Ionian happiness

Sea of ​​greenery, more – sea, wonderful beaches, small bays, medieval settlements, homemade wine, fishing, yacht walk. Real happiness. Happiness is calling Corfu and is in the Ionian Sea, where from Moscow only three o’clock.

Greek Greeks

Corfu Island, or, as the Greeks call him, Kerkira, for the last two thousand years he constantly did not give someone. This happened because he was accurate on the waterway connecting the West with the East. The island was captured by Athens, then Sparta, then the Romans, the Byzantines, then Sicilians, then the Venetians, then the French with Bonaparte at the head, then the Russians and, finally, the British. Only in the second half of the XIX century, together with all the other Ionic Islands, Corfu became part of Greece. That has never been to Corfu, so it’s the Turks. It happened so not because the Turks did not want to add this island to their possessions – they tried to take it five times. Apparently, the inhabitants of Corfu simply seemed that it would be already busting. So Corfu is the most Greek island. By the way, this circumstance should interest those who holy believe that real Greeks should be blonde and blue-eyed, and believes that the appearance of the current residents of Eldlas is the consequence of Turkish rule. Residents of Corfu, not seen in the marriage connections with the Turks, all the dark-heads and dark affairs.

I must say that Corfu was attractive for the occupiers of all nationalities not only because of its exclusive geographic location, but also because of its unique climate. Even in the most hot for Greece a month – August is not silent. Permanent humidity and light breeze made Corfu very comfortable place to relax. Thanks to the climate, the island always remains green (and even due to the fact that the rules here four centuries Venetians forced local residents to plant olive groves). The cutting of the coastline and on the Western one and the eastern coast formed many bays, and therefore natural harbors for ships. A relief of the terrain – Mountains in the north, plains, littered with lakes, in the south, made Corfu very pleasant place for hiking and horseback walks.

The first famous figure of the figure, appreciated exceptional conditions for recreation on Corfu, was Sissy, she is the Empress of Austria Elizabeth. By visiting the island several times, Sissy decided to settle on Corfu more thoroughly and bought a plot with a house that was converted into a real palace, with bas-reliefs, columns and paintings. The decoration of the palace, as decorated with the statues of the garden, returned the ruler of the Great Empire into the world of her dreams – the world of ancient Eldla. In honor of the favorite hero, the Empress Achilles Palace was named "Achillio". After the death of Sissy "Achillio" was bought by German Kaiser Wilhelm II, who did not produce practically no changes in it, except for the fact that the monument to Heine replaced the monument to the Empress itself. For Wilhelma "Achillio" became about the same than the Crimean Livadia for the Imperial House of Russia. Similarity enhances, by the way, and fate "Dacha". In a new time, Corfu became a popular resort, on the same floor "Achillio" Casino was opened (functioning and to this day), two others turned into a museum.

Universal, it means for everyone

Ionian happiness

Today’s Corfu for all criteria corresponds to the concept of an ideal place to rest. First, it is fabulously beautiful, clean, green. Secondly, universal – tourists with the most different requests feel good here.

Lovers just to warm up in the sun with the adoption of sea baths there is a huge selection of beaches on the east coast, for the most part located in the bays. Almost all beaches are sandy, but there are several pebble. Lovers of active recreation prefer a windy west, where many surfers and deltoplaneers. Divengists are bile. Venteners of antiquities will find it everywhere, just walk along the narrow medieval streets of any of the towns. As for the culture, it’s all right – a few museums on the island (there is even an Asian museum with many antiquities, including Indian engravings on the tree of erotic content), theater (Venetians set the inhabitants of the Corfu Love for Opera) and as many as 16 philharmonic societies. A set of sports entertainment, in addition to traditional tennis, golf and horseback riding, includes cricket. Yachts are very popular. The set of entertainment is less sporty focused mainly on the east coast, in the main city of the island, called Corfu-Town, and consists of bars, discos, nightclubs and in the nearby town of Canoni Casino.

Such a variety of hotels in the island. True, everyone has one common feature: they are very skillfully inscribed in the landscape, and therefore it is unthinkable a multi-storey monster. In addition to traditional hotels, which are most in Corfu, there are club hotels operating on the All Inclusive system, many apart-hotels, very popular young people. The British and Italians often remove the summer cottage villa. Recently, the Russians began to act so. In the end, what we worse Kaiser? We also love walks in olive groves.

Ionian happiness

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