Intuscible inventions

Samples and mistakes man pierced his way to prosperity. Living on the Nature of Nature Dick, at first and not sapiens even, experimented with handicraft pebbles, rusties, grass. Something went better, something did not come out at all. Something leaned in a stadding of everyday life, and something — No. Something like Choper or Moth will remain on a primitive citizen, something will go through war and hunting. Put flush to a stick — Spear will come out. Impose a deer core to the tight branch — Onions on the fear of neighbors and the surrounding fauna.

Everything has changed over thousands of years: where there was a parking lot of a hunter for a mammother, the gripping forge appeared, on the site of the forge — Spacious buildings of NII. Changing a boiled dressing on the leather apron, and apron — on the checkered shirt and glasses with thick glasses, the person continued experiments in the field of destruction of himself like. And, like a lot of generations back, not all worked.


With the opening of atomic energy, the world captured fever. In addition to bombs and power plants, atomic energy wanted to use in the automotive industry, shipbuilding and even household appliances. These projects, with the exception of atomic icebreaks, were not crowned with success — Physics never managed to develop a fairly compact and safe reactor. Another project was considered more — Creating an aircraft with an atomic engine.

The idea of ​​the possibility of creating an atomet began to appear in the American press in early 40s. Then all the forces of nuclear physicists took the creation of a bomb, and speech about spending them on something, in addition to weapons, could not go. But the war ended, and a recent ally, the USSR became the new strategic opponent. Such a situation assumed long air travel in the event of a conflict, and the creation of an atomat again appeared on the agenda. The aircraft with an atomic reactor in theory could be in the air months, and the only flight time limiter was becoming stamina.

By 1955, the United States managed to create a car called Crusader («Crusader»). From 1957 to 1959 the car made 47 flights. Crusader was accompanied by an airplane, measured the level of radiation emanating from the atomat, and a transport aircraft with marine fighters, ready to pull the remains of a trial model in case of falling.

By 1960, atomoles, albeit another model, not Crusader, could be completed in the near future. But the administration of President Kennedy, who came to power, decided to minimize the project because of the huge costs and, as it seemed to the president, the project’s futility.

At the very beginning of American developments about the project, it became known in the Soviet Union. Puting a task to catch up and overtake America and in this regard, the Soviet leadership entrusted to develop a plane to two KB — Tupolev and Meatsishchev. Tests in Semipalatinsk did not give the desired result. The struggle for financing was with the young space industry, and by 1960, the last representatives managed to convince Khrushchev that the aviation would soon come to no and disappear at all. In the same year, Academician of Kurchatov dies, the ideological inspirer of the project. The development of the atomat is folded. The project will remain unrealized.

Intuscible inventions

Submarine Nikonova

In 1718, in the name of Peter I received a petition. Some kind of carpenter Efim Nikonov from the village of Pokrovskoe-Rubtsovo, which near Moscow, wrote that «He will make a craft vessel to the military case for enemies, which will break the ships to the sea, in a quiet time, although it would be ten, or twenty, and for the sample to be sampled». The petition remains unanswered. Three years later, the persistent master sends a sovereign another letter. Carpenter again dictates scribes: it can build a submarine ship. After it turns on oppression from officials. It is unclear that it was forced Peter to pay attention to the second appeal — Complaints or the project itself, but at the beginning of 1720 Nikonov with his submarine goes to the management of admiralty college. Moscow region Cleretz ordered to provide all the necessary materials on demand and provide workers. Nikonov went to St. Petersburg, where a model of the future submarine was built within 13 months.

Tests took place in March 1721. Small sizes Experienced model The sample was not brilliant, but the royal decree ordered to build a full-fledged «hidden ship» At the St. Petersburg Gallery. Neither drawings, no drawings have survived — The size and appearance of the boat remains to be judged by indirect sources. If you judge how many Nikonov ordered wood, it can be assumed that the boat in length was about 6 m, and in width — About 2 meters. Not only carpenters were attracted to work, but also bondary — need to think, the design resembled a barrel. The boat immersed with the help of ballast — In a special tank, water was allowed from abroad. The course was adjusted by the steering. Walked ship. In the initial project on the boat, it was assumed to install guns, but later it was decided to produce diver in the Space of the Nikonov construction, which was supposed to set fire to. Another option: to provide a boat «fiery pipe» — primitive flamethrower, like Greek fire.

In the fall of 1724, the invention Nikonova was lowered. Submarine Stone went to the bottom and crashed about soil. Peter did not lose: he commanded the carpenter to modify the boat, and all the rest ordered Nikonov «no one in the guilt of confusion».

After Peter’s death, it turned out that the master himself recognized his project unsuccessful and only for removal of the eyes promised the king to finalize the previous option. The new boat was launched in 1727 and also suffered fiasco. Nikonov was demolished to a simple carpenter, in what quality he died in a few years.

Intuscible inventions

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