Iran – country of rials and "Tumanov"

Travelers who visited Iran in the last couple of years, say that under the closer examination, this country is not at all similar to that image of a fanatically harsh theocratic terrorist state, which may be formed if you read too many newspaper articles about the infinite confrontation of the Islamic Republic with the Western World. With the household level this struggle, if once occurred, then went to the past. Iranians generally belong to foreigners friendly and goodwill. As for the specific rules regarding the intake of alcoholic beverages and communicating with local women (and on the other, it is categorically recommended to refrain), then they are characteristic of many other Muslim countries, with a much calmer, rather than Iranian, the latest history.

Once all that is connected in the currency was in the Islamic Republic under the most severe control. At one time, when Iraar was walking with Iraq, there was even a complete ban on the removal of SC from the country. Now these restrictions – in the past. Iran moves to the complete convertibility of its monetary unit. According to the current laws of anyone in Iran (including a foreigner) has the right to freely exchange SLE to rials, and rials on the SLE in exchange offices.

HA bazaars can sometimes pay and just dollars. It is especially widely practiced in northwestern cities, along the border with Armenia, from where the shop tourists are running in Iran. However, if you arrived on an ancient Persian land not only to restore the nearest shops and immediately get out of the ravoisi, then money should be changed on local rials.

Coins in Iran are issued by the dignity of 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 rials. Later is indicated on them only by Persian numbers (they are exactly the same as those used in Arab countries). Banknotes are worth 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000 and 10,000 rials. Hadpisi is made not only in Persian, but also in English, so a foreigner is easier to understand with paper Iranian money.

By the way, often in conversational speech (but almost never – in the price tags and other written documents) Iranians consider the amounts and prices in "Tumanov", Equal 10 rialams. Specify which unit I mean the seller talking to you before agreeing on the price proposed.

All banks in the country work according to one "Official swimming" course. At the end of last week, he was exactly 3000 rials for the American dollar.

Like most other government and commercial institutions, banks in Iran usually work with 8.00 to 14.00. Day off in this country – Friday. Week banks do not work also on Thursdays, the rest on this day closes at noon.

Banks, changing currency, can be identified by signage in English. Many such banks are in the capital of Iran Tehran, several – in Isfahan and Shiraz. They work with cash, and with road checks. In the capitals of the provinces, cash foreign currency can be changed in the local headquarters of Bank Melli Iran – the Messenger Bank of Iran, although the exchange of road checks can turn into a problem. Bank Melli border crossings and airports are exchanged both in cash and road checks.

Iran - country of rials and fogs

Banks in Iran take almost all major world currencies. As for travelers, all the most common names in the world are accepted for one-sole exception. Due to the difficult relationship with the United States Checks American Express in the Islamic Republic "does not work". In any large branch of the bank, as well as in some stores and hotels, you can cash checks in the rials. However, in Russia, as far as we know, no bank sells the checks of Iranian banks, so the travelers from our country will use this service it will be difficult.

Commission for the exchange of both cash and checks in Iranian banks – purely symbolic.

In large cities there are private exchange offices. Usually they are located around the Central City Square. They are open longer than banks, and serve them faster. A characteristic feature of exchange points: In them, you will, as a rule, do not find the exchange rate scoreboard – because the fixed course is simply no. For him, it is necessary to bargain in the same way as for any product on the Eastern Bazaar.

International credit cards in Iran are practically useless. They are taken in representative offices of some foreign airlines, and anywhere else.

Iran - country of rials and fogs

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