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Iran or Persia (PERS. ايران), official name since 1979 — Islamic Republic of Iran (PERS. جمهوری اسلامی ایران — Jomguri Ye Eslɒmi-Ye Iron) — State in the southwest of Asia.

where is: Islamic Republic of Iran — State in the southwest of Asia. In the northwest borders with Azerbaijan, with Armenia and Turkey, in the West — with Iraq, in the north — with Turkmenistan, in the east — with Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  • language: Persian
  • population: 80.2 million
  • telephone code: +98
  • currency: Iranian Rial
  • visa:Visa entrance
  • traffic: Right-hand
  • National domain: IR
  • voltage: 230V
  • current frequency: 50 Hz
  • Outlet Type:Forks and sockets type C
  • time: 21:12 (UTC + 0430)

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The best regions, cities and resorts Iran

What is interesting to see Iran?

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How to get to Iran?

Regular flights from Moscow to Tehran are airlines "Aeroflot" and Iran Air.

The flight time: Time on the way 3.5 hours.

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Vaccinations: No need to make any vaccinations.

How comfortable move around Iran?

Road traffic: Driving in Iran is very dangerous, so be careful on the roads.

car rental: With car rental problems you will not have. Necessary: ​​credit card, driver’s license, driving experience.

Taxi: Taxi can be ordered at the hotel. Taxi Fixed Tariffs.

Buses: Bus service is not developed bad. All cities of Iran are connected by frequent bus.

hitch-hiking: Airports: Airports in Tehran, Shiraza, Tabriza, Isfahan, Mashhad.

Airlines: The most famous Iranian airline – Iran Air.

Railway: Railway communication is well developed, rides by rail – convenient and not expensive. Main areas: Tabriz – Tehran – Mashad, Tehran – Ghom – Isfahan, Tehran – Ghom – Yazd – Kerman, Tehran – Ghom – Yazd – Bandar Abbas, Tehran – Ghom – Arak – Ahvaz – Abadan.

Where better to stop, traveling in Iran?

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Climate in Iran

Climate most of Iran subtropical, continental, characterized by dryness and sharp fluctuations in temperatures.



National cuisine Iran

The main ingredients of Iranian cuisine are fresh vegetables, rice, fruits and a lot of greenery. Maste is most often used lamb and beef. Sometimes meat is used only to impart a fragrance.
From drinks most popular is tea.

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History of Iran

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Iran: Interesting Facts

Iran has the second in size in Western Asia and the Islamic world economy after Turkey and is one of the most technologically developed states of the region.
Iran is located in a strategically important region of Eurasia and has large oil and natural gas reserves.
Iran is one of the oldest states in the world.

Women are often experiencing restrictions. The most stronger example — Features of clothes. In particular, all women in Iran, including visitors, are obliged to wear hijab, a raincoat or skirt not higher than the knees. Otherwise, administrative or disciplinary responsibility comes.Iran ranks second in the world (after China) in terms of mortal executions.
Iranian State Energy Energy Company Pars Special Economic Energy Zone announced in June 2008 that all unmarried and unmarried employees are obliged to marry. Not executing a decision of the manual punishable by dismissal.

Iran’s economic problems led to a demographic crisis — Many Iranians do not hurry to start a family. Loyal state politics civil servants seek to change the existing order of things. For example, the governor of one of Iranian provinces announced that only family people will be hired in government agencies.

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