ;

You take pictures mostly in nature, it is related to. 🙂

Maria: ; I do not even know with what. It’s just beautiful) ;

That for you will be a good result from the work done?

Maria: ; I like the process itself, like watching people.

I still need to learn a lot, so I can not say that I am always pleased with the result, but most importantly, when people smile, looking at their photos. Well, if my job brought them joy. ;

How did you get on the cover of IKEA magazine?

Maria and husband on the cover of IKEA magazine

Maria: ; in fact, it can do any)

In IKEA, shares are carried out, where anyone can get a catalog with him on the cover.

Need to come, take a picture and wait when the catalog will print. We are planning to do this by an annual family event. ;

Where do you get inspiration ?

Maria: ; probably it’s trite, but these are movies and music.

Sometimes you watch a movie and you understand that here it is magic, look, turn the head, movement of hands. And of course there are masters of your business, my virtual teachers. Photographers who inspire me. ;

You have a very interesting photo processing, a lot of time and effort goes to processing a photo?

Maria: ; before, yes, very much, but everything comes with experience, including labor optimization)))

Still, it is much more important to laid out during the shooting, put the picture in the head correctly, then embody it into life. No processing will save boring people in the photo. ;

You capture a lot of happy lovers, whether time remains for personal happiness?

A photo session of a love couple from Maria Levitskaya

Maria: ; Well, now, while I answer your questions, my personal happiness sleeps next to and sees I don’t know what kind of sleep)

My lovers are a lot teach me, not aware of.

It is not easy to find "your" person, and if you found it, then hold on with your hands and legs, because relationships are hard work. Heavy but the most favorite. ;

If you could guess any desire, whatever it was?

Maria: ; I always have little time, little day, I want to have time. I want to read a lot, look more movies.

Just walk, holding the hand of your loved one, but it’s not enough for 24 hours) That’s if more time .. ;

What do you like most?

Maria: ; I adore listen to music. I can simply lie in the headphones there are pineapples and nothing to think if I listen to something very beautiful. ;

That in reality is the life of a fashion photographer?

Maria: ; I don’t know how much I am a fashionable photographer) But I am happy, although loaded. I am pleased that people want to get to shoot exactly to me and ready to wait a month free date. All this encourages me and motivates. ;

Tell me the hobby of ceramics. Where did it come from and whether it was difficult to sculpt the jugs from clay?

Interview with trendy photographer Maria Levitskaya about the joys of life

Such masterpieces are obtained from Mary in the lessons of ceramics

Maria: ; it is very interesting, very soothes, and this is the creation of something beautiful, and not just contemplation. I always wanted to try something to blind, and here it was my friend gathered for such a lesson. I could not go.

I did not reach the jugs, it is really difficult and requires experience and skill. ;

Photo for you is not the only source of income?

Maria: ; no, it’s rather a hobby. I never asked to earn it. It’s just a way to do something that will stay after me will bring joy to people.

I teach English and this is also a favorite job, because it allows you to live every day in different ways.

It is incomparably with office work. Children are very different, they are always unpredictable and immediate. I love it. Sometimes they open something new for me, then what you do not see, communicating with adults. ;

Photographer Maria Levitskaya

A large number of orders for photodes, all summer is already employed? How do all these people find you?

Maria: ; yes, my summer is already painted and it scares me, because I don’t like to live according to the schedule, but it teaches about the order) I don’t know how they find me, because I don’t have any ads. There must be a sarafined radio.

Someone sees the photos from their friends and lights up) I would also caught fire) ;

You probably have already managed to visit hundreds of weddings 🙂 What is the most remembered most?

Photographer Maria Levitskaya

Maria: ; I like calm weddings, where only the closest. Last year I removed the wedding, where there were only 19 people.

I really like to communicate with the parents of the couple, and immediately bribes me if it is sincere people. I do not accept rudeness. Light sarcasm of lovers yes, but not the lack of respect between people.

And good, it is good people who are good people, and the rest are not interested. ;

Photographer Maria Levitskaya

What is the secret of the popular group of VKontakte? You have it popular: / mlevitska

Maria: ; it is not) I do not buy subscribers and not PRIs. I like that all her subscribers are people who really like what I do. ;

You traveled through Southwerry, and who decided to travel such travel?

Maria on O. Boracay (Philippine Islands)

Maria: ; In China offered to go my husband, although I reacted to the proposal without much delight, until I realized that I would see the Great Wall of China)

At the Philippines offered to go my sister and her husband. We loved Asia very much. The next in turn of Indonesia) I would like to live there for a while. ;

What are your plans for the future?

Maria: ; be happy, enjoy life, please your family. ;

Finally, share your favorite quote;)

Maria: ; I like the statement of Ingmar Bergman: Life has exactly the value we want to add it. ;

Thank Maria for sincere and interesting comments!

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Interview with trendy photographer Maria Levitskaya about the joys of life

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