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From Scotland to Ireland, ferries walk – this is four hours in the sea and it is expensive – about 40 pounds. But you can smear and give a gift if you ask for a trucker to the cockpit. If he is alone, he can carry the second person for free under the guise of his partner. At the same time, it does not matter that the partner, let’s say, other gender and a big backpack. Not necessarily even in the cab – it is enough to say at the checkout and when landing on the ferry, that in-oh, there is your car. And however, and in the cabin, if necessary, not so difficult. And if you enter Ireland from Northern Ireland, from, that is, six counties belonging to England, then the boundaries will not notice. The fact that another country began is noticeable only by indirect signs: pointers in kilometers instead of miles and worse road.

In the days of the early Middle Ages, Little Ireland became famous for "Saints Island and Scholyarov". Holy elders are monks based on monasteries and schools at them, first in Ireland itself, and then throughout Europe. And Scholas are those who studied in these schools, which from the XIV century became universities. Traditions of leaders of European education Irish retained and so. True, although the Irish is very proud that they have their own ancient language, teach in all Irish educational institutions in English. Yes, they say in English.

so what? All the same, graduates of the Irish school are better formed than graduates of the British. At least to get a document on secondary education, the Irish has to donate more exams. With Irish "certificate of maturity" take into universities both Irish and British and American, yes, in general, and all the other.

National Pride, National Language, National Antiquities – In general, a kind of Irish. Almost none of them speaks the language, which was artificially revived in the XIX century. However, his hymn – "Soldier’s song" (in English – "THE SOLDIER’S SONG") – They call in Irish -, their parliament is also in their own way -, its premier – and so on. Not that they were large nationalists or xenophobes. Their nationalism has a peculiar and, so to speak, a negative direction – they seek to emphasize that they are not the British that they do not need to be deceived by external and linguistic similarity, mix them with the British.

No one knows the real age of Dublin. The celebration of his millennium in 1988 to some extent was conditional. The date of 988 was based on the date of the ancient settlement of the Viking, which was located on the site of the current Dublin, and does not pretend at all at the date of the foundation of the city, when for the first time in this land was framed by human hands first pile. Then a very small settlement, the inhabitants of which were engaged in agriculture and fisheries, was located on the site of the current Dublin almost 5,000 years ago.

Approximately I or in the second century of our era, five small roads converged in the territory of the current Dublin, near the fusion across the Leaffi River, in the town called AT Clay, or Brod Hurdlis. This important crossing time for those times was serviced by a small settlement. When Vikings came here in 841, they founded another settlement, Oakh Line (Black Creek). It was the perfect shelter for parking small ships. Vikings first disadvantaged their small settlement by wooden palicol, and later a stone defensive wall. The place, which was already called Daiffline, they with an indomitable determination defended the following five centuries, but expanded him very slightly. In 1170, the town was still conquered by Anglo-Normans. From that moment of Dublin for a long time became the dominion of the English crown.

Almost until the end of the XVI century, Dublin himself, not counting some streets, remained in the same condition, surrounded by stone protective walls and fortified gates. Epoch Elizabeth brought external security – and in the middle of the XVII century, the stormy buildings of the county, located near the city walls, went, and the city began to acquire a modern appearance. During the rule of the independent Irish parliament, which represents only the interests of Protestants – a group of population, which was privileged, – Dublin turned into a truly European city.

This period, called Georgian, reminds itself with architectural greatness, combination of elegance and wealth. He then sharply contrasted with the poor Rustic Catholic Ireland, at the expense of which he flourished. She was kept in obedience with the help of the notorious, practically deprived Catholics of civil rights. But the British self-government Ireland still seemed dangerous. Using a serious uprising of 1798, the British achieved the fact that members of the Irish Parliament in 1800 voted for its dissolution, approving the act of accession to Ireland to the UK. Ireland finally became the British province, and Dublin – the provincial capital, the decline of which was inevitable.

True, becoming citizens of the empire, Catholics in 1829 received an equation in rights, which meant the restoration of religious and civil rights for the majority of the population of Ireland. But here Ireland hit the hunger1840s, during which several million people died. Ireland was then called "Garden of Great Britain". Indeed, the British, taking "Emerald" Islands all that was considered necessary, forgot to give debts. Several fault years have turned heavy hunger. "Neighbors", Or rather, to say, the owners from Albion did not hurry to help. On the contrary, ships with potatoes and dairy products were stood in the port of Dublin under the enhanced military guard for shipment to England. Ireland lost the name in history for this period "Great hunger", About eight million people, some of whom died of hunger, and the other part gave the incredible wave of emigration, thanks to which the influence of Irish in America so much.

The end of the 19th century brought new hopes. In Dublin, the construction boom began again. This time is marked by an excellent Victorian style. The middle local entrepreneurs began to grow again, the suburbs of Dublin began to grow, multi-storey houses appear in the center of the capital. True, it was what was called – they were built under the delivery of apartments for poor people. Household conditions there were no. Now these houses came to decline and destroy.

But Dublin has not yet been destined to have a calm life. The British did not want their independence, their distillation was increasingly annoyed by Irish. In 1916, a new uprising was killed, in 1922-23 – civil war. She finally gave Ireland independence, but ruined and devastated Dublin. The first independent Irish government has been inherited by the ruins and Dublin slums – the most terrible in Europe. The new government of the country proclaimed the main task for the construction of housing for the resettlement of slums, but to proclaim – little. The country was needed money, and there was no money. The city was acquired in the oppressing launched state until the 70s of the twentieth century. Residents who have gained freedom, but not funds, were engaged in self-employers who destroyed the uniqueness of Dublin architectural heritage and led to strong changes in the appearance of the city. Only in the 1980s there was hope for rebirth, and in the 90s, the era of genuine revival of Dublin and Ireland began due to the general lift of the global economy.

Stained steel deep

In the mountains, the mohair graze sheep, from the wool of which they make the famous thin and warm yarn. In Cylcon County, famous for the whole world of black and red beer varieties. But in the quiet lakes of the North-West County Galway in the fall very well peeling.

On the lands of Ireland, traces of almost all who lived there are generations: Mysterious containers – the residence of the Supreme Irish leaders, the gold of Celts, the monasteries of the Early Christianity epoch, medieval fortresses and castles, amazing stained glass windows of Catholic cathedrals.

Ireland – a country of fairy tales and legends. On this small island – the whole world: from the moss of harsh and majestic rocks in the north to subtropical gardens in the south, and for each turn of the road await you new impressions. Imagine: You drive along the coast of the limitless Atlantic, and suddenly the road rises in the mountains, goes straight into the sky.

The progenitors of the Irish were erected in the places of their parking lots of unusual structures: "Stone Circles", Dolmers and temples. Huge, up to two or three meters high, basalt plates form "Stone Circles". The platforms inside are laid out by the same plates, mostly hidden under the carpet of grass. This is a sticking of stones in a pure field, resembling the gate, symbolizes the transition from the real world of living in "The world is different" – The kingdom of eternal peace and shadows. That part of them called "roof", It has a strictly defined slope, resembling that, by going there once, the return road is no longer found.

And absolutely recently, and moreover, the fully preserved Temple of New Grainj was accidentally discovered. It would seek specially hidden under a bulk hill, naturally fit in the surrounding landscape. Archaeologists believe that he is at least five and a half thousand years, that is, he is older than many Egyptian pyramids! The entrances of all cult builds with amazing accuracy are oriented in such a way that it is on the winter solstice that the ray of the rising sun penetrates inside.

And if you are tired of the story, look around around! Ireland – the country of permafrost, it is considered the most environmentally friendly state of Europe. With such a soft climate, almost everywhere, except the northernmost areas, you can meet palm trees! The usual roses, oaks or pines reaches incredible sizes for the middle strip. And in the south, even subtropical vegetation feels perfectly. For example, on the island of Garnish Island is located "Italian garden", where pines coexist with rhododendons, araucaria and many southern plants whose names only experienced nerds know.

Ireland - Emerald Computer Garden

And the petty islands exposed during the low tide, seals sail to sunbathe in the sun. They gladly not fit in his warm rays and kindly allow themselves to photograph.In Ireland, it is expected not to monotony "English" Parks broken into the right geometric shapes, and wildlife more than hundreds of national reserves. They are located on the slopes of the Great Mountains, where the bird’s singing is interrupted by the noise of waterfalls, dividing the smallest, sparkling sparkling on the sun; And on the shores of crystal clear rivers and lakes, where you can stay in summer and give.

And if you do not want to catch and cook the fish yourself, in any restaurant or pub abundance of fish, crabs, oysters, mussels and other seas gifts will satisfy the most refined taste. Irish can cook and meat. Try the Stew, National Dish, – Delicious Roast Potted. However, before ordering anything, ask the waiter or the metallo-sizes of the portion. Keep in mind that small plates in this country are not produced and will not be taken from other countries.

Ireland’s sky is a decent imprisionist brush. Unpredictable change of his paints fascinates. Almost the juicy color of grass and trees remain unchanged at all times. They seized with emerald ivy, even the formidable once medieval castles acquire a peaceful appearance. They are like wise old men who have lived their violent century and now ready for Pinta Guinness Share the stories about the experience. Some locks have now turned into museums, others in luxury hotels.

New times in Stran Celts, Nopmann and Vikings

In other words, the foundation of the Renaissance of Ireland – Computer Industry. Ireland is now filled with computer production, and it gives the country money that agriculture could not give. Money is embedded in the tourism industry. Tourism industry helps Gulf Stream, which creates a soft climate in Ireland. The average temperature in winter rarely drops below zero, in the summer it does not rise above 20 Celsius. Sea air flows can at any time of the year suddenly bring a pouring or drizzling rain, which as unexpectedly can end, and the sun again shines over constantly green meadows. Ireland’s aroma is the smell of the ocean in combination with the pure spirit of forests and fresh herbs. Still, to this day half of the Irish land – it is a meadow and pastures. Ireland’s aroma is the aroma of pure nature, which has recently become increased demand from those who have money. A trend has now appeared: former refugees and descendants of even earlier immigration waves come back to the homeland. Come and remain. Many well-known businessmen and world movies and show business stars acquire real estate in Ireland. These are former American presidents Reagan and Carter, Family Kennedy, Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson, Melanie Griffith, Sean Connery. And not only they. Ireland did not forget to take advantage of another good of the end of the twentieth century – the industry. The one who does not want to pay high taxes and is looking for a quiet harbor for their capital, will find a complete understanding in Ireland.

Explosions, military patrols on the streets, terrorism – this is in the north, in the part of the island, and Ireland itself is now a very quiet country. Severe past and remained past. Life here is now flowing on a calm, debt. It feels the foundation and accuracy. The economy of the republic is currently one of the most rapidly developing in Europe.

Perhaps the largest wealth of Ireland are its inhabitants. They are a living example of the fact that the same people can behave radically differently. Drunkys and riskers, glorified in centuries, became hospitable, sociable, fun and polite people. They love and know how to weave. Many holidays – Serisian and frivolous, for the soul and for the body. Serious holidays – mainly religious origin. "Non-serious" The same holidays are not listed: Festivals of lobsters, mussels, all kinds of pastries, beer, flowers, beauties from different counties, competitions of jazz performers, brass bands, classical music ensembles, vintage folk and modern dances, brides and groom fairs, city carnivals, sports competitions, Racing, dog run.

Ireland is simply filled with signs with signs on which it is written "V&V", which means that the owners of this house for a completely reasonable fee (15-20 pounds per person) will provide you with one of the rooms of your cozy dwelling, as well as "Real Irish" breakfast (which, by the way, so "real" And in Sligo and in Wexford, which seems to be a compilation of the menu for all houses there was a single person. Door will open to you from family members (it can be like a ten-year redhead boy and the eighty old old woman, the brilliance of which will not leave doubts that she communicates with Fairi). In any case, even if you do not know English, you will be rendered to welcome. If you speak the language, you seem to see an excellent opportunity to learn an Irish family closer. Only your nonsense or natural modesty and Irish cloth can prevent this. You will immediately feel their religiosity. The positions of the Catholic Church are extremely strong – and in conversation will surely float the theme of abortions. The overwhelming majority of Irish refers to them more than negative. So if you are a supporter of modern views on life, then this is perhaps the only opinion that in a conversation with Irish is better to leave with you.

As for hot drinks. Yes, really, the Irish does not think their lives without her beloved "Guinness", – how not to think earth without heaven. With a population of 3.5 million people here produce 4.5 million Pint per day! Yes, they love "real" Irish whiskey, yes, on the streets you can meet the plowing Irish. Here it comes out of the bar with zigzags, plunges on the bench and slides from her. Soots again and falls again. And again it is going to sit down. well. In any case, he does not touch anyone. Yes, and remembers that the person is supposed to sit on a bench, and not lying underno. In any form.

Ireland - Emerald Computer Garden

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