Inverted House on Phuket

On Phuket Open Unusual House Baan Teelanka or Uppe Down House. It has everything, as in the usual house: living room, kitchen, bathroom, children’s, only home home upside down. He stands on the roof in the literal sense of the word, under the legs of the ceiling, and on top of the floor with furniture. From this it becomes a little in itself, which gives the development of fantasy. Tables, chairs, refrigerator and bed – all on the ceiling, even fish float in the turned aquarium. This is where you can stroll through the ceiling!

You can see the house – bypass road, between the Sapass Road street, between the Premium Outlet shopping complex and the Siam Niramit Evening Show. At least, the turned red Volkswagen beetle is impossible not to notice. On the territory of the attraction Baan Teelanka are located three attractions: the inverted house itself, the Labyrinth A-Maze and Quest Escape "Chamber of Secrets". In a couple of hours you can visit them all.

Inverted house on Phuket

Such house-reversals appeared just a few years ago in America and Europe, then they began to build them in Russia. Even in Thailand, in the town of Pai, there is a similar unfounded house on the territory of one of the hotels. But it is impossible to enter it, you can only look out and surprise.

In the house upside down on Phuket, you can not only log in, but also to take pictures, standing right on the ceiling. By the way, photos are an important part of the outrest. When entering here first do not understand how to be photographed. Staff at home upside down will surely tell me, will show and help take pictures.

Lifting the stairs to the house upside down, you first fall on the attic. Already here you can feel like an acrobat: stand up the legs, leaning on the bed with one hand. The second floor of the inverted house does not differ from the usual. Well, except that all items are glued or nailed to the ceiling. Children at first wondering: how so – toys in the children’s room are nailed to the ceiling?

As soon as you get used to the setting, we begin to understand what angle is better to be photographed in which angles. In the living room, walk on the hand on the sofa or in the bedroom, jump, holding hands up. Feel yourself with a real spider man, speaking over the ceiling and walls in children’s. And do not hesitate to look into the reversed refrigerator.

Bathroom enjoys a special popularity in the house-reversal. Judge themselves, would you experience cultural shock, seeing the toilet, hanging above the head? But most visitors join and "dive" in it, folding hands, how to jump.

Climbing the stairs above you, in fact, descend on the veranda of the first floor with golf clubs, washing machine and a table, next to which a barbecue is preparing. And in the garage parked a real Tuk-Tuk.


Not surprisingly, such an unusual inverted house is located no less interesting garden. They published it looks like a conventional living hedge, and inside a labyrinth, where your children can come from the heart. In my opinion, adults will be boring there, so you can buy tickets only for children.

You can even look at the labyrinth from the third floor of a turned outward house, more precisely from the veranda. Then you definitely do not get lost and easy to find the way out. However, in any case, the labyrinth walk will take 10-15 minutes.

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If you do not want to wander around the labyrinth, you can drink coffee or eat ice cream in the air-conditioned cafe, but it is better to visit the quest-escape "Chamber of Secrets".

Quest-escape "Chamber of Secrets"

Two new scenarios "Secret room" Designed for both couples and a large company up to 6 people. The first room is called "Jenny" – This is a mystical story about the ghost girl wandering around the house. She asks questions, and only you can, having answered them, free her. Second room "Omega" I introduces us with Professor Stanley, engaged in the travel theory in time. Unexpectedly a brilliant scientist disappeared, and no one has seen him for three days. Only you can learn the truth about the mysterious disappearance.

All three attractions are suitable for entertainment with the whole family. See my video from the outrest house and labyrinth. There is free Wi-Fi on site, you can also share beautiful photos on social networks. Do not forget to flip them!

Video inverted at home

Baan Teelanka, Labyrinth A-Maze and Mystery Room
Address: Bypass Road, between Siam Niramit Park and Premium Outlet Trading
Coordinates: 7.938459, 98.379783
Opening hours: daily from 10 am to 6 pm.
Ticket price for an inverted house Baan Teelanka: 350 baht for adults, 190 baht for children. Discount tickets Book online.
Ticket price for a labyrinth A-Maze: 170 baht for adults, 120 baht for children.
Cost Quest "Chamber of Secrets":
"Jenny": Maximum 4 adults – 1800 baht.
"Omega": Maximum 6 adults – 2400 baht.

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