Inverness. What to do in the homeland of the Lohne monster

Usually, tourists come to the north of Great Britain to go on the famous Loch Ness or make tours of Highland. At the same time, they simply do not have time to visit Inverness. And completely in vain. North city British islands are not less interesting than local nature or mythical lake monster. What attracts thousands of tourists here? What is interesting in the city and how to get to it?

How to get

In the UK, the transport network is well developed, so you can get to Inverness in different ways:

  1. Airport to Inverness Airport.
  2. Train from London, Glasgow or Edinburgh.
  3. By bus from Edinburgh, Glasgow or Perth.
  4. Ferry in the Caledonian Channel.
Inverness. What to do in the homeland of the Lohne monster

A little story and what to see first

Once at the site of Inverness, ancient British tribes lived – Picts. By the 13th century inverssu was granted The rank of royal city. By the time it was already a major city with a large trading port. In the whole history, the city has repeatedly worried destructive fires, raids nomads and floods. That I did not bother inverns every time reborn and flourish. Here they built ships and cooked beer, engaged in brewing and sheep. Especially rapid development The city received at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries when Hold the railway. In 2000, the city received the status of City, and is currently one of the most dynamically developing.

Interesting places in the city a lot. Guides advise hiking or cycling, on sign places are conducting overview tours. First of all it is worth stroll around the castle of Inverness. Unlike other castles of Scotland, which are several hundred years old, this castle is relatively young. It was built in the middle of the 19th century on the scene of the ancient fortress destroyed by the Jacobites. Nowadays the court is settled in the building, so the castle is closed for tourists. What does not interfere with admire his architecture outside.

Next to the castle is the Museum and Art Gallery Inverness. It presents the expositions from the artifacts of ancient picts, the dioramas of wildlife, as well as an exhibition of ancient weapons. Fans of painting will be of interest to the work of Scottish artists presented in the gallery.

Still from old buildings notable Old church and Gothic cathedral.

Main attraction, of course, Lake Loch-Ness. It is located about ten kilometers from Inverness, the Nessa River flows out of it, on which the city stands. Bus trips, cruises are held on the lake. In the course of them, everyone can try to see the famous Nessea in the waters, visit the center of Loch Ness, in which they learn the story of the famous monster.

Things to do

In addition to quiet walks around the city and the surroundings, you can make a bicycle walk to the Norse Islands or Caledonian Canal. The route can be made in local travel agencies or directly at the hotel.
Lovers of outdoor activities here too, there is an occupation. In the city acts Year-round ski resort, Golf Clubs and Water Sports Clubs.

Inverness &# 8211; Theatrical and musical city. There are many bars and outdoor sites where you can listen to live music. Some bars are held Theatrical ideas. Until the early 2000s, bars and restaurants in the city did not work at night. Now this ban is removed, and nightlife in the city of boils. Disco and dance clubs work. Shopping lovers worth visiting Victorian markets and boutiques, Where can be stockday souvenirs and clothing of famous brands.

Regardless of the purpose of traveling over the north of Britain, you should not deprive yourself of pleasure to spend a few days in Inverness. A visit to the gang of Hyland, as the city is called local residents, puts bright memories.

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