Invisible tropical forest

When we pronounce the word "jungle" in everyday conversation, we usually mean some abstract forests somewhere in a tropical belt. In fact, the word "jungle" comes from India. "Dzhangal" – in one of the local languages, this impassable bushes of shUSD So the jungle can be called any wasteland overgrown with a bungyan on the edge of the city. And we will go to the primary rain forest. This unique ecosystem has been formed long before the glacial period and already millions of years does not change its appearance.

Often, tourists who have fallen in the tropics are disappointed:

– arrived, went into the forest, we did not see anyone there! Where these butterfly? Where are these snakes that jump from the branches? Where animals? That’s where they all go?

If you do not see around the animals, it does not mean that they are not here. Believe me, they are always near, in kind, and even closer than you think.

On the termites trail

Once scientists predicted the death of all the tropical cities that termites will be sorry. Even developed poisons that scare funds. And here, in Cambodia, it does not touch anyone to fight termites, because for any Khmer, the solid is a sacred subject. You know why? Because in their understanding, the solid is the portal in other worlds. So, if such a structure is growing in the yard, Khmers will only be happy and will perceive it as a good sign.

There is a persistent error that termites feed on wood that they eat huge trees to the root, pile buildings, at home. It’s not quite so. Trees themselves, that is, wood, termites do not eat. But the wood is extremely necessary. They bring her particles to themselves in a solid, they are processed in cellulose and mushrooms are grown on this nutrient substrate. And the Mushrooms termites really feed. Moreover, each type of termites grows its kind of mushrooms.

In order for the mushrooms to grow, it is necessary to maintain a certain mode of humidity, temperature, properly prepare a fermented substrate … Terms are very skilled farmers and know in their business. They have termitic guards, they stand around the edges of the track – no step towards, no step left. All like people. There are termites-movers – they drag the pieces of wood to their home, there are termitic scouts … There are termitic harmils, which in working hours feed the workers of termites.

The soldier has such huge jaws that they simply cannot eat. But the most amazing is the fertility of the term females, for several years each of them postpones several million eggs! Up to 3000 – per day!

And here is another example of how it is useful to look up – that you have over your head. You might think that this is a nest of some kind of mythical giant bird, and the diva is given as a tree withstands such a severity!

Giant woody fern and flying dragons

Fern remembers even those times when there was no mammoths or dinosaurs or even coated plants in light. Once on Earth there were only ferns and horseship. And I think he has changed little over the past few tens of millions of years.

Invisible tropical forest

Wood fern grows on the branches – platitizerium, or deer horn. The diameter of the plant is about 3 m, it means that the weight is somewhere kilograms 500. And this giggle is ferry on the branches of trees. Fantastic sight!

Looking at the giant fern binoculars, we noticed and clever invisible – flying dragon lizards. Tiny creatures, ready to move to the most amazing fairy tale … Unless, of course, increase them in a few dozen times!

There are water dragons, there are land, there are flying. Here we see the most real flying dragons – only very small, miniature, so called one of the types of wood agam. Why flying? When a dragon sits on a tree, it opens and closes a triangular fold on the throat. This is such a signal check box with which he "semaphorit" to competitors that the territory is occupied: "This is my trunk! I’m hunting here! Try only landed on my tree – you will deal with me!"

Poisonous Lori

Another invisibility of the rainforest. Lori! Laurie is a semoressean, a night beast. Therefore, in the afternoon, you can hide in foliage, turn into Kalachik … Ten times pass, and so I will not notice. By the way, Laurie is one of the very few poisonous mammals.

Lori poison is produced in the glands on the elbow joints. He is not so strong to kill or poison a potential enemy (large predator), but, nevertheless, this is the real poison … But for what he need him, there are several versions.

The first theory is a caring Laurie lubricates the poison of the same slow, as he himself, the young, in order to somehow save them from predators. And the second – the beast enough to lick himself the bends of the paw to get the teeth poison. In any case, those who bite, noted that wounds are very painful and extremely seriously heal.

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