Inventory is not all. How to prepare for mountaineering

Relevant Body workout, Improving efficiency, logistics associated with the trip, as well as the choice of professional climbing equipment &# 8211; The basis for organizing a trip to high mountains.

Experience and skills

Deciding to go to the mountains, you must first Connect small vertices and go to Long hiking by low mountains, for example, in Tatras. Training courses, conducted in the wild mountains and Seminars Winter tourism can be useful for receiving invaluable experience. Meetings S Professional climbers, Mountain rescuers or professional guides, Certainly, become Useful lesson, Introducing you by S Alpinism, conditions predominant in the mountains and threats for life and health.

Important aspect &# 8211; know the limit of their physical abilities. Regular training will not prepare the body to travel into high mountains, so it is necessary to conduct countless hours in the field.

Knowledge of security rules

For Navigation in highlands Required not only Practical training, but also Theoretical knowledge in the field of navigation, avalanche dangers, climbing, methods of movement in the complex locality in winter and physiology of the human body. Snowy, often iced trail leads to the heights of most high Mountain ridges, What can Become Serious threat For unable and unfamiliar climber. Equipment, incoming athlete’s basic equipment, can save life or health Only as Proper use.

When preparing for high climbing, it is also worth meeting with nearby bases, VariousRoutes of descent, write down the rooms of local alpashers and familiarize themselves with the rules of safe climb on a specific area. Can also be useful, Talk to the participants who have already passed the same route.

Body endurance check

Inventory is not all. How to prepare for mountaineering

Before going to the highlands, it is necessary Complete physical fit under control Qualified coach, Knowledge and experience of which will help you develop the right form. In highlands The pressure drops fast, And this means that Accessibility and absorption of oxygen by the body decreases. Proper breathing and ability to control oxygen level may be invaluable in the crisis situation. Before you decide on departure, it is Contact doctor, Which is engaged Sports medicine &# 8211; so that he checked our health, the current state, the work of the heart and the possible affiliation Group of increased risk, associated with diseases, such as blood circulation systems or pressure.


Problems, with which the human body is faced during mountaineering, very complex, so such a journey requires long preparatory period. It should be at least a few months.

The ideal solution will be Regular exercises on the elevation. If we do not have such an opportunity, it is worth using Step stepper or Mechanical treadmill installed in the mountain. Classes should be conducted 3-4 times a week And continue from 45 to 120 minutes. In addition, at least once a week should be carried out power training, to strengthen the muscles and increase their strength. During this type of exercise is better Reduce load and Increase the number of repetitions In each approach.

People who decided to go on a journey requiring Technical Lazania, You should also Training around climbing 2-3 times within 7 days. Approximately for 6-10 weeks Before the scheduled trip, it is worthDraw the intensity of training, To prepare an organism to reduce oxygen intake and extreme loads.

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