Interviews with the flight attendants of three popular airlines on the life and work

I interviewed three beautiful girls working stewardesses in the Russian and Ukrainian airlines: MAU ; Anastasia, Aeroflot ; Ekaterina, Transaero ; Yuliya.

I ask them interesting questions on their profession and got here are the answers:

Flight attendants on the work

Is it true that the pilots only men can be?

Yuliya: Of course not.

Anastasia: Our airline has also girl-pilot. And all of our flight attendants insanely proud of it. For the countries of the former Soviet Union this practice, however, a rarity. But if you look at the foreign airlines, the number of female pilots much more. Especially in Lufthansa. So that the pilot can be a man or a woman – there are no barriers. There is another problem: the airline, unfortunately, because all the candidates would choose a man than a woman.

Catherine: Work in the sky is not so detrimental effect on women, such as work underground in the subway. Therefore, it may become a pilot and a woman. The main thing to have good health and appropriate technical background. After all in the hands of the pilot lives of hundreds of people.

You are afraid to fly?

Yuliya: not at all.

Anastasia: There was never a fear of flying. On the contrary, it has always attracted, because, perhaps, it is difficult to understand people who are afraid to fly.

Catherine: We are not afraid to fly. Well, not sure of all the flight attendants. But I do not have. When this question I get asked the passengers: I ask them. Are they afraid to go to their work? We like all normal people with the survival instincts of fear, for example, strong turbulence. Afraid that someone could be so bad that even the doctor can not help him. Afraid of many everyday problems on board. But we are not afraid to fly. We love our work and our passengers.

What is it like to be constantly in the air?

Yuliya: Awesome!

Anastasia: Then looking, which way you look. View this course, what not one office worker can not boast. But there are also disadvantages that affect health. Humidity in the flight time is only 20%, so the dry mucous. This is especially felt by those who wear lenses. The feeling of the end of the flight is not pleasant) Plus, of course, the effect of pressure on the blood vessels.

Catherine: I do not even know how to answer the question of what it is to be in the air. It is better to ask what it is to be all the time at home?

What is the difference between economy class and business class?

Yuliya: Seating more comfortable, food, alcoholic beverages.

Anastasia: The difference for passengers above all in the comfort and variety of food. As for the relationship to the passengers – there is much of a difference I do not see for yourself. I do not care what class passengers flying. I try to always keep a smile on your face and be friendly all the wasps because the passenger bought a ticket, he wants to get excellent service, no matter how much he paid.

Catherine: The difference between business and economy class? and you buy a ticket and feel it yourself. Not for me to judge)

Who can become a flight attendant?

Yuliya: Any healthy and beautiful woman.

Anastasia: Before beginning to work here, it is believed that a flight attendant can be a girl with model looks. Already at the first interview, I noted that this is not the most important thing. Good looks – it really is a huge plus. But still focused HR pay attention to your sociability, the ability to get out of any situation. In addition, you need to have a higher education, know foreign languages ​​(the more, the better), well, the most basic criterion is good health.

For me, the main qualities that the flight attendant must have – this is the ability to keep an excerpt in any situation, the ability to respond quickly in a critical situation and of course, a friendly smile. I remember, at the interview asked: "Can you, no matter what, sincerely smile passengers? You can not tolerate your problems?", Then I answered that there is nothing difficult in this. But now I understand that it is not so easy.

Catherine: A stewardess can be Each, although you will be useful to growth above the average and knowledge of foreign languages, and of course charm.

You often offer a date or ask your phone number Passengers?

Yuliya: Pretty yes.

Anastasia: Sometimes it happens. I am pleasant if you are limited to the compliment, because I understand that the form itself is more affected by men.

Catherine: Often say compliments, often give gifts, often ask phone numbers, often leave. Invite on dates, but we only have close relationship with the sky. On earth we are rarely. Therefore, even if there is a great desire, then there is no possibility.

How many languages ​​you say?

Yuliya: Russian and English.

Anastasia: For me, native languages ​​- Ukrainian and Russian. In addition to them, I speak English, German and a little in French.

Catherine: Personally, I speak 4 languages. But in the work I use only English and Russian, respectively.

What do you most like in your work?

Yuliya: Sky and gratitude passengers.

Anastasia: Probably most, I like that there is no stable schedule. I know many it will be annoying, but for me it is the most. I can not imagine, as if I climbed in the office from 9 to 6.

Huge plus that every time you have a new team and if you suddenly do not get along, the probability of getting one flight is not so high, but the most pleasant thing is the opportunity to celebrate a huge number of new people every time. For one flight, we transport about 160 people, that is, on average, per day, I can chat with 300 people.

Catherine: In my work, I love absolutely everything. But most of all, probably, the fact that this is the only profession that allows you to walk across the sky.

What passengers are remembered for you?

Yuliya: Peaceful smiling in response.

Anastasia: It all depends on personal sympathy, but in every flight there are exactly a few people who say "Will Make My Day". Now I remember one elderly couple of the British. They treated each other with such a thrill, never seen this.

Catherine: It is difficult to memorize passengers. On the day you are at least 300 people. Do you work. And the work takes away all the time even at the height. It’s hard to get used to someone or remember. Attention I want to give absolutely everyone. To fly to give everyone pleasure.

What a rest, the flight you remember most? Why?

Yuliya: I recently fly, so it makes it difficult to answer. Well, of course, in hot countries, in Dubai, for example.

Anastasia: My favorite flight is Georgia. I love to fly there. The first time flew in Tbilisi still in the inverters and since then fell in love with Georgians. Somehow I am very easy to get along with them, and when I recently got there overnight, my happiness was not the limit.

The city is some kind of magical, and everything is so kindly to you. Always believed that the main impression of the city you get, communicating with people. Now, on your vacation, I plan to go to Georgia to enjoy this country to full.

Catherine: My favorite business trip is -ongong. This place seemed to me so amazingly beautiful. I immediately felt like in my place. As if I belong to him. I love mountain range and sea. And with full confidence I can say that this is my favorite flight.Arrive. Make sure.

Are there fear that terrorists can be on the plane?

Yuliya: There is no fear as such, but, of course, it becomes unpleasant from such a thought.

Anastasia: During training, we, of course, discussed what to do in such a situation. And at that moment such thoughts slipped. But now this is somehow not even thinking.

Catherine: I think everything happens only in films. Well, or this will definitely happen to me. And I hope that this will not happen at all with anyone.

Little children fly (up to 6 years) without adults?

Yuliya: Of course! We have a special program for this ; accompanied child ;, where representatives of our airline are notified of us about the presence of such a child on board, we follow it throughout the entire flight. At the end of the flight, we transfer it to our representative personally in hand, where he at the airport arrives to his parents.

Anastasia: Unaccompanied children can fly from 5 to 16 years. We call such children (from Unsupported Minor). Those kids who have not turned 5 to transport without adults are not allowed.

Catherine: They fly from 5 years. By the way, the point is a convenient thing for parents who want to send their child to her grandmother and grandfather on vacation, but at the same time they themselves still do not have the opportunity to break from work on vacation.

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What the main qualities should have a flight attendant?

Yuliya: Stress resistance, politeness, goodwill, mutual understanding, sociability, speech culture.

Anastasia: Sociability, stress resistance, skill get along with new people in a team. In general, these are all the qualities that the airline requires you, but believe me, such requirements are not in vain.

From myself I can add that the flight attendant is like a mixture of different professions: it should be a psychologist and a little doctor, and so be a waiter (but high-class), and in the end a good actor, because people all sorts come across, but you need to smile All.

Catherine: Just love your work.

What people choose a business class more often?

Yuliya: Welfare.

Anastasia: Here for myself I highlight three types. The first is the people who are put on the status, all sorts of businessmen. Second – Celebritis and all who can be attributed here. The third – employees who have paid a firm in business.

Catherine: Often the business class choose people who can afford. For pleasure is not cheap.

How long the stewardess can work by the flight capacity?

Yuliya: Before pension, in our case 8 years, but in general, if you look good, then fly to health.

Anastasia: So far allows health. We have in the company there are people who fly over 20 years. That is, they worked back in the Soviet Aeroflote.

Catherine: Stewardess works until the last. It is very difficult to quit aviation if you are in love with her.

What you eat stewardess on board the aircraft?

Yuliya: As a rule, a business class food, you can bring that food with you that you prefer.

Anastasia: For flight attendants for each flight, the power is loaded, which includes hot (all sorts of pancakes, terribly tasteless omelets, puree or pasta with a small amount of meat and t.D.), cold snacks (small salads), some fruit and chocolate. That is, it turns out such a small snack so that we get the necessary vitamins for the flight time.

Catherine: We have a little different powered from the passenger. But I will not say that it is better or worse.

Tell us about a funny or strange case during the next your flight.

Yuliya: There was no such thing yet..

Anastasia: There are many such cases, because (forgive) it seems that most passengers, climbing on board, his brain is in baggage. Forever remember one story. Flew mom with two children. Local flight, fly in general, for a short time, because we only offer tea-coffee-water and now we are saying goodbye to passengers, it comes to us this mom with children and hands a glass with liquid.

We thought, well, you never know the baby’s juice. Mom smiles sweetly, thanks for the flight and at the exit from the plane, turning says: "This is a children’s urine". We just easily easily. And before the end of the farewell to the passengers laugh could not calm down.

In any country you like to fly more?

Yuliya: Of course there where the sea, the sun, the beach;)

Anastasia: In principle, all the countries are good. There is nothing special to highlight. But here are the most unloved areas – Egypt and Tel Aviv. Here, I think, the flight attendants will understand me)

Catherine: I have no preference for flights. Previously, I would often fly to business trips. And now I’m more and more homesick.

Do you like Russian passengers? Or vice versa?

Yuliya: Oh sure.

Anastasia: I think that here is difficult to say definitely. I can definitely say only that I do not like flying on Domodedovo. Once it so happened that the passengers on the flight have always come across scandalous. If we compare the passengers Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo, the feeling seems as if people from different countries. But the most, shall we say, intelligent fly to / from Pulkovo. I love this flight.

Catherine: I love absolutely all passengers. Of different nationalities. But recently I realized that the Poles most positive passengers.

How many days maximum you stayed abroad for work, waiting for the flight back?

Yuliya: A maximum of a week, but sometimes more.

Anastasia: The maximum infiltration at us until 2 days. I visited while here in Astana and Almaty.

Catherine: Personally, I am for a day. But there are here and travel for 4 days. This, of course, will be lucky. If you find yourself in Male or Tenerife by as much as 4 days! paradise is!

How girls and boys would you recommend the work of flight attendants?

Julia: Beautiful, purposeful, smart, knowledgeable languages.

Anastasia: Those who believe that do the job. For those who want constant movement and new appointments. The main thing to remember: if you really want, you can try. This is because no one stops.

Catherine: Young and energetic. Well, as always and everywhere are waiting for them with open arms. But your children probably are prohibited to go into this profession.

Why did you choose this profession?

Yuliya: Because in a previous life I was a swallow 🙂 But seriously, all my qualities contribute to this particular profession.

Anastasia: In the fourth year looked PanAm series and decided: "Here it is, my dream job!"The whole year was looking for where to send resumes, probably reread everything that I found on the internet. And after a successful graduation, leaving for vacation, simply resume sent at random to one of the airlines. And away)

Catherine: Honestly? I just sent a resume. Thought that if otvetyat- means fate. Well as you can see I made the right decision.

What bonuses, bonuses can allocate Airline flight attendants? For what services?

Yuliya: Air travel at a significant discount for the responsible performance of work in the event of an emergency situation.

Anastasia: We in premiums issued, if the work on holidays or make a night flight. There are also incentives for transport charters, sailors, etc.D.

Catherine: Well, perhaps the most important bonus is ; mile tickets. Very comfortably. Despite the fact that we have so much travel, thanks to the work.

What are your professional goals?

Yuliya: Go to work in the business class, and then in my Imperial Airlines. Then there are 2 ways: to go into business or work in the aviation Emirates Airline.

Interviews with the flight attendants of three popular airlines on the life and work

Anastasia: I can not answer

Who do you see yourself in the next 5 years in the profession?

Yuliya: a flight attendant only.

Anastasia: It is difficult to imagine. I would like to work in this area, but perhaps in another airline.

Catherine: I would like to become a senior flight attendant. But this is a very responsible position. And while I’m at it is not ready.

Life Flight attendants

How do you spend your free time?

Yuliya: With loved ones, my mother and her friends. I go to the cinema, parties or just relaxing at home
and I read books.

Anastasia: First, sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. Well, and then a meeting with the friends and all sorts of entertainment. At the interview we all fear that the work will be time consuming, but I must say that I do not remember when I used to be so much fun opportunities to relax and meet up with all your friends.

Catherine: With family and friends. But more often than one. And maybe I’m asleep or just lie on the bed. And when the power dial, then try to hold it as fully.

Do you like your work?

Yuliya: Love.

Anastasia: Madly! And to be honest, now I can not imagine how else could do.

Catherine: Love work. And in my opinion, all my answers say yourself for yourself.

Whether you want to become a pilot?

Yuliya: No.

Anastasia: Usually, the stewardess ask, would like to marry the pilot)) and tell you, some choose this profession exactly to get married: for the pilot or for the passenger business class – it is no longer so important, but the desire to become a pilot There are not many.

Catherine: The pilot would not like to be. Not at all mine.

Do you think the plane is the safest transport?

Julia: Yes.

Anastasia: I think yes. Look only for statistics, and everything becomes clear. About 500 people divided by the plane, while more than 1 million 200 thousand people die due to car accident.

Catherine: Of course, this is the safest transportation. And everything that would not happen on the plane, all for the sake of security. For example, turn off the phone to not be an interference to communicate pilots with dispatchers . In the word aviation hidden the word Security.

What is the difficulty to be a stewardess, how do you think?

Yuliya: Permanent change of time zones, constant flights affect health.

Catherine: Well, first: work at night. For the body, which is used to sleep at this time, the day is not capable of any work. And how do you change time zones? Almost every day you cross them. And this can not affect your body. It is difficult to sometimes make friends with a new colleague. On board every day different brigades. With whom you need to work and for this you need to find an approach to it.

What aircraft you like more fly?

Yuliya: Boeing ; 777

Anastasia: While I’m trained only on one type, so you have not yet to choose from. But I would like to vote on Airbus.

Catherine: For us there is no difference in airplanes.

In this article, read details about Airbus 320 aircraft.

Does combine your work with a personal life?

Yuliya: This is certainly a bit complicated, but I try.

Anastasia: Succeed but hard. Especially when both work in one sphere and each has its own schedule, but they definitely do not bother relationships.

Catherine: Work and personal life is not only difficult for us. We usually depend on whether your partner understands you and who you work and what it all means. And if yes. That is an idyl.

Whether you went on a date with your passenger?

Yuliya: No

Anastasia: No, but with some of the passengers I communicate still.

Catherine: Personally, I did not go on a date with the passenger. But I know more than one story about such a date with a happy end 🙂

If you needed to choose only one country to fly there at work all year, what a country would be?

Yuliya: Jamaica

Anastasia: Australia. I would have moved there and live, but unfortunately we do not fly there.

Catherine: I would like it to be US. I have long been dreaming to see the states.

Finally, tell us about some little-known fact, the secret of which is unknown or little-known passengers or advise something!

Yuliya: I advise all the future colleagues who plans to become a steward or a flight attendant, never retreat from the intended goals, always know what you want, love your profession and always work on yourself! And everything will be wonderful! The sky loves strengths and bold 🙂

Anastasia: In case of fire (if you do not put it off) the aircraft burns in 90 seconds. Not sure what you can print)

Catherine: Advise to be friends with a stewardess. After all, who, as not she is always glad to help you, what would happen to you. Whether a glass of water or fainting. We are always happy to you on board.

There were quite different answers to girls and from whether we can bear that the life of every person is largely determined by our inner attitude to everything around.

I hope from this interview you managed to make something new and interesting for yourself.

Perhaps it is this article that will affect your future fate, you will try yourself as a flight attendant or finally travel your own fear of flying! 🙂

Tip: "What would you do in life, do it with all your heart"

If it does not work, then you are not on the right path, because to achieve success in life from you will need to give all the best that you are only capable, and then you will live without regrets.

Interviews with the flight attendants of three popular airlines on the life and work

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