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Iraq (Arab. عراق‎‎), the official name of the Republic of Iraq (Arab. الجمهورية العراقية‎‎) — State in the Middle East, in the Mesopotamian lowland, in the valley of the rivers Tiger and Euphrates. Iraq has large oil and natural gas reserves and is a member of OPEC. The export of hydrocarbons is the main share of budget revenues.

As a result of US military operation and the United Kingdom in March 2003, an end to the board of Saddam Hussein, the country is occupied by the US Armed Forces and a number of other countries. The country’s economy during the military conflict was destroyed, and the territorial integrity is posed. Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was overthrown and executed. Currently, civil war continues in the country.

  • language: Arabic, Kurdish
  • population: 31.3 million
  • telephone code: +964
  • currency: Iraqi dinar
  • visa:Visa entrance
  • traffic: Right-hand
  • National domain: IQ
  • voltage: 230V
  • current frequency: 50 Hz
  • Outlet Type:Forks and sockets type C, plugs and sockets type D, plugs and rosettes type G
  • time: 16:16 (UTC + 0300)

Top cities and resorts Iraq


Iraq Rest in Iraq, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Tripter Travel Guide

The best regions, cities and resorts of Iraq

What is interesting to see in Iraq?

Top sights Iraq

Video from Iraq

How to get to Iraq?

Due to the unstable situation in the country, entry represents a lot of difficulties.

Vaccinations: Vaccination against diphtheria, hepatitis B, tuberculosis, tetanus, typhoid, malaria and rabies.

How comfortable move around Iraq?

Road traffic: car rental: Taxi: Buses: Bus service is not developed bad.

hitch-hiking: Airports: BGW – Al Muthana, Iraq, Baghdad
SDA – Baghdad International, Iraq, Baghdad
XQC – Balad, Iraq, Balad
XQV – Baqubah, Iraq, Baqubah
XIH – Khan Al Baghdadi, Iraq, Khan Al Baghdadi
XNH – Nasiriyah, Iraq, Nasiriyah.

Airlines: Iraqi Airways (Iraqi Airlines)

National Airline Iraq
IATA code: IA
ICAO code: IAW
Address: Baghdad International Airport, Baghdad, Iraq
Phone: +964 1 886 3999
Fax: +964 1 886 1060
Year of Education: 1946
Basic airports: Baghdad
Airplane Park: Boeing 727, Boeing 737-200, Boeing 767-200

Where better to stop, traveling in Iraq?

Top hotels in Iraq

Climate in Iraq

Climate subtropical – hot and dry. Medium summer temperatures in the north reach + 30-32°With at maxima in + 40-43°C, and in most central and southern regions exceed +32°WITH.


National cuisine Iraq

Characteristic feature of Iraq cuisine — Wide use of food such as lamb, kozdyatin, veal, bird, legumes, rice, vegetables, fresh and canned fruits.
Significant place occupy dishes from fish, eggs, lactic acid products, especially cheese resembling cheese.

Another distinctive feature of Arabic cuisine — wide application in large quantities of different spices: onion, garlic, olives, black and red pepper, cinnamon, aromatic herbs and t. D. For cooking use vegetable oil, mainly olive.
For Arabic cuisine typical and thermal processing of many meat dishes without oil use. In this case, the temperature of the frying pan with frying is adjusted to 300 °WITH. Meat proteins, in contact with the hot frying surface, coat and form a crust that holds meat juice in the product. Thanks to this method of cooking, dish is distinguished by special tenderness and juiciness.
Magazine Many Peoples of Arabic Countries Double: Very tight breakfast and no less dense dinner before or after sunset.
The most popular meat soups with beans and rice, peas and vermicellus, peas and potatoes, podcol, capers and t. D.
From the second dishes prefer meat stew and fried, chickens stewed in tomato, swarms. A common dish in many Arab peoples is wheat or cornpads — Burgul.For snacks (Mazza) use various fresh and pickled vegetables (olives, tomatoes, peppers, etc.), nuts, watermelon seeds, game, kubo and others. Coffee and tea are spilled from drinks.

Favorite national dishes of the inhabitants of Iraq are pilaf of lamb and rice, which is usually added raisins, figs and almonds; Yakhni — Dish with sharp seasonings resembling stew; Ayes — Wheat pellets, mixed on sour milk; Sweet dishes: Halva, Cuts. Black coffee is spilled from drinks, which is almost always drinking without sugar, but with the addition of saffron and nutmeg, tea, sour milk, diluted with water.

Iraq Rest in Iraq, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Tripter Travel Guide

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